The UNFORGIVABLE episode 88 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 20th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 88 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 20th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Pablo takes the portrait he painted to Perla and she becomes happy that Pablo is able to paint again and they share kisses. Perla remembering the threats from Manuel to kill Pablo if he dares come near her, she then tells Pablo to stay away from her because she’s accepted to marry Julio to save one of the best things life has ever given to her but the fact is she really loves him through but she couldn’t give him any tangible explanation as to why she wants him away from her side. But after several insisting she spills the beans out of her mouth and Pablo discover that she is pregnant with his child and this comes as a great joy to both of them including Blankita.
Veronica thanks martin for doing everything possible to help Matilde and martin tells her that he is willing to do everything possible to win back her love but Emiliano challenges him that he is not also going allow martin to because it is now his turn to love veronica. This generates into a bit of argument between the two but veronica calms them down that is it the right place and the time for that.
Mr. Jorge still having some doubts about Salma’s defensive attitude towards Virginia, he calls for Detective Adolf to give him a task by helping him to know Salma’s past and her relationship between Salma and Virginia and Adolf pledges a clean job for him.
Martin overhears Veronica telling Emiliano that she going to the washroom and quickly martin goes after her to the bathroom to plead with her to again give him a second chance and veronica tries threatening him to leave if not she is going to scream for people to come in but martin gives no damn about that but still pleading but veronica tells him ones again that the love she had for him has been broken into pieces by him and there is nothing he can do to amend it and though she loves him dearly but she can’t be with him since she might end up hating him more and that is what she doesn’t want to because she loves him so much to hate him. Veronica asks martin to leave but still so some nurses fortunately entered the bathroom to ask him out and he had no choice than to leave.
Raymunda becomes so dejected after Crescencio tells her about her husband flirting with Teacher Gabby so after Manuel takes the phone to get the meaning why Raymunda shares so much tears, Crescencio tells him and again orders them to come back to mina Escondida so that Manuel can take charge of his mine so they can also get more gold since martin’s mine has generated plenty of gold.
Teacher Gabby pays Joaquin a visit again to give him but he tells her that they have to stay away from each other because the community is trying to misinterpret their friendship and Gabby becomes shocked at the statement and begins crying so much that she begs Joaquin to forgive her for she had no bad intention getting closer to him. Joaquin tries calming her down and immediately he embraced her, Crescencio enters the room to see them and he again interprets it in his own way and calls Gabby a tramp.
Veronica interrogates Matilde about how her accident happened and through the sign language and with veronica asking if Virginia was the one who pushed her Matilde responded YES. Veronica then grows angry and says he’s going to make her pay.
The client interested in veronica’s collection calls at the office but since veronica was not there, the secretary directs the calls t Virginia and in attending to the call, she tarnishes veronica’s name to the client that she is only deceiving him but she can’t tell him on the phone so the client agreed to meet with her at a restaurant so she tells him everything about the deceptive deal of veronica.
Virginia meets with client right after work and she tells him that he is not to think that she is a bad person who wants to ruin someone’s reputation but the fact is that she can’t allow him to be deceived by her cousin by just taking advantage of him and the truth is veronica isn’t a designer as she claims to be and also praising herself that her designs are the original when they are not when she only stole it from a different designer. Since the client was moved by Virginia’s lies and his ears itching to hear more, Virginia says to him that if she going tell help him by keeping him informed about any awful deal from veronica then he has to pay her awesomely and the client agree to her conditions.
Emiliano and veronica arrives home to see flowers arranged nicely at the living room as if welcoming a new bride into her home and it comes as a surprise to veronica and Emiliano as they begin to wonder who did it.

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