Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 6th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 6th May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Cristobal confronts his father to ask if he was the one who killed Raymundo Alcocer but he asks him to leave since he is used to believing in anything Aldonza fills his head with and therefore has nothing to explain to him. Cristobal then warns him that he is going to find out the truth himself but whiles the police is still doing the investigation he should make sure nothing bad happens to Aldonza if not he is never going to hesitate to send his own father to prison. After he left, Severiano says to himself that he has brought up a bird to pluck his eyes out.
Dominga tries to convincing candela to change for the best and win back the love of her son but she nervously tells Dominga that she isn’t so sure if there is nothing to do to win back the love of Cristóbal because after knowing what she did to Emmanuel she is afraid that he would forgive her least to think of loving and respecting her again but Dominga still insists that she takes the risk.
Severiano right after Cristóbal left him, he goes straight to see Aldonza at el-Santuario and he tells her about the truth about actually did killed her father and that person she seeks is her own mother Roberta. Aldonza then painfully asked Adelina if that is the truth and she admits and Aldonza cries her eyes out feeling so angry with Adelina for always hiding the truth from her. Adelina then threatens Severiano that if he has spill out the truth to destroy her sister’s image then, she is also going to reveal the rest of the truth to the authorities and that will definitely sink him.
Severiano from there meets with Valeria declaring to her the intentions of her father Humberto concerning el-Santuario and Valeria becomes disturbed. He then threatens her that if she fails to convince her father to stop deciding to give that property to Aldonza, then she also leaves him with no choice than to tell Cristóbal the truth about her pregnancy. Valeria feeling so scared quickly goes to confront her father to talk things over but Humberto’s decision still stands.
Aldonza feeling so hurt and distressed she speak with father Jeronimo as to why Adelina has to keep such a secret from her till date and father Jeronimo explained things further to her that she did so that she (Aldonza) wouldn’t feel any resentment towards her mother. So she reconsidered things and understood perfectly well that immediately she meets Adelina at the parish and spoke to Adelina to let sleeping dogs lie since she holds no grudges against her because she understands her point of keeping all those secrets.
Aldonza then excused her to meet with Cristóbal so they know the way forward for Emmanuel and in that same vein, Adelina returns home to send Carmelo out to get some items in the market for her. Immediately Carmelo left, she goes to the bedroom to write a letter of appreciation to Aldonza for having such a good heart to forgive and that she will forever love her.
Right after writing the letter, Severiano discovered through Havier (Adriano’s friend) that Carmelo has left the house leaving Adelina alone. So, he quickly comes there with a dead killer injection and straight to Adelina’s bedroom to inject her to dead stating that he is not going to allow her bring out the truth that he also was part in the killing of Raymundo. Whiles Adelina gave her last breath, Aldonza felt a sharp pain within her that something has gone wrong with Adelina so quickly she rush to the house with Cristobal to check and coincidentally they bump into Carmelo at the gate since he has now also arrive with the items Adelina asked him to get for her and unfortunately for Aldonza she climbed upstairs to see Adelina dead and her world com crushing down.

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