Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 1st May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 1st May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Severiano waits outside the police station for the officer and as he comes out, he tries convincing him to help him get back his gun and that is going to worth him a great amount of money that could change his entire life. But the officer tells him that, the gun will be given to him after the investigation surrounding the death of Abelardo and the end of the trail against Adriano and also if he’s trying to bribe him, he is not that type that can be swayed by such tricks so he ignores him and left.
Dominga suggests to candela to let Valeria leave to her parent’s house since she’s been intruding and entering into Cristobal’s room uninvited but candela pleads with her to try helping to let peace prevail between her and Valeria.
Renato pays a visit to Silvia and she still grows so desperate that all this misfortune has happened to her and even feels like the world has fallen on her but Renato calms her down and tells her that he is going to stand by her till she gains back her sight.
Lola refuses to see Emmanuel thinking that he is still going to ignore her since he fails to see anyone closer to himself but Aldonza trickily hands over Emmanuel’s lunch to her to give it to Emmanuel and to her surprised Emmanuel insisted that she stays with him as he needs him more than ever.
The doctors still continue to give treatment to Silvia and this time he tells her that, the chemical didn’t damage any of the veins in her eyes therefore there is the possibility of regaining her sight.
Lola goes to check her savings and to her surprise the amount she had and according to Uriel Lola with that amount can also be called as among the richest persons in Santa Lucia. After she left the bank, she goes straight to see the microfinance officer madam Emma owes him lots of interest to ask the amount Madam Emma owes him because she is ready to pay for all the interests so that they do not take the notion store from madam Emma since she is like a mother to her but he asked the manager to be secret about it. Whiles speaking to the man, Mary sees them from afar and after the manager left, Mary goes to ask Lola about what she was discussing with man but she never spill anything out to her.
Valeria tries to use Emmanuel’s situation to blackmail Cristobal so he could get married to her so that their child wouldn’t be a bastard like Emmanuel but Cristobal warns her that he is tired of those blackmails and wants to tell her that it can’t work on him.
Aldonza goes to see Humberto to thank him very much for looking after Emmanuel though he was Severiano’s accomplice but he was the only one who truly cared for Emmanuel but Humberto still grows desperate about all the harm he’s caused Emmanuel and also Aldonza. Therefore he tells Aldonza that to be able to compensate for all the harm, he’s spoken to Renato and has asked him to turn over the complete document of el-Santuario in their names and as of that moment, he’s through with everything and legally they are the true owners of el-Santuario and the house and it comes as a dream to her but she prefers paying back the amount Severiano paid to acquire that land from her mother but Humberto refuses to take any money.
As they deliberate about the issue Severiano enters to hear them and he questions them on what they are discussing about El-Santuario and this time Humberto challenges him and Severiano becomes so furious and warns him to be careful with him since he’s playing with fire.
Lola takes Cristobal out to tell him about the bullet Aldonza found in her father’s remains and she believes it is his father. Cristobal grows doubtful because he still can’t believe his father is a murderer but Lola tries telling him to consider things about everything as to why his father is mostly accused for committing a wrong because to every bit of rumour there is a bit of truth. So right after their departure, Cristobal confronts his father to ask if he knows anything about the death of Raymundo. Severiano asks him to leave if he is only going to believe any accusation Aldonza places on him. Cristobal then warns him that he should make sure that not a string of Aldonza’s hair will get hurt if not he will have to pass through him.

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