Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 13th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 13th May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
After Cristobal learnt from Aldonza that her father lost his arm through a matchet her father caught his hands with after catching her mother with Severiano, he becomes worried and quickly he goes to discloses to his mother how his father lost his arms. After, he tells her that, he can’t forgive her and his father for all the wrongs they’ve done.
Emmanuel reveals to father Jeronimo about the box he discovered and the body he found in it but it proves difficult for him to recognize the identity of the person whether male female since it’s swollen and a rotten body. Father Jeronimo then advises them to be very careful and stay guard since a dead body has been found in el-Santuario.
Veronica after studying Emmanuel for a while in their relationship, she discovers through their conversation and his actions that the only woman Emmanuel could love and will be the love of his life is Lola so she urges him to go look for Lola and get back with her and not to try being with her (veronica) just for gratitude sake to please her uncle. Emmanuel becomes so surprised and thanked her for everything and understanding him and veronica asks for a goodbye kiss from him and again encouraged him to fight for Lola’s love no matter what. During evening, Lola goes to wish Emmanuel goodnight and he discloses to her that, he and veronica has broken up and Lola congratulates him.
Severiano asks Valeria to leave his house since she wasn’t able to fulfill her part of the deal to convince her father to give el-Santuario to her but he insists on giving to Aldonza therefore he would have to tell Cristobal about the truth surrounding her pregnancy. In exchange for Severiano’s silence, she offers herself/body up for Severiano and love making become the other of the day under candela’s roof that evening.
After enjoying themselves, Severiano comes out heading towards his room and unfortunately for him he bumps into Dominga who was also on her way to give candela water to take her pills and she grows shocked that Severiano asks why she stirs at her and then asks her to leave to where she was going. Dominga left quickly and upon reaching candela’s room she tells her about Severiano coming out of Valeria’s room at that hour which she (Dominga) can sense that all isn’t well at all. Candela sensing danger goes to speak with Severiano the next day that, it is hard time Valeria leaves their house to her parents house and Severiano being so smart enough seconds her that it is a great idea since Valeria is now well without any complication.
Valeria in the next morning goes to warn Emmanuel and Aldonza to refuse to accept el-Santuario from her father because if they do, they would have to contend with her but Aldonza and Emmanuel ignores her and asks Mr. Carmelo to kick her out of the house.
After Severiano getting his satisfaction from Valeria and seeing how a harlot she could be, she warns her to stay away from his son Cristobal since she’s proven to be an indecent woman. Valeria becomes so furious with the decision and tries to challenge him but he kicks her out of his room.
Father Jeronimo offers his last mass for the people of Santa Lucia before his departure to wherever he’s been transferred and I becomes a mass of sadness for the congregation especially Aldonza as tears doesn’t seize to flow down.
Severiano bribes Havier (Abelardo’s friend) to follow and monitor each footstep of Aldonza and make him know so he can be also to know when to execute his plans. He again warns him to be very careful so no one catches him and Havier assures him that he can count on him perfectly.
The doctor presents the autopsy on Alvatrie’s body to the police and he discloses to them that, the body is that of a woman and she died as a result of a blow in the head and the serious thing is she was pregnant. It then comes as a shock to the police officers and they become speechless.
Candela hears from Dominga that father Jeronimo is leaving to where he’s been transferred to and she decides to go see him before he leaves Santa Lucia. He decision the pissed Severiano off as to why his wife always choses father Jeronimo over him and candela in trying to challenge him, he quickly slaps and hits her mercilessly that he forgets candela has a broken neck with a POP around and this causes lots of pain to candela as she falls on the ground crying painfully.

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