The UNFORGIVABLE episode 90 what to expect on UTV on Monday 25th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 90 what to expect on UTV on Monday 25th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Daniel hires some guys to get rid of martin and only God knows his reason behind that so as martin goes after veronica on the street and trying to cross the road to catch up with veronica on the other side, this guys discover him and almost run their car on him but Alfredo arrives as fast as quickly to push him off the road and unfortunately for him the car knocks him and he loses his life but before that his last wish to veronica is not to leave martin and all these while, Daniel stood there to watch the plan closely and when they lost martin he becomes very disappointed in them but encouraged himself that he’s never going to give up. He then calls Virginia to inform her about he’s started his revenge and therefore shouldn’t try to play smart on him.
Virginia discovers the document which shows the profit veronica is going to make from the sales of the jewel collections from their client to the corporation, so to destroy her plans, she (Virginia) decides to sell it to her client to gain more benefits.
Looking at the relationship that is generating between Nicholas and Salma, Emiliano sensing something fishy confronts him to ask what his relationship with Salma is and Nicholas tells him that he only took Salma out for dinner since she felt a little bit distracted with the so many things she’s experiencing in the house and Emiliano gives no damn about it.
Crescencio and manuel locks Perla in a cage and that is to prevent her from seeing Pablo and that is where she is going to remain till she gives birth and this seems very difficult for Perla but the both of them careless about what might happen to her.
Pablo’s mother finally agrees to the fact that he should go confront Crescencio to fight for the love of Perla if that his wish and bring her into their house to save her from the hands of those wicked ones.
Veronica and martin goes to cremate Alfredo’s body as that was also part of his last wish so they spread it under a tree as directed by him and this comes as big blow to martin since Alfredo was the only friend and family he had. Martin becomes so devastated that he even wants veronica away from him but she assures him that she’s going to be by him and won’t leave his side because he loves him so much with his heart.
The business deal still pending and so after veronica visits Matilde at the hospital and discussed it with her and Magdalena, Matilde agrees that veronica goes with martin and Emiliano to mina Escondida so the deal can push through very well.
Veronica confronts Virginia about being a murderer since she was the one who pushed Matilde down the stairs when because of evidence she saw on her tablet and as it is she has every right to send her to prison and Virginia tells her that veronica is completely insane by framing things up. Veronica then threatens her that when Matilde is able to speak she will testify and that will end her in prison but Virginia assures veronica that Matilde cannot speak again from the look of things. This leads to a huge argument and Virginia slaps her and unforgivable veronica returns it in two folds. Virginia then left to her and decides on a plan B of getting rid of Matilde before she’s able to speak the truth to the family.
Jorge discovers from Matilde that Salma was the one who kicked her of the house and that led her to go to mina Escondida so he faces Salma to ask why she dares to do that to Matilde but she lies that she only wanted her to go on vacation but Jorge still doubts it and he becomes so disappointed in Salma.
Polo and Blankita decides to go look for Perla and Manuel tries stopping him and even threatens to beat him up but Julio confronts him that he’s never going to allow him to touch anyone least to think of hurting them and as it is, he’s assuring them that he’s going to look for Perla and bring her back because he’s never going let them hurt her. And grandpa thinks that he’s only but a servant and therefore has no right to meddle in his family affairs but Julio gives no damn.
Aaron calls veronica to ask why she’s refused to pay him a visit in prison but veronica snubs him and tells him that, the prison is where he’s going to remain forever and therefore He’s not to count on her visit. Veronica becomes so downhearted after the call and also after reading from the newspapers that Aaron has killed his brother in jail. After Emiliano enters her office to ask why she has that expression on her face, she tells him she isn’t alright after discovering that such a murderer’s blood runs through her veins.

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