The UNFORGIVABLE episode 93 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 28th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 93 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 28th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Whiles martin and veronica were enjoying, Emiliano was also preparing his dinner table lying in wait for veronica to come so they enjoy together and to his surprise, martin and veronica arrives at the hotel looking as happy and intimate as never before and she becomes angry and question what the hell is going on? He then becomes disappointed in veronica telling her that she never kept her word because she gave him hope that something can work between them but this is the case she just deceived him by playing with his feelings and veronica was like what do you mean by deceiving you?
This generates into a huge argument and Emiliano tries to pick a fight with martin but veronica prevents it from happening. So, Emiliano tell veronica that he is never going to forgive her for using him and cheating on him and he can say that indeed Salma was right about her that she is terrible than Virginia and veronica becomes very worried. Emiliano then goes to ransack all of the dinner arrangement.
Manuel is able to catch Perla and he takes her back to the cage telling her to say goodbye to her baby because grandpa is surely going to kill it and in that same vein Julio was also searching for Perla but he wasn’t fast enough.
Father Juan goes to advice Crescencio to stop harassing his family members just to satisfy his happiness but he shuns father Juan and tells him that he is not allowed to interfere in anything concerning his family. He then turns to Raymunda to advise her to reconsider things concerning the rumors he heard about her husband because they not true but she also asks him to go because she isn’t interested in talking about it again.
Manuel enters into gambling with Medel and on condition that if he (Manuel) loses he should forget about all of the debt he owns his grandpa but if Medel loses he is going to take the canteen from him and again will have to leave town. Medel becomes nervous and thought it wise to back out but the fat guy convinced him and after the gambling, Medel wins over Manuel and he becomes desperate knowing that his grandpa is never going to support his foolishness and agree to letting Medel go free with all the debt he owes him, he leaves the bar o get petrol and he sneaks to sprinkle it at the bar without anyone’s notice and set it on fire leaving Medel in a desperate situation.
Pablo is able to walk through the dark to the hotel with all of the pain and martin meets him and takes him to his room. He then tells him about the plots of Crescencio towards Perla by locking her up in a cage so martin agrees to help him look for her.
Martin confronts Crescencio to release Perla if not he’s going to have to contend with authorities since he’s trampling upon someone’s right by hurting her and her child. He again tells him that if anything happens to Perla and her baby he’s never going to have his peace of mind.
Virginia is discharged and is taking home by Salma but upon reaching home, she decides to still execute her plans of getting rid of Matilde.
Gradually, Matilde is gaining strength after the doctor checked on her and Magdalena and Matilde becomes so happy so hear such a statement from the doctor.
Martin, Botel and veronica go to the mine to see the gold they have discovered and he tells the workers that they now have a new buyer and this brings great happiness to them and because their great effort, they agree to give bonuses to all the workers. Joaquin arrives to beg martin to give him a job in his mine to take care of the since Crescencio fired him from his. So martin agreed and introduced him to the workers and asks them to respect him as they do to everyone and Joaquin thanked him very much for accepting him.
Julio pleads with Crescencio to allow him marry Perla so all this nightmare surrounding her will vanish. Crescencio tells him that Perla doesn’t love him but Julio convinced him that indeed she doesn’t love him but after he marries her he knows gradually that the love will be established.
Emiliano meets Nanciyaga and after seeing how he’s depressed, she asks the reason and Emiliano spills out the truth surrounding his sadness and Nanciyaga also added up that then they both have the same enemy to deal with. Nanciyaga therefore asks Emiliano to assist her by joining hands together to destroy the love between the martin and veronica and Emiliano agrees to her request.
Virginia goes to the hospital to sign her death warrant for her by injecting Matilde to death without anyone’s notice but the unfortunate thing was that when Virginia was coming out of the ward, a nurse saw her and she wondered what Virginia again came back to do since she was discharged.
Crescencio goes to released Perla but on condition that she agrees to marry Julio and Perla considering things for the protection of her child he accepts unwillingly.
Nanciyaga takes some medicine to martin’s house and she convinced him to the maximum point that by drinking it, the bond they ones shared will be cut off and when that happens she will go far away from her without having to interfere in their marriage ever again. Martin takes the medicine and asks her to leave but not knowing it was a black magic to fall in love with her so immediately, martin begins yearning for Nanciyaga since he saw as veronica.

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