Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 27th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 27th May 2016

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Aldonza finally blows the truth to Cristóbal that Severiano was the one who raped her and this comes as a big blow to Cristóbal and crying all his eyes out for Aldonza and the pain she’s been through, he asks her to forgive him for not been able to protect her enough from his father.
Mr. Uriel and his family goes to speak with Humberto to speak with Valeria not to abort the child because they are willing to accept and raise the child and Humberto gives them his word to advise his daughter on that.
Cristobal’s heart becomes filled with too much rage that he runs quickly to take his horse to go face his father even if it meant killing him for hurting the love of his life to that extent. Aldonza run after him to pleading with him to stop but he ignores her and left to his father’s apartment to hit him mercilessly and Severiano falls on the floor looking so helpless at the point of dying with blood oozing from his nose and had it not being Melesio around he would have finish his father.
Right from there, he goes to confront his mother and asks her if she knew about that awful abuse from his father towards Aldonza and candela seems to have been lost in the wilderness and asks that Cristóbal explains things to her but he also questions his mum to ask his father instead. So straight away, candela goes to speak with Severiano to know what exactly he did to Aldonza that has made Cristóbal to go mad, and Severiano spills out the truth to her frankly that Aldonza witnessed exactly what he did to her (candela) and again he discloses to her also that Valeria also witnessed this same sex abuse. Candela the becomes speechless and for the first time she discovers the real animal her husband is made off and so she tells him that he actually deserved Raymundo cutting off his hand.
Mary finally tells Lola the truth about everything with the help of her mother that, she was never in a relationship with Manuel and that he only framed everything up just to separate them. Lola grows so much angry that she quickly slaps her and walks out of her.
Severiano confronts Humberto to give him back the papers of El-Santuario but it ends up in a brutal argument and fight and even Humberto almost strangled Severiano to death but he pulls out his gun to threaten Humberto yet he challenged Severiano to shoot him to end everything but he couldn’t pull out the trigger and left.
Renato completes with the legal documentation processing of el-Santuario into both Aldonza and Emmanuel’s name and he presents it to Humberto to sign and after signing he them he pleads with him to allow him rather to take it to Aldonza and Renato agrees.
Cristobal moves to stay in a hotel since he refuses to stay with her mum who he thinks has always being his father’s accomplice. Candela goes over to visit him and tries explaining things to him that she had no idea of what Severiano did to Aldonza and what he did to her is truly unforgivable but Cristóbal still blames her for being his accomplice. Candela insists on begging him to come back home but he prefers to stay alone than to go with her home.
Valeria goes to see a quark doctor to help her abort the child but she also refuses stating that a child that is almost 12 weeks will end her death.
Lola after she listened to Mary and contemplating on the issues, she goes to speak with Emmanuel to forgive her for doubting him and not giving him the chance to tell his side of the story framed up by Mary. Before Lola could even complete with her plead for forgiveness, Emmanuel kisses her to cut shot her speech and this re-candle their love again.
Humberto goes to give the land document to Aldonza since he’s now legally changed the property into her name and Emmanuel’s. He then seized the opportunity to ask her for forgiveness for all the harm he’s caused her and her brother Emmanuel and Aldonza eyes grows filled with tears of joy. Whiles escorting Humberto out of the house, a van almost run over Aldonza but Humberto seeing it as fast as possible pushed Aldonza in front of the van and unfortunately for him the van knocks him down instead and Humberto looks so helpless and it turns out that, Valeria was the one whose intention was to kill Aldonza but she ends up running the van into her own father.

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