The UNFORGIVABLE episode 104 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 18th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 104 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 18th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
The court proceeds and the judge concludes that martin be sent to prison since he’s guilty of the crime of fraud. Immediately veronica arrives with the document to defend martin that he is not guilty because the police in Mina Escondida investigated and together with them searched for the gold and it was detected that it was Manuel who stole the gold and hid it at their mine. The judge takes a look at the evidence and recess the court for an hour to take study it critically.
Veronica then turns to her uncle to tell him that she has recovered the gold and she is going to deliver the shipment to him personally so he can check it in front of her. Emiliano grows furious and walks out on veronica whiles Jorge grows a bit confused.
Virginia continues to insist that Manuel should sell the gold to them because she has told her uncle about it but Manuel lies to her that he can’t sell the gold to them with that amount because it’s will come with just small profit with 10% but has to increase it to 50%. Whiles arguing, Emiliano calls Virginia to inform her to cancel the gold purchase since martin’s stolen gold has been found and it appears that a mine at mina Escondida stole it. Virginia after the call says to Manuel that there is a twist of event and therefore she can see that it because the gold he stole has been discovered by the owners and that is why he (Manuel) changed his mind and Manuel tries being smart but Virginia says to him that she doesn’t care if he stole the gold but all he wants him to do is to help her to destroy martin and veronica and Manuel agrees.
Salma discusses with Nicholas that finally she wants to accept to go far away from her problems because now she is alone and since she has realized her mistakes, she’s seen that she shouldn’t have gotten closer to him at all and therefore has decided to go alone because he doesn’t want to see him again and this sayings actually broke Nicholas’ heart as Salma refuses to let him go with her no matter the amount of plea but after a bit of convincing words from Nicholas that he has great plans for both of them since he truly loves her, Salma agrees to travel with him.
Mariana and Pablo arrive in New York and Pablo grows so excited reaching there and Mariana promise him that she is going to make him the most famous artist and she tries to caress him but he stops her and warns her that his heart only belongs to Perla and therefore shouldn’t try causing any problem between them again because Perla has suffered a lot. So Mariana agrees to only be his representative.
Whiles the judge takes a look at the evidence in his office, the court warder presents the report of martin’s life at the penitentiary.
The court resume the hearing and the judge concludes on the reports that the authorities in the prison gave him stating that he has a conduct of violence for which he was confined twice. Martin then answers that he did that in self defense since he was attacked. Emiliano quickly chip in that martin is always known to be a violent man and people closer to him can testify to that. So the judge says that with those reports it can’t work in his favor at all because he can’t grant her pardon.
Veronica rises to defend martin in front of the judge to ask if he is going to condemn someone unfairly because of his little stay at the penitentiary when everyone knows that in prison it is survival of the fittest and Emiliano tries countering her that she is only blinded by love but she shuts him up. She and martin’s counselor then continue to plead that the judge take into account the clear evidence she brought for proper justice.
The judge then pronounces his final judgment that, he gives martin an absolute freedom with immediate effect. In shame, Jorge and Emiliano bow their head in shame and left. Martin quickly hugged veronica and thanked her so much.
Upon reaching home with martin, veronica arrange a Serenade secretly to welcome him home and martin grows so happy and feels like going being with veronica all day long.
Nicholas packs all of his office documents to leave with Salma as they agreed and Emiliano seeing him do so asks his reason for packing but no matter how much Emiliano insisted Nicholas never spill anything out to him but just he is leaving. In the same vein, Salma also goes to say goodbye to Jorge so that he can live in peace without her causing him so much harm. She then warns him to be careful of Virginia and she stressed that she is not saying that because she rejected her as her mother but because she has found her behavior very disconcerting. Jorge then wished her farewell.
Virginia and Manuel begin their relationship to share a bond that can never be separated so together they can achieve a great success in their revenge.
Magdalena congratulates veronica for being a strong woman for saving martin and that shows that she is a perfect wife and also a good woman who always stands on her feet to defend love. They go as far as discussing about building a safe shelter for abuse woman everywhere so that they can also be rescued out of their violent husbands. And as it is veronica tells Magdalena that she is going to be the director for that organization since she has actually faced that abuse very much and will feel their pain.
Manuel continues to insist that all of grandpa’s property belongs to him but after trying to kick Joaquin and Raymunda out of the house after confronting him to disclose to them where Perla has gone to, he tells them that he has no idea and therefore they should leave his property because they will forever be stuck in poverty till death. Raymunda then warns him that if ever she finds out that something bad has happened to Perla, she is going to make him pay for it in prison.
Lucia (Pablo’s mum) tells martin that she’s lost her job and therefore needs to find a new one so martin agrees to employ her as an assistant to his secretary Claudia and that comes as great news to her.
The gold shipment is done and Jorge after checking them with martin, veronica, and Botel they come back to the office and veronica presents to them an evidence proving that she never sent any mail to Serbata since she never even came to work that day as she was with Aaron in prison and that makes her to be also very disappointed in him also for not trusting her least to give them more time to investigate the fraud in the gold shipment and that hurts her so much though she loves him so much and that will never change but judging her over and over again, she doesn’t think families do and Jorge and Emiliano become speechless..

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