The UNFORGIVABLE episode 91 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 26th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 91 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 26th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Aaron calls veronica to ask why she’s refused to pay him a visit in prison but veronica snubs him and tells him that, the prison is where he’s going to remain forever and therefore He’s not to count on her visit. Veronica becomes so downhearted after the call and also after reading from the newspapers that Aaron has killed his brother in jail. After Emiliano enters her office to ask why she has that expression on her face, she tells him she isn’t alright after discovering that such a murderer’s blood runs through her veins.
After Joaquin confronts Crescencio to stay away from his family and to keep his orders to himself, he grows furious and tells him that he no longer has a family with Raymunda because he’s only but a womanizer and Raymunda instead of calming down to ask for explanations or either believe in her husband, she chose to believe her father instead. Manuel then arrives to kick Joaquin out of the house. Polo and blankita advice their mum to reconsider and believe in their father and makes him explain things instead of taking the side of Crescencio but it seems Raymunda still insists on her decision.
The secretary of Jorge (Bertha), reports to Jorge to be very careful because Virginia is used to eavesdropping most of their conversations especially veronica’s conversation but unluckily whiles alerting him on this Virginia again overheard it and eavesdrops.
Martin goes to the corporation to speak with veronica but he arrives to see Emiliano hugging veronica to cheer her up after receiving that dreadful call from Aaron and reading his murdering case in the newspaper and this pisses him off but veronica explain things to him they settle their differences and martin also calms her down. Veronica then realizes the kind of life Magdalena has been able to endure at the hands of Aaron so she calls her from the hospital to appreciate her for being there for her because and she now understand every bit of pain she’s been through and wants to tell her that she’s the best mother in the world.
Daniel continues to pressure Virginia to give him money if not he’s going to sell the video to veronica to get all the money he wants but she pleads with him to give her more time.
Perla becomes so devastated with the kind of life her own family is putting her through but in all she plays to the virgin Mary to protect her and in that same vein Pablo also prays to God to protect Perla for him.
Detective Adolf after all the investigation done concerning the relationship between Salma and Virginia, he presents the results to Jorge and everything reveals that Salma is the mother of Virginia and Jorge thanked him for everything and asks him to be secretive about it but he wonders why Salma refused to tell her.
Jorge after this calls Virginia and tries to bring her to the right path to change her ways if not nemesis is going to catch up with her in future with her on behavior and whiles advising her she collapses but jorge tries calling Salma to inform her about Virginia’s situation but she prefers to ignore the call and be with Nicholas to spend time with him. So, Jorge takes her to the hospital and she is diagnosed of a severe heart attack. After the Doctor left, Virginia tells Jorge if he now believes her that she really have a critical heart condition and that veronica tried to make them believe that she was just making a sickness out of the blues but Jorge ignores her statement and asks her to concentrate on getting better. He leaves to the washroom and upon return overhears that Salma has entered telling Virginia that, “oh, my daughter forgive me” and quickly he responds from behind to second her that it is indeed true that she is her daughter who she’s being denying all these while but thank God he now knows the truth. Salma again tries to deny it but he spills out the truth about all the investigations conducted and Salma had no choice than to admit the fact and she tells him the truth that Virginia is her daughter actually and Jorge grows so disappointed in her for hiding it from him.
Salma arrives home in the evening and the maid delivers the message of Virginia’s condition to her and that is why Jorge tries calling her and she becomes so disappointed in herself for not picking the call.
Martin, Emiliano, Pablo and veronica sets on the way to mina Escondida to have the deal about the gold they need for the jewelry. The three of them pledge support to Pablo that they are going to help him so he can rescue Perla.
They arrive in pueblo Nuevo and Emiliano tells veronica in front of martin that he likes to invites her out for dinner and he’s not going to take a NO for an answer so she agrees to it and one can see how martin dey verse Emiliano one time. But martin goes ahead of Emiliano and he pleads with veronica to go with him to a place so he could show her something and she agrees.
Pablo goes quickly to see Perla but unfortunately he meets her absence and he confronts them to show him where Perla is and polo tells Pablo to rescue Perla since she is in danger as Crescencio and Manuel took her away and wants to do something to the baby and Manuel feeling so furious beats Pablo up mercilessly to the point of looking so helpless, he takes him to the forest and leaves him there to rot. Immediately Perla sensed it within her spirit that something is actually wrong with Pablo.
Martin covers veronica’s eyes till they reach a nice house with room filled with so much surprises and after he uncovers veronica’s eyes, he discloses to her that, that is the house he promised to build for her and as it is, the place looks so great planted in mina Escondida. This surprise leads to a wonderful love making.

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