Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 24th April 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 24th April 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Severiano also tries stopping Cristóbal from leaving his mother’s side since now more than ever she needs him nut he tells him the same thing as he said to his mum that no one can blackmail him again with their words.
Severiano excuses Cristobal to catch up with some deal outside and as he drives away, Melesio signs Cristobal that Aldonza is in and quickly he goes out to meet her and together they go to look for Emmanuel by first reporting to the police.
Thomas’s parents dresses him up handsomely and fill his pocket also with lots of dough so he can have a wonderful date with Silvia and as it Thomas looks very extra-ordinary handsome in his suit and they wish him luck on his first date with the lawyer. Thomas then goes with his great motor cycle to pick Silvia taking some photo shots and they actually had a splendid night.
Lola also goes quickly to the restaurant to look for Emmanuel and in trying to compel him to go home with her; she never finds it easy as he felt very drunk just to ease his pain so when Lola tries dong that, he pushes Lola away and she falls on one of the tables. Lola not being able to contend the embarrassment after making all efforts to get him home, she leaves to sit somewhere crying considering how devastated Emmanuel has become.
After Thomas brings back Silvia to the house, they stood before the house playing and Silvia enjoying all the moments, Renato comes out of the room feeling so jealous and quickly he runs to push Thomas away from Silvia and hits his nose asking him to stay away from Silvia because she doesn’t want him. This ends up in a brutal fight until Patricio arrives to separate them and Silvia becomes so annoyed with Renato’s attitude. Thomas arrives home and after explaining everything his mother dressed his wound for him.
Severiano thinking it was father Jeronimo who revealed the secret to Emmanuel, he confronts him on the issue but father tells him that he wasn’t the one but Aldonza find it out herself after speaking with Humberto and he again warns him that, this suggests that no matter what all of his secret of his bad deeds will come into light whether he tries to hides or cover them with his money. Severiano also warns him that if he’s transferred, then he is to take along Aldonza because it won’t be convenient on her side but father sacks him.
Straight away, Severiano goes confront Humberto on why he has to spill the truth to Aldonza about Emmanuel but Humberto tells him that by doing that he feels so at ease since he was carrying that heavy load on his shoulders. He also did that so he can stop being his accomplice in his evil deeds and though Emmanuel despises him but he doesn’t regret it since he’s decided to be a good person. Humberto then compels Severiano to start beginning to think of giving Emmanuel everything as Cristobal since he has the right to also enjoy those assets but Severiano tells him that will be over his dead body. So Humberto threatens him that if he fails to, then he’s also going to spill the truth out to everyone about how he killed father Sixto and how he also lost his arms but he warns him that before he does that then he would have to kill him first.
During the cremation of Raymundo’s corpse, the cremers discovers some bullets in it and after the gave it to Renato, he calls Aldonza to show it to her and it comes as shock to her so sensed something fishy and decides to ask Adelina how her father died.
Adelina refused to give her any explanation and says that they should let sleeping dogs lie low and Aldonza still insists but she snubs her. So, Aldonza tells her that he is going to do that investigation herself. Adelina goes inside and quickly she calls father Jeronimo on phone to tell him about it and cautions him to be very care the answer he’s going give to Aldonza because she never told her anything so not to betray her sister and as it is she knows that Aldonza will definitely come to him for an explanation.
Aldonza goes straight to speak with father Jeronimo to explain things to her but he tells him that knowing the truth will not bring his brother Raymundo back to life but Aldonza still insists and asks him if he’s not even surprised that his own brother was murdered.

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