The UNFORGIVABLE episode 103 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 17th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 103 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 17th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Perla reach a decision after an advice from father Juan that she leaves the town to save herself from the wrath of Manuel and that of the community and she finally tells father Juan that she’s decided to leave town but promise to come back. Father Juan then entered his office and Perla continues to offer prayers for his grandpa and Manuel from nowhere sneaks to the church and while Perla was still praying he tiptoes and brings his out his knife her and he says that it doesn’t matter if grandpa changed his WILL or not ones he gets rid of her everything will become his.
Manuel goes to where the stolen gold has been place and he commands the two workers who helped him steal them that they have to change the seal into their mines name so that no one detects it. The people then complains that they have done so much without pay but Manuel tells them they are useless and deserves nothing so they also plot against him.
At any attempt he makes to stab, Manuel’s eyes caught up with the image of Jesus on the wall, St. Lorenzo and that of his grandpa and quickly one of them and quickly a wind blow that of grandpa’s image to alert Perla and she turns her back she sees Manuel with a knife in his hands attempting to kill her and as fast possible she begins running for her life and pleading with Manuel not to kill her but Manuel still insists and unfortunately for Manuel one of the lighted candles on the coffin got hold of his shirt gets himself hurt and then Perla as able to escape.
Veronica becomes smart enough to check the particular date that very email was sent to Serbata and she recollects that even that very day she never step a foot into the office since she visited Aaron in prison and was there the whole day and she detects quickly that Virginia might be the brain behind everything.
Aaron connives with his team in prison to pick up a fight with martin and as fast as possible, they attack him and he begins to beat them one by one and since the guys sees that his challenge was above them, one pulls out a knife to stab him and he struggles with him and hits the guys hand and the knife falls on the ground. Unfortunately the welders/guards arrive to separate them and to enquire the reason but all of them accuse martin that he brought out the knife to kill one of them so the welders took him away.
Serbata comes to see Jorge and they deliberate on his conditions as to how he wants them to go about the gold business deal and also to ask him how he got the confidential message it is assumed that veronica sent him and they threaten him that they are going to sue him for bleach of contract.
Veronica after that confronts Virginia about the truth and how she now knows that she is the one who sent the confidential message to Serbata because that day she never even came to work. She then warns her to get herself prepared because she will sink her. He then asks them to also show them the gold and Emiliano tells him that the shipping is yet to be done and Serbata also threaten them that if they refuse to let him see the gold them he will be the one to sue them with bleach of contract.
Veronica pays a visit to martin but unfortunately Aaron comes to her to inform her that there is no way she can be able to see him because he is in confinement now after picking a fight with some of the inmates but the only thing he can help her is for veronica to give him money so that in exchange he can protect martin for her as he is his cell inmate if not he will make the cell a living hell for martin or can even kick the bucket and veronica then becomes nervous and promise to give him more money but should stay away from martin.
Looking at the way things with Serbata is going, Jorge and Emiliano call Virginia to ask if she knows anyone who can supply them with gold and she answers them that she knows of one person called Manuel and looking at everything she could tell he likes her so much and will not hesitate to give them the gold after speaking to him.
Father Juan after seeing that Perla is nowhere to be found, he confronts Manuel and since he refuses to tell him, he decides to go report to the authorities but Manuel threatens him that if that is so then he should also count the collapse of his church because he is going to kick him out of the place since his grandpa was the one who constructed it and also those lands are now his because every property of his grandpa now belongs to him.
Mariana goes to get Pablo ready so they can get to UK very early to have the exhibition but pablo tells her that he has to inform Perla first before and in that same vein Perla runs to seek refuge at Pablo’s house but upon reaching there and peeping her eyes through the door, she spots Mariana and pablo inside and instead of her should have entered or stood there to listen to every detail of their conversation, she concludes that the two have something to do again and quickly she goes off in pain and she then goes round looking for a job to fend for herself and baby and luckily for her a woman employs her as maid.
Magdalena, veronica and Botel confronts Manuel to ask where Perla is and as usual he pretends not to know anything. Botel then asks about the stolen gold and Manuel becomes nervous.
Joaquin and his family still on their search for Polo and as they split to look for him, he discovers the mold they stole from martin’s mine and he picks it up and takes it to show Botel, veronica and Magdalena.
Luckily for Raymunda, she sees both Polo and Dorilla and quickly in tears of joy she embraces him and asked him to forgive her for everything and the family grows so happy seeing their boy and Dorilla and Raymunda then agrees that Blankita can now go studying nursing in Mexico because she now wants to amend things.
Virginia goes to speak with Manuel about the supplying of the gold Manuel agrees but with a price higher than that of martins about 10% and Virginia calls Jorge to inform him about it so he accepts stating that all they need is the gold and not the amount since he doesn’t want his company to sink.
Looking at the way things are going Emiliano’s resentment towards martin never seizes to grow so he goes to the extent of presenting evidence to the judge at the court to be used against martin so to sink him. This evidence was the confidential message sent to their client and he explains to the magistrate that it could be that martin convinced veronica to do that so they damage the business transaction of the corporation and the judge also believes it to be so and concludes that there is no need for them to wait for that 72 hours giving to them to present their evidence from each party because Emiliano’s evidence proves everything clearly and therefore the court has proceed and sentence martin to prison.
Perla starts cleaning the house where she has been employed and whiles cleaning the dining table, she discovers some newspapers having on their front page that Pablo and Mariana travels to UK to get married and sadness gripped her ones again.
Veronica to be able to get the culprit who stole the gold, she places a huge sum of amount on that anyone who helps to bring the person out she will give that amount to him so Juan Cho agrees to help them out to look for the gold for them. So Juan Cho runs quickly to look for those two guys who helped Manuel and he rush back to inform veronica, Magdalena and Botel and really they becomes so happy.
Quickly they report to the police and straight away they head towards Crescencio’s mine to arrest the two guys but they become smart enough to push the police aside and they escaped and they get the gold out of the place and its documents through the help of the police. So veronica decides to go quickly to prove martin’s innocence.
After Manuel hears the information that the gold has been gotten hold of by the owner, his heart gets filled with rage but he still insists on fighting back. Virginia then arrives and he tells her that he’s no longer going to supply the gold again making her to feel so disturbed.
The court proceeds and the judge concludes that martin be sent to prison since he’s guilty of the crime of fraud. Immediately veronica arrives with the document to defend martin that he is not guilty.

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