Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 15th April 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 15th April 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Renato calls Aldonza at the hospital to inform her that after they went to the birth death registry to look for her sister’s certificate for the exhumation of her remains, it appears that he sister does not exist in this world since there is no child who was registered by that name her auntie gave her. Aldonza becomes rally shocked and she tells Adelina about it and she also grows so nervous since gradually the unknown is coming into broad daylight.
Mr. Antonio meets with Severiano to negotiate with him to grant Emmanuel a pardon by buying his horse with huge sum of money he’s never imagined in his life before but Severiano still stands by his words and wishes that Emmanuel rots in prison forever.
Severiano leading and backed by Melesio and together with the people of Santa Lucia, Severiano presents father Jeronimo’s new car to him and it comes as a great shock to him and wanted to even refused taking it but Melesio explained how he got the contribution from the whole town to get the car for him and father Jeronimo received and thanked them for the kind gesture.
Dr. Consario after taking care of Flabia as his patient, it turns out that he’s developed some affection for her. he returns home from the office to meet her cooking super and without being able to control himself, he kissed Flabia and in the mood proposes to her but Flabia tells him that she still have hope that her marriage between Joaquin and her can still work out so she is not to build his hope on her.
Cristobal sees Aldonza and Renato together in town and he warns Renato to stay away from Aldonza because she is still his wife. This turns into a brutal fight and luckily father Jeronimo arrives on time to separate them and ask Cristóbal to go home. He then took Aldonza and Renato to the parish to warn Aldonza and Renato to stay away from each other because she is still Cristobal’s wife and can’t be with Renato until after divorce.
Dr. Consario escorts Flabia to Santa Lucia to visit her family and after they depart to the various ways, Consario to inform his son Renato that, he is in love with Flabia though and though she hasn’t given him a good response but he knows things will work out. Renato then wished him luck in his effort.
Adelina sits ideal and kissing Raymundo’s photograph and suddenly Aldonza enters to ask about her reason for doing that and she reveals to her that Raymundo has always been the love of her life and though he is dead, he still lives in her heart and that is why she can’t love any man. Aldonza then becomes speechless.

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