The UNFORGIVABLE episode 101 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 12th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 101 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 12th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Virginia sits in Jorge’s chair and begins to dream that very soon she will be the one sitting in that chair. Fortunately or unfortunately for her, she sees the document bearing the investigation Jorge conducted to know the past of Salma and as she reads through it, she discovers that Salma is her real mother. She then says to herself that it can’t be.
Botel together with Joaquin and Lorenza goes to Crescencio’s mine to look for Manuel and the driver but he is told by of the workers that Manuel isn’t around whereas that so called driver too has stopped working at the mine. Quickly they go to Crescencio’s house to speak with Manuel about their missing gold and he pretends not to know anything about the said gold and asks them to leave. After they return to the mine office, they detect that one of the moldings (boxes) for the gold was missing and Botel suggests that they look for that mold and with that the thief can be caught.
The police finally take martin away to be interrogated as Jorge requests and veronica still pleads on his behalf but everything seems Jorge and Emiliano’s minds are already made up and so veronica pledges to martin she is going to do everything possible to get him out of prison.
Perla wishes to see and speak with her dying grandpa but Manuel and Raymunda refuses to let her stating that she is the cause of grandfather’s sickness. Raymunda goes to speak with Crescencio and he tells her that she should be firm on the ground and not allow Blankita to go study nursing in the city because she might end up like Perla and that will be another disgrace to the family and also she should make sure not to forgive Joaquin as he passes away and if she is able to do these two things, he sleep in peace and Raymunda accepts to do her father’s wishes.
Father Juan enters to plead on behalf of Perla so that Crescencio allows her to speak with him so Perla comes to ask for forgiveness but he tries to set a condition for Perla that before he forgives her, she should promise him that she is going to break up with Pablo forever. Perla then tells him that she can’t because they love each other very much and also they are now married and though she really love and care for him very much but she can’t denounce her love for husband and child. Crescencio seeing how brave Perla stood to defend her love for her husband and child, he grows proud of her and then asks her to embrace her and again she blesses her and prayed for her that she is able to overcome any challenge that befalls her and come out as a great and confident woman he’s always thought of her to become. He then pleads with her also to forgive him for all the wrongs he’s done against her and asks her to give him her blessing so Perla blesses him.
So Crescencio says to her that she is her pride because she has thought him that no matter what a parent should defend her family and not to listen to any one’s laws to rule their family. He then gave up his last breath and Perla and Manuel begins to cry so painfully. Raymunda then begins to blame Perla for Crescencio’s death so she begins to beat her up but father juan corrects her that Perla has done nothing wrong because the only thing she did was to follow her heart and therefore will not allow her to hit her again.
Virginia in great anguish confronts Salma as to why she kept that secret from her that she was her real mother and Salma becomes so nervous and sober to ask her for forgiveness but Virginia refuses to listen to her and says to her that she hates her very much and therefore never should call her that she is her daughter.
Veronica presents her lawyer for martin and the court starts with proceedings against martin and the court gives 72 hours to do all investigations to present to the court and martin’s lawyer agrees but Emiliano tells the judge that they have no evidence to present because martin is guilty. Veronica then warns him to shut his mouth and since their attitude was contempt the judge warns them to comport themselves if not he is going to charge them so they are kicked out of the room so proceedings can continue. After the Castelo’s lawyer presented to the court the evidence of the fraud, the court places a seizure on all of martin’s assets and again will be taking to the penitentiary.
Manuel confronts Crescencio’s remains angrily to insult him for being a nonentity old man who always wishes to impose his will on some people but wasn’t even smart enough to detect that he will be capable of killing him and now that he’s gone, although the WILL isn’t in his name, he is going to get Perla off the way so that he is going to enjoy all of the inheritance.
Veronica speaks with martin not to give up because she is going to mina Escondida and together with Botel they will look for the thief and prove his innocence.
Joaquin tries to console Raymunda but she still insists on pushing him away but this time around Joaquin confronts her and speaks sense into her to listen to him and stop acting like a little child believing in the gossip from the town.
Chucho gets the evidence veronica asks him to look for on the day Matilde died and the day of her wedding when and how Virginia went out and came in as the CCTV camera recorded in the house.
Martin puts on his prison wear and giving a number and the authorities take pictures of him before being taken to prison.

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