he UNFORGIVABLE episode 109 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 26th May 2016

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he UNFORGIVABLE episode 109 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 26th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
The police arrive at the scene of the accident and after checking, they find out the remains of a lady and a bag containing some documents stating that she is from the Prado Castelo family and also a wife to martin Santelmo so quickly the police send a messenger to martin’s apartment to inform them about the accident and Magdalena becomes depressed whiles Botel and martin grow speechless upon hearing the explosion so they decides quickly to go to the accident scene.
Virginia home very late to meet Jorge in the living room and he enquires from her where she went to and coming back at that time and she answers him that she went out for walk but Jorge thinks it’s too dark for her to go out for that walk. Jorge still had some doubt since Virginia’s shoes were actually soiled with mud. She then discloses to her that he mum has left town with Nicholas and she grows very shock and tells him that she feels more and more ashamed that Salma is her mum.
Martin, Magdalena and Botel arrive at the accident scene and the police tell them that the remains of veronica has been taken away by an ambulance since she was already dead and this comes to them as a big blow as Magdalene almost collapses and martin seems to go mad. They go quickly to the hospital to check on the remains and the doctor gives martin veronica’s bag containing some of her documents. After the doctor gives them some documents to sign so that the death certificate of veronica can be given to them and so they can help burry her after all the arrangement has been done.
Julio and Pablo finally agree to let go off their difference and look for Perla and Pablo’s mother thanks Julio so much for that but it seems his love for Perla is so big that he warns Pablo that if ever he hurts Perla again he is capable of doing the worse. Mariana arrives from nowhere to spoil their conversation with her obsessed love and one could tell how Julio grows so angry. She tells him that a residency permit has been gotten for him in the school of visual art for two years and that place is one of the best schools in the world. Pablo accepts and thanks her very much for that opportunity but on one condition to go with her only if his wife shows up and a visa can also be obtained for her so they can all go together. Mariana begins raining all the insults on Perla but Julio then attacks her and then warn her not to try intimidating Perla since the one who can be intimidated is her since she always tries to forcing herself on Pablo when he doesn’t love her and because if there is anyone who is not worth living in this world then it her who has no respect for humans and Pablo also added up to it not to dare insults his woman again and followed by Lucia cautioning her not talk about such a decent girl like Perla like that.
The guy who took veronica’s phone after it fell on the ground whiles she was being forced into the car; he goes to sell the phone to Charas and he takes the opportunity to deceive the boy to try working for him and he can teach him to even steal more phones and money from banks. Charas then begins going through the phone and he discovers that it belongs to veronica so quickly Aaron takes it from him upon hearing veronica and after going through the videos, he sees the one veronica recorded that discloses that Virginia was the one who killed Matilde and Aaron now understood why veronica was kidnapped so he decides to look for Virginia.
Lucia asks Mariana that until when will she continue begging for a love that she’s been denied because to be frank what she feels for her son doesn’t seem like love to her but obsession but she truly understand that as a woman her pride has been stepped on that is why she claims to Pablo but she never knew how to win his love but Mariana thinks that she has done everything for him but yet pablo fails to love her. Lucia then asks her if she is referring to ruining his life which she has actually succeeded in separating him and Perla since that is the entire thing she’s achieved making Pablo to suffer but Mariana asks Lucia what she expected her to do after all that she done for Pablo and the time spent together. Lucia then advised her that, all she expects from her is for her to have a bit of dignity and stop doing stupid things that degrades her and stop crawling on the floor after a man who doesn’t even have eyes for her since he’s already married and expecting a child therefore has no hope to clinch on to and therefore should accept that she has lost pablo but Mariana still insists on winning pablo even if she will go against the heavens.
Martin calls his entire loved ones together to meet in Jorge’s house to blow the sad news to them and it becomes difficult for all to contain and come see Virginia with her crocodile lamenting. Emiliano then attacks martin for being the cause of veronica’s death after entering into their family.
Rebecca arrives at the corporation to see Jorge but she is told that veronica is dead and therefore decides to go to the wake.
Everyone gets prepared for the wake of veronica and as they feel so downhearted mourning her, Virginia feels so happy going to bid farewell to veronica.

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