The UNFORGIVABLE episode 94 what to expect on UTV on Monday 2nd May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 94 what to expect on UTV on Monday 2nd May 2016

Post by Admin on Mon May 02, 2016 1:20 pm

Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Nanciyaga takes some medicine to martin’s house and she convinced him to the maximum point that by drinking it, the bond they ones shared will be cut off and when that happens she will go far away from her without having to interfere in their marriage ever again. Martin takes the medicine and asks her to leave but not knowing it was a black magic to fall in love with her so immediately, martin begins yearning for Nanciyaga since he saw her as veronica.
Magdalena arrives at the ward together with the nurse and after checking on her, the nurse discovers that Matilde has join her ancestors and Magdalena’s world come crushing down looking at how she’s grown fond on her and also how veronica is going to take the news. Whiles the nurse comes out, she sees Virginia and surprising she asks her why she is still walking at the hospital when she’s been discharged and she replies that she left something belonging to her at her ward so she return to pick it.
Ana Perla accepts her grandfather’s proposal to her that she gets married to Julio since she had no choice as Crescencio insists on locking her up in the cage if she dares to refuse and also she is told that Manuel killed Pablo. But she tells him one thing that though she has accepted it, but the fact is that she will never top marrying Pablo.
Veronica goes to make some shopping to the house and after setting the table with great excitement and deciding to go call martin so they could enjoy together, she enters only to see Nanciyaga and martin still lying on their bed doing their own thing and quickly she yells at him to ask why he has to do that to her and tears begins running down her cheek. This develop into a huge argument and martin has to explain that Nanciyaga gave him something to drink so to break the friendship they had and after that he was never of himself but Nanciyaga states that martin seduced her.
Veronica then questions Nanciyaga what the hell she gave her husband to drink that made him do such thing and with the was veronica confronted her fear gripped Nanciyaga so they both sacked her out of the house. Veronica then ask martin for forgiveness for doubting him. They go on to enjoy their meal and whiles enjoying, Magdalena phone in to give her the bad news about Matilde and it comes as a big blow to veronica but she confidently tells martin that Virginia is responsible for her death just to silence Matilde about telling the truth about pushing her down the stairs.
Virginia arrives home and Jorge tells her that he is going to question Daniel on what he did with her all this while and if it turn out that she and Daniel were lovers as veronica has been saying then he will exclude her from his WILL but if it turns out that veronica was lying he will know what to do. Virginia tries convincing him to ignore but Jorge promised to investigate that rumor to the must. Jorge leaves and Virginia replies his statement that, “that will happen if only nothing bad happens to you since some people die unexpectedly”
Polo and Blankita meets with their father to ask him to explain to them if the rumors are true about cheating on their mother and after he explained everything to them they believed him and he promised them that he is going to do everything possible to get them including Raymunda from Crescencio though she prefers to listen to the lies of her father. After they got home, they try speaking to their mother to consider things and at least forgive their father but Raymunda’s mind is made up.
Matilde calls Jorge to inform him about the death of Matilde and he goes to the hospital to join Magdalena.
Nanciyaga bumps into Emiliano again and she tells him that martin still feels nothing for her even after trying to do everything possible to have him. Therefore she is going to see her people to seek for advise because if she had agree that the pale man like the son (Emiliano) to be her man like there will be no suffering and martin seconded that it could happen that one day when they are done with all the resentment they feel towards martin and veronica they could be together as a couple.
Daniel threatens Virginia that if she fails to give him the money he’s demanding then he is going to spill the truth to veronica that she was responsible for her nanny’s death and that he thinks is going to give him lots of money. Nervousness then set on Virginia’s face after the call.
crescencio blows the news to Julio about perla’s acceptance to marry him but he warns him to make her happy and not disrespect her and Julio for just hearing that news grows so much happy that finally he will marry the love of his life.
Magdalena informs Botel about Matilde’s death and he also informs Emiliano about it and he cries all his eyes out.
Father Juan condemns Crescencio for committing a mistake for trying to force Perla into a marriage that is against her wish but he ignores him and says to him that he has no say in his affair because all he wants him to do is to officiate the marriage as soon as possible.
Manuel orders a worker at Crescencio’s mine to go lie to Pablo that he knows where exactly they’ve kept Perla and after he goes to inform Pablo to hurry up so he can rescue Perla and also if he doesn’t, they will be marrying her off tomorrow, they all ride on a horse and after reaching a bush, there was no Perla. The guy they told him that it was just a plan thing so that they will distract him from making a step at the house to know what is going on because by now Perla will be married to Julio. Pablo pushed him away and quickly rode on his horse to go to the church.
The time arrives for the marriage between Julio and Perla to be officiated by Father Juan and everyone gather to serve as a witness. Perla continues to shed tears even at the point of being wedded whiles Julio looks so happy.
Just when they are in the mood of exchanging vows, Pablo arrives at the church still riding on his horse to tell them that Perla will never be anyone’s bride for as long as he lives and Crescencio and his family and everyone gathered and especially Perla becomes nervous whiles Julio grows furious.

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