The UNFORGIVABLE episode 110 what to expect on UTV on Monday 30th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 110 what to expect on UTV on Monday 30th May 2016

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Rebecca arrives at the corporation to see Jorge but she is told that veronica is dead and decides to go to the wake.
Everyone gets prepared for the wake of veronica and as they feel so downhearted mourning her, Virginia feels so happy going to bid farewell to veronica.
Arturo and Blankita do everything possible to help Perla get a job in the market and by their help, a flower seller hands hers over to her to sell because she can’t continue again since her children has asked her to stop selling and come home for them to take care of her. Perla then grows so happy and thanked the woman for her great kindness.
Virginia calls Manuel to disclose to him that they have accomplish their mission since veronica is now dead and martin has decided to come burry her at mina Escondida.
Starting with Jorge and down to everyone, each of them says their words of condolence to martin Dussage and Romeo grieve deeply over the death of veronica and they decide to go pay their last respect to veronica.
Perla decides to look for Pablo finally but not mend things but rather to hand him over a letter of breakup and to warn him not to come closer to her again because she feels so disappointed in him but Blankita thinks she should think over things clearly but Perla thinks that is the good thing to do.
Aaron reads through the newspapers to know that veronica is dead and funny enough; he still thinks he can carry on with his revenge on Magdalena even if one person is dead already.
The remains of veronica is taking to mina Escondida finally for burial and most of the community members say all the good words in the world about veronica that she actually looked very friendly and loving and kindhearted.
Upon arrival, Martin and Magdalena couldn’t hold back their grief but their love ones console them but yet both of them feel they are not worth living without the presence of veronica.
Manuel arrives within a second to sarcastically give martin his condolence and this almost lead to a great commotion since everyone actually detected that Manuel simply came over to make fun of them causing Emiliano and martin to even pick a fight with him but father Juan and the others have to calm them down and ask Manuel to leave.
Though Mariana’s mother advises her to give up on Pablo, Mariana still insists on not giving Pablo the pleasure to be with Perla but will still fight for his love even if it takes the last drop of her blood.
Everyone leaves the graveyard except martin and as he decides not leave, Rebecca decides to comfort him but martin asks her to leave him since he wants to be alone. Quickly Virginia and Manuel stand from a distance watching martin and communicating in a low tone that, martin is all alone says Virginia, and that is just the beginning of his tragedy and they kiss at the graveyard as they bid farewell to each other and Manuel agrees to go over to the city to see Virginia.
Pablo and his mother prefer that martin goes with them to the city but he fails to do so rather will remain in mina Escondida to mourn his wife. He then advises pablo to with to Mexico and look for his wife and not to waist the opportunity as he did by taking an unnecessary revenge on his wife and just when things were going on well after fighting back to win her love, she now tends to remain a memory for him.
Aaron goes to lie in wait for Virginia in front of the corporation and as she’s about entering, he meets her and mentions her full name and Virginia wonders how he knew her name and asks who he was. Aaron introduced himself and Virginia thinks he has no business with him because she doesn’t even know him at all. As she tries walking away, Aaron then punches her with the question if she would be interested if he discloses to her that he actually knows that she killed veronica and this pulls Virginia to stand still but she still tries to be smart that she knows nothing about what he is telling her. Aaron then grows furious and pulls her back not try playing smart with him because he has evidence to back his sayings because he can tell that she caused the accident of his beloved daughter veronica and quickly Virginia grows shock to that Aaron is the father of veronica because she remembered all of the wicked things he’s done.
Virginia then questions him what he needs from her and he prefers lots of money to buy his silence if not he is going to reveal her and Daniel to martin and his family.
Martin remembers all the good moment he shared with his wife and seriously it becomes so though for him to overcome his sorrow least to think of brushing off the good memories though the advice of people to move on with his life goes through his mind also but the thing is, the dead of his dear wife has caused his world to crush down.

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