The UNFORGIVABLE episode 99 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 10th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 99 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 10th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Magdalena and Jorge helped martin to surprise veronica with a great a splendid preparation birthday celebration which comes to her as a surprise but grows so happy and in that same vein, Botel proposes marriage to Magdalena and they blow the news to veronica and she becomes very happy for them. The birthday party continues and martin and veronica set on the floor to dance to make the day special and a memorable one.
Virginia still wonders as to the reason why veronica stopped pressing charges against her so she still on asking Salma as to what she told veronica that made her agree not to send her to prison again and whiles asking Jorge arrive to hear and he asks what she did that will allow veronica to send her to prison. So, Virginia turned to tell him that since veronica really hates her she believes she will do anything to see her fall but she wants to assure him that very soon he (Jorge) will know the kind of persons veronica and martin really are as bad as an omen.
Botel discloses to Perla that she really has a strong resisting spirit because upon everything and pain she’s been through she should have lost her baby since she’s actually recovered from her sickness and that sounds as a great news to all her loved ones. After examining Perla he suggests that they take a stroll since that will help her gain more strength and martin takes them to a nice place to have fun with many surprises.
Salma tries to win t Jorge’s love back but he still refuses to give her ears since he still have resentment towards her for hiding Virginia’s true identity from him and that means that she still has a lot of secret and that means he will never trust her ever again and can’t also forgive her. After Jorge left, Salma blames veronica for being the fault of all her predicament as she always is able to get forgiveness from Jorge but as for her (Salma) he refuses to forgive her for just the little secret she hid.
Veronica’s client Mr. Serbata calls Virginia to thank her for the information she gave him so Virginia also asks him to send a thank you message to veronica so no one could suspect anything fishy but will agree since there will be a thank you message there.
Serbata send a new contract to Jorge and he becomes very shocked as to how Serbata got to know the amount of gold shipment they were bringing him and Emiliano thinks that martin was the one who gave it to him and Jorge disbelieve since martin will dare not do such a thing knowing how they will be affected if such a delicate information gets to their client. Jorge then states that someone has betrayed them.
Virginia goes reaches the forecourt of the cooperation and Daniel arrives and Virginia thinking that she’s gotten the video therefore has no business with him again tries to be sarcastic towards him but he discloses to her that he still have the original video and therefore shouldn’t play smart with him because if not he will give it to veronica to send her to the ground therefore if she doesn’t want that to happen then she should be his accomplice to destroy martin to death for destroying his career as a doctor and again should continue to give him more money so that the video doesn’t come out.
After contemplating on things, Jorge thinks that Nicholas might be the one who could have sent that information to Serbata because he is the only one who has that confidential information about the company apart from veronica and martin.
Salma’s world comes crushing down and as she wanders in the house shedding tears, Nicholas arrive and after she pours her hearts out, he tells her to give him the opportunity to be her man and heal her wounds and also go with her to wherever he pleases.
Claudia goes to see martin and as it is looking so worried stating that urgently needs his help and she asks him to at least have coffee with him so they can talk about things but he refuses and veronica added up that she is not even going to allow her husband to speak with her knowing that she is still in love with martin and as it is they have been through a lot to fight all odds to come together again therefore is going to be over protective on her husband no matter what. Martin then asks veronica to just excuse them so veronica accepted and left.
Claudia then begins stating stories that her father’s illness continues to get worse, her relationship with Pier never worked out, she lost her job since he fired her and also the bar where she sings to get money also caught fire and therefore has nothing.
Mariana’s mother Montserrat tries asking her daughter to stop forcing herself on Pablo since there are many guys around who are madly in love with her but she tell her mum that the only person she will forever love is pablo and therefore wouldn’t allow anyone to take him away from her but her mother thinks that is madness.
Manuel tells his accomplices that after the gold fraud has been detected by the Castelo’s they would be so desperate in getting another gold supplier and when that happens he will let them know about his gold and give him a price that will be far higher than that of what the Santelmo’s were giving to them and they are going to be more richer.
Veronica accepts that if indeed Claudia has a lot of problem at hand then she gives her concern that he can accept her and work with her again because now he trusts him (martin) as he also trusts her.
Veronica asks one of their trusted secretaries to print a document from her computer to give Jorge and as it is when she opened it, she sees in veronica’s email that she was the one who sent that confidential information to Serbata because Virginia ever logged out after she sneaked to log in to send the information to Serbata. The secretary then grows shocked as to why veronica could do such a thing and therefore print one of it to show Jorge.
Jorge then becomes shocked and he shows it to Emiliano and since Virginia was there she begins to add more sour to injury. Jorge then asks them to go check the gold shipment as soon as possible.
After checking the gold Jorge detects with his check machine that it is not a 100% gold. He never believe his eyes so he calls for a gold expert to also have a check and he arrives to check and he also confirms that they are not gold but stones covered with a bit of gold.

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