Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 14th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 14th May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Candela hears from Dominga that father Jeronimo is leaving to where he’s been transferred to and she decides to go see him before he leaves Santa Lucia. He decision the pissed Severiano off as to why his wife always choses father Jeronimo over him and candela in trying to challenge him, he quickly slaps and hits her mercilessly that he forgets candela has a broken neck with a POP around and this causes lots of pain to candela as she falls on the ground crying painfully and Severiano tells her that she is indeed a harlot.
The police still on their investigation on Adelina’s death, so they go to ask Mr. Carmelo about it and after disclosing to them how Adelina sent him out to get some items for her, he then tells the police that, Severiano might be the one who could have entered el-Santuario ranch to kill Adelina because he is really a subtle person. The police then become shock again since everyone continues to blame Severiano for anything evil that comes up in Santa Lucia.
Antonio goes with veronica to give his bullet to Aldonza and it is the bullet that contains one bullet which he told her that he was going to kill Severiano for killing his sister but unfortunately he met her absence so he gives it to Emmanuel to give it to Aldonza and just tells her it the gun with one bullet. Emmanuel then gives the bullet to Aldonza and he explains it as he did and Aldonza understood it perfectly well.
Renato goes to speak with the police if they have found any evidence concerning the death of Adelina but they tell him not yet and they then handed over to him Adelina left behind for Aldonza and he goes home to give it her and after reading it she becomes so depressed and continuously blame herself for being the person who killed her auntie due to her too much insistence to knowing the truth surrounding her father’s death.
Patricio gets nice flowers for Lola and he seizes the opportunity to break up with her in a nice way since he’s realized that no matter what he does, the only person she will forever love is Emmanuel. Lola then thanked him for his great love and understanding because she wanted to break up with him but since she never wished to also hurt him because she actually knows how much he loves her.
Cristobal after Dominga tells him about his father hitting his mother so mercilessly, he goes straight to confront his father to warn him not to dare touch or hit his mother again because if not, he would have to deal with him first.
Aldonza, Emmanuel and father Jeronimo take the ashes of their three deceased (Raymundo, Roberta and Adelina) to el-Santuario to scatter them into the waters with Emmanuel holding Roberta’s, Aldonza with Adelina’s and father Jeronimo with his brother’s (Raymunda) and it becomes a moment of sadness to them and as they do that Cristóbal arrives to see them and his heart also grows full of sadness.
Valeria returns home with her belongings and she begins to blame her mother for being the cause of her thrown out of Las Animas ranch because if she hadn’t open her big mouth to reveal that Abelardo is the father of the child in their conversation no one would have noticed.
Severiano after hearing that father Jeronimo was about to leave, he goes to the parish to sarcastically wish him farewell and Thomas grows so furious and almost picked up a fight with him but father Jeronimo stops him but Severiano hits father Jeronimo’s face with a stick in his hand for flirting with his wife and he bleeds painfully and again Thomas wanted to confront him but father stops him and then kick Severiano out of the parish. As Severiano comes out of the parish, he bumps into Mr. Antonio and he confronts Severiano with a gun that he is going to kill him like the way he killed his sister and quickly he points the gun on Severiano’s forehead and nervousness suddenly caught up with Severiano and he begins to beg him not to kill him.

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