Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 29th May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 29th May 2016

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Severiano goes to the hospital after Havier gave him the info, he pretends to feels so worried about Humberto’s condition and intentionally he pleads with the doctor to do everything possible to save Humberto’s life. He again asks him if he could be allowed to see Humberto and the doctor gives him approval and together they enter the ward to check on him but in the mood, a nurse comes to give a report to the to attend to an emergency case and immediately the doctor left, Severiano locks the door and then takes up a pillow to strangle Humberto until he gave up his last breath. Suddenly he intentional rush out to scream out for the doctor to check because Humberto isn’t breathing again and after he checked on him, he announces to him that he is dead and the doctor decides to inform his family but Severiano assures him not to worry because he will deliver the news to them himself.
The police gets the information that Valeria and Prudencia might have gone through the back door to escape, they go after them quickly and luckily, they arrest Valeria and as they took her away, Severiano also arrive to give Prudencia the news about her husband’s death and this comes to her as a big blow and she goes quickly to inform Valeria about it in prison.
Uriel feeling so guilty about all the harm he and his family have caused Emmanuel, he goes together with Mary to beg him to forgive him and Mary also asks him for forgiveness for all the harm she’s between him and Lola and Emmanuel forgives them without any heart feelings.
Emmanuel, Aldonza and Lola goes to the hospital to check on Humberto only for the doctor to tell them that Humberto is dead and in that same vein they see Severiano coming out from the balcony and so though very depressed, they grow so doubtful that he might have a hand in his dead looking at the written on their faces. The doctor arrives within a second to reveal to them about the death of Humberto and Emmanuel’s life come crushing down.
Aldonza tries opening Renato’s eyes that she is actually not in love with her rather but with Silvia because anytime Silvia tries going away from him he grows so shattered but with her (Aldonza) it doesn’t seem the same since as nothing seems to work between them and that makes it an obsession. So she advices him to give her words of advice to him a thought and Renato becomes so speechless.
Prudencia prefers that they burry Humberto early to prevent herself from any inconveniences and so Humberto is finally taken to the cemetery to have him buried. Candela then took the opportunity to ask for Emmanuel’s forgiveness since she has regretted all of the evil things she did against him. After, she compliments him and Lola that they actually look good together and hopes that they end up getting married.
From there candela pleads with Melesio to take her to see the place where Raymunda died and he does exactly that and upon reaching there, she states that, that was the place where her disgrace and ruin begun.
Lola discloses to Emmanuel about her mother’s disappearance whiles pregnant and Emmanuel becomes nervous and he remembers and reveals to her about a woman in the trunk they found in el-Santuario waters which the doctors after examining her confirmed that she was pregnant. Lola then becomes desperate asking Emmanuel quickly to take her to the police station to have a look at the truck and body.
Lola, Aldonza and Emmanuel go to the police station and the police take Lola to check the truck and the body and truly she confirms to them that, it was the exact trunk Severiano took out of her mother’s apartment and said it was her belongings and the body is also her. She then asks them to arrest Severiano but the officer asks her to calm down because the arrest can only be done after evidence has been found. Lola then gets angry and confronts the police about the actual evidence they need again to arrest that monster Severiano and the police officer calms her down.
Emmanuel goes to inform Cristóbal that his father will be arrested any moment from now for murdering Alvatrie and quickly Cristóbal also goes to give the information to his mum and Dominga and they actually become speechless.
The police go to wait in front of Severiano’s house to investigate him or to arrest him on Alvatrie’s case but Severiano coming home spots the police with silent siren surrounding his house from a distance and immediately he stops and cursed his stars for that day.

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