Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 15th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 15th May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Severiano after hearing that father Jeronimo was about to leave, he goes to the parish to sarcastically wish him farewell and Thomas grows so furious and almost picked up a fight with him but father Jeronimo stops him but Severiano hits father Jeronimo’s face with a stick in his hand for flirting with his wife and he bleeds painfully and again Thomas wanted to confront him but father stops him and then kick Severiano out of the parish.
As Severiano comes out of the parish, he bumps into Mr. Antonio and he confronts Severiano with a gun that he is going to kill him like the way he killed his sister and quickly he points the gun on Severiano’s forehead and nervousness suddenly caught up with Severiano and he begins to beg him not to kill him but had it not been that Mr. Antonio remembered that Severiano to be the father Emmanuel, he would have shot him and he tells him that even with way he treated Emmanuel he leaves him with the guilt of conscience to kill him instead. After Mr. Antonio left, Severiano says to himself that Antonio should have killed to end his tragedy of facing the authority.
The notice of the 2nd signing of the divorce papers are brought to Aldonza and she tells Emmanuel that as soon as she signs it, she will be legally separated from Cristóbal but Emmanuel thinks she is not to do that because they both love each other very much but Aldonza thinks that, she can’t continue to be with a man whose father abused her sexually since that will always reflect in her mind no matter what.
Emmanuel seeing how Aldonza looks so depressed after knowing that father Jeronimo will be leaving any moment from now, he tries convincing Aldonza to travel with father Jeronimo to stay with him but she says to him that she wants to stay back with Emmanuel so together they can take care of the property together.
Severiano puts some sedative drug in a handkerchief and straight away he goes to candela’s room and sedates her with it and after seeing that she looks so helpless, he tells her that, he is going to derive from her all of the affection and love making she has denied him in their marriage. He then raped her and he enjoys her to the maximum and since she looks so helpless, there was nothing she could do to save herself.
Aldonza finally tells father Jeronimo about Severiano abusing her sexually which compelled them to leave Santa Lucia to Mexico and he becomes so furious above standard that if Severiano should have been closer to him, he would have finished him up.
Candela after regaining consciousness after the rape, she becomes so devastated and she tells Dominga about it and Dominga felt actually sad for candela and so she advised her to let Cristobal know about what has happened but she tells Dominga that she can’t and therefore she is also not to tell Cristóbal about anything because that will only cause another confrontation between father and son.
Emmanuel after Humberto discloses to him about Severiano’s attack on father Jeronimo at the parish to hit him with a stick since he went there to treat him, he goes straight away to face Severiano and he warns him to stay away from father Jeronimo and Aldonza because if ever anything should happen to any of them, he would have to contend with him instead.
After emmanuel left, cristobal goes after him to ask for more explanations and this time around, emmanuel puts away all his anger and he thanked Cristóbal for saving him from drowning himself in the waters and also he’s ready to accept him as his big brother and a friend though he hate Severiano with no limit.
Patricio proposes to Mary after breaking up with Lola but Mary turns down his proposal and she tells him that, she is not in love with him but only like him as a friend. She said all this of this because after knowing the harm she’s caused Lola, she doesn’t want to add up since that will only complicate things.
Rage fills candela’s heart to the maximum due to the rape, so suddenly; she picks up a gun to confront Severiano and she tells him that she is going to kill him like the dog he is. He pleads with her to put it away because she might end up killing herself but she tells him that it’s payback time for raping her. she then fires the gun.

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