Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 30th April 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 30th April 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Silvia walks in the public domain to meet with a business client and unfortunately for her some guys attack her to pour some liquid content on her eyes and she cries for help since its hurt very much that she could even open her eyes and she calls for help so someone comes to help her to be taken to the hospital.
Father Jeronimo looking at how depressed Emmanuel has become, he encourages him that he needs to understand one thing, that he is not the son of Severiano Mendoza but the son of God. Although Severiano was the one responsible for his birth and the unfortunate circumstances that he was forced into and he believes all these was just an accident and nothing else. Therefore he needs to be proud of being Emmanuel and just Emmanuel because to God none of our last names really matter.
The guys after spilling the liquid substance on Silvia’s face the go straight to Prudencia to take their ransom from her and she thanks them for good job done.
Silvia is taken to the hospital and Humberto takes care of her and quickly Renato, Patricio and Thomas arrive at the hospital to check on Silvia but Thomas guessing the situation immediately tells the two of them that Prudencia is responsible for the incidence and no matter what he is going to deal with her.
Veronica and Mr. Antonio deliberates on the sudden challenge Emmanuel is facing and she becomes very worried for him that she suggests to her uncle that, they should take Emmanuel away to Sanmegel so he can find happiness but Mr. Antonio tells her that they can force him yet veronica thinks she will try to convince Emmanuel so he can go with them to find happiness. So she goes to speak with him to consider going with them to Sanmegel
Madam Emma owes a microfinance lot of interest on a loan she took to buy items to add up to the notion store and also to settle other expenses without consulting her husband. But it becomes rather unfortunate that since the time given to her to settle the loan payment is due and she not being able to, the bank comes to her giving her some few days to settle if not, they are going to close down her shop. Lola overhears it whiles the attorney speaks to her at the notion store and she explain every bit of the problem to her and one could tell how sad Madam Emma looks but Lola consoles her and asks her to let her give a helping hand but madam Emma tells her she is going to solve it.
Humberto after treating Silvia he comes to deliver the message to Renato and the rest that the possibility for Silvia to regain her sight is very low but on the other hand too, if she fights strength to strength, he can gain her sight. This actually comes as big blow to them.
Cristobal goes to speak with his father to tell him the other entire secrets he’s again hiding form him since he’s tired of digging out secrets but Severiano says to him that he has nothing to tell him since he’s never known how to be a good son to him. Cristobal then tells him that, he fills so disappointed in him because he doesn’t even know his father anymore and it hurts him that he is his son.
Consario goes to clear things up with Joaquin that, it was his own idea to go after Flabia since he fell in love with her unfortunately she never accepted his proposal and therefore nothing went on between the two of them. Joaquin tells him he care less about that as long as their relationship does not harm their son because as it is there is nothing between him (Joaquin) and her again. Consario then took the opportunity to advise Joaquin to find a place in his heart to forgive
Flabia before it becomes too late because the same situation happened to him in his marriage but his wife died and wasn’t able to ask her for forgiveness and this is the case Flabia regrets everything she did against him and is asking for forgiveness but he’s refusing to accept her back. He then tells him to think about it.
Flabia goes to apologize to Adelina to forgive her for all of her rudeness towards her and after several talks, Adelina understood her and assured her to give Joaquin a bit of time to heal the pain she caused him and after that she is sure that, he will certainly accept her back as his wife.
Aldonza tells Adelina and father Jeronimo that, she’s given the bullets found in her father’s remains to the police to investigate with Severiano’s gun and the fortunate thing was that Severiano was there when she said that but he became angry at her for insinuating that he had something to do with her father’s death and both Adelina and father Jeronimo becomes astonished. Aldonza then seized the opportunity to ask both of the if any of them know a single secret surrounding the death of father and they say NO but Aldonza senses something fishy and she asks why they continue to hide secrets from her when they know that she will certainly find out.
Severiano waits outside the police station for the officer and as he comes out, he tries convincing him to help him get back his gun and that is going to worth him a great amount of money that could change his entire life.

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