The UNFORGIVABLE episode 87 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 87 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
The Castelos meets with Botel and martin and they disclose to them about their found gold at the mine and how that can help veronica to gain more production with her collection. Emiliano asks them to signed the contract about the deal to go into business with them but before that, martin sets conditions that, their work team should include Emiliano, veronica and him so they can all make decisions together if they are to supply them with the gold and from the look on their faces it seems everyone has a mix feeling (confused or acceptance) and quickly Veronica states that she is not in agreement and Emiliano seconded so martin then disagree to sign the contract for them to get the gold.
This ends up in a great argument between martin and veronica as the get up from the table to settle things amicably but it seems veronica thinks martin is over reacting and he is only doing that just to be closer to her which she also frowns to it. Veronica then states that she hates martin dearly for that jealousy of hers and therefore breaking up with him for good due to his jealousy towards Emiliano. Jorge then tells them to accept martin’s conditions to get the gold so not to disappoint their client but veronica and Emiliano still refuses. Martin again tells Mr. Jorge that not only will he sign the contract if they agree to the conditions because he will also hire the best advertising agency for veronica so that her name and collection can be promoted in America and beyond and Jorge thinks it’s a best and great idea but Emiliano thinks martin has nothing good to offer them and therefore should look for a new supplier of the gold.
Blankita arrives at the market to see her prince charming but unfortunately her mother was also there with Polo buying some foodstuffs from this same boyfriend of hers so she has to hide but luckily for her Polo sees her from afar and drew near to her to warn her to be careful not their mother will strangle her death but he’s going to do everything possible for her to see him. So he takes blankita to hide under the table of her Prince charming and they enjoy their conversation all they want without their mother noticing.
In that same vein Perla has arranged some pillows on the bed and covered them with blanket symbolizing that Blankita is the one asleep on the bed so that Manuel never suspects that she helped Blankita out and Perla was able to deceive Manuel to the extent that he never suspected anything fishy telling him that they have to go out of the room to speak since Blankita just slept after trying to over the scare he gave them.
Pablo tries everything possible with his left hand to paint Perla’s image and it turns out perfect bringing a great smile on Pablo’s face.
Joaquin becomes so worried about why his wife is used to siding with her father than with him her husband to the extent that he was even humiliated by Crescencio to kick him out of the mind just for making a decision or his daughter to school in a nursing training. So he takes a stroll through to ease his worries and teacher gabby bumps into him right after class and she encourages him not get worried at all since whatever is happening with his family will subside after his wife returns to mina Escondida.
Jorge compels Emiliano and veronica to agree since he’s not going to back out considering the idea of martin so Emiliano comes into agreement but unwillingly. Veronica then tells martin that he’s now gotten what he wanted and martin tells her that not all because what he wants is her and therefore he’s not going to get let her get rid of him so easily.
Joaquin tells father Juan that he is never going to allow Crescencio to meddle in the affairs of his family because it is hard time he lets him know his limit. Just before he completes his speech, Crescencio arrive behind him to ask how he’s going to make him realized that because as it is he is in charge of him and his daughter Raymunda but father Juan corrects him to stay away from the affairs of Joaquin and his family because Raymunda is no longer under his care but her husband but Crescencio still proves stubborn.
Whiles still settling their differences, teacher Gabby arrives to give Joaquin some delicacy she prepared for Joaquin for being a good friend to her. It comes as a shock to Crescencio and he defines the gesture in such a way seeming that Joaquin and the teacher are into a relationship. Crescencio insinuation becomes worse after some women even try ridiculing him as having an affair with a teacher whiles married. Crescencio then promises to let him pay for tarnishing his family’s image.
Right from there Crescencio goes to call Raymunda to inform her that Joaquin if flirting with teacher Gabby
Daniel goes to speak with veronica about the video he recorded about the he and Virginia’s affair just to get money since he feels that Virginia only used him and dump him. Unfortunately he bumps into Virginia and she seduces him with her words to give her more time to gather some money for him but Daniel warns her to hurry because no time to delay.
Martin gets a specialist for Matilde so he can help her recover early. Veronica wonders why martin will go ahead to assist Matilde without consulting her first but after speaking with Matilde and knowing how she is able to move her hand after the doctor checked on her, veronica becomes happy and quickly she goes to hug martin to thanked him for everything.
Pablo takes the portrait he painted to Perla and she becomes happy that Pablo is able to paint again and they share kisses.

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