The UNFORGIVABLE episode 112 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 1st June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 112 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 1st June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Aaron shows up at the Jorge’s house and gives condolences to Virginia for her cousins’ death. He tells her to ask her adopted dad for the money he wants, but she says she can’t because then he (Jorge) will think she’s only about the money. Besides the family has had some problems and she was going to ask a friend for the money. Aaron wants his money NOW. Virginia gives him a check she stole from Jorge and forges his signature. Aaron tells to give him a false name to put on the check. Virginia hopes that after this Aaron will leave her alone. He tells her this is just the beginning.
Aaron leaves and Virginia is left alone until Chucho comes in and she orders Chucho not to say a word to Jorge or Emiliano about Aaron’s visit. Chucho is skeptical because Jorge likes to know everything that happens in the house but she warns him that if he doesn’t want any trouble then he better listen and not tell a word to Jorge. He reluctantly agrees and Virginia leaves to go back to the office. Chucho thought suds why Virginia doesn’t want Jorge to know about Aaron. Chucho seems to have more brain cells than some of our other characters.
Manuel gets arrested by the police and he’s being dragged through the bus station. The police tell him that his fingerprints were found on a stolen molding and that Martin is the one who is pressing charges against him.
At the hospital Magdalena can’t believe that Botel is now paralyzed and the doctor does not want to give them any false hope about a recovery and she then feels that God is punishing her. Jorge and Lucia try to console to be strong for Botel because this is the time he needs her the most.
At the market Arturo meets Julio through Perla’s introduction and helps him find a job at the market. Blanquita comes in and tells them that she got accepted into nursing school and starts tomorrow. She sees Julio and asks what he’s doing there, and Perla tells her that Julio is going to live with them and suddenly Pablo appears at the market watching and listening to them from a distance. Julio is so happy he gives Perla a big hug that makes Pablo jealous. Julio leaves but Pablo comes up to Perla and wants an explanation for hugging Julio but she doesn’t feel the need to explain anything to him. She says that now that she’s going to be a mother she is stronger and more matured and knows what it takes to form a family and says to Pablo he is neither strong nor mature and therefore should leave as she would rather renounce their love than be humiliated.
Pablo then challenges her not to pretend with him since he perfectly knows she still loves him and immediately he kisses her and angrily she backs away and slaps him. She says she does love him, but doesn’t know if she will for the rest of her life but For the sake of her baby she is going to accept Julio as the father of her child. Pablo then tells her that he is going to show her that he can actually be a father.
In Mina Escondida Martin is at home coming out of the shower. He is wearing a white towel. He curls up in bed and “tells” Vero, “What will I do without you? I feel so empty without you.”
Rebecca and Emiliano suddenly enter to visit Martin to still encourage him to move on in life. The three of them agree to meet in the afternoon at Martin’s office to discuss business. Before leaving she tells Martin that he can count on her for anything and that she will always be by his side. So after they left, martin gets a phone call that Manuel has been arrested.
In Pueblo Verde Manuel is behind bars and asking for food hahaha how ridiculous.
At the hospital Jorge tells his lawyer about pressing charges against Aaron for shooting Botel but yet Magdalena thinks Aaron won’t stop until she is dead.
Meanwhile Aaron goes to cash his cheque and wants all in CASH. The banker guy tells him that he will have to remove his sunglasses in order to cash the check. Aaron then has fools the banker into thinking he is a blind man and therefore has to help him cash the cheque.
Emiliano runs into Nanciyaga and she tells him she is interested in what will happen to him. She mentions the time they spent together, and Emiliano says he will always remember that too. She caresses his face and they kind of flirt with each other. She recalls to him that her elders said they were destined to be together and Emiliano asks her how she feels about that and she says that she cannot deny their destiny.
Pablo reveals to Perla that Veronica died in an accident and Perla grows so worried.
Rebecca goes to visit Vero’s grave and She says to her that she knows that Martin and Vero loved each other immensely. She wants Vero’s help because Martin is slowly letting himself die. She needs Vero to help Martin get the strength he needs to continue living. She says she respects Vero and wants her blessing to love Martin and help him move on. She asks Vero for a sign to know that she is not disrespecting her and so that Vero can rest in peace.
Martin shows the evidence he has against Manuel to the authorities and The police thinks that the tests that Martin had done are not good enough but he says it’s enough to start an investigation And that if they prove that Manuel stole the molding, then he is going to prison.
All these while, Juancho has been eavesdropping and comes in saying that Manuel is innocent. He knows how and when Manuel touched the molding, and Martin is lying. Juancho tells this ridiculous story about Manuel going to see Martin to make peace and that when Manny extended his hand out Martin got really angry and wanted to hit Manuel with the molding. Manuel had to defend himself and touched the molding. And that’s how his fingerprints got on there. Martin denies everything, but the official says it’s his word against Manuels, and Manuel has Juancho as a witness. Martin tricks Juancho and asks him if this happened about a month ago and Juancho says yes. Martin catches him in his lie and says he was in the city a month ago. There is no way he could be in two places at the same time. Juancho doesn’t know what to do and turns to Manuel. The official tells Juancho to leave because it is clear that he is lying. Manuel is a free man, but he is under investigation and cannot leave town. Martin swears he will prove that Manuel is guilty and he will rot in prison.
Manuel walks out of jail and swears to get even with Martin. He calls Virginia and tells her he is stuck in Pueblo Verde. They need to find a way to get rid of Martin.
Rebecca arrives at Martin’s office for their meeting and Emiliano isn’t there yet. She again tries to tell him to move on but martin changes the subject and tells her that he is going to prove that Manuel is guilty. She tells him not to be consumed by vengeance since she is worried about
Rebecca says she is worried for Martin because working on a project where Vero was involved can have an effect on him and she understands but life must go on and suddenly Nanciyaga and Emiliano interrupt. Nanciyaga tells Martin that she sees darkness in his heart. She also sees that he is going to love again, but more intensely than before. He says she is wrong, but Emiliano chimes in and says that Martin knows that Nanciyaga doesn’t lie.
Blanquita is painting her room when Chelas comes to visit her. He tells her she should find out about Arturo’s past but she kicks him out. Blanquita goes to see Arturo to ask him about his past but Arturo does not want to talk about it since it’s too painful and he is embarrassed.
Maggie is with Botel. He is very tired and sore. He realizes that he cannot feel his legs and that he will be an invalid. He doesn’t want to live like that. The doctor gives him a sedative. He doesn’t want to be a burden on Maggie. She insists that she will always be by his side. She loves him and is the only person she wants at her side. He slowly falls to sleep.
Rebecca tells Nanciyaga that she wanted to meet her as she wants to work with her to make some jewelry designs. Nanciyaga agrees. She tells martin again that she sees love is getting close to him again, but that love has different faces (as she glances at Rebecca), and she hopes that he doesn’t get confused but Martin doesn’t seem to be listening to her koraaa.
Martin, Emiliano and Rebecca conclude their meeting. Martin assures them they will have the gold they need. Claudia comes in and asks Martin how he is because she was worried because she had not heard from him. Emiliano and Claudia leave to go talk with the miners. Before they go Rebecca tells Claudia that she would like to talk with her about remodeling her house. Left alone Rebeca tells Marty that he needs to eat and get rest since they need to continue with the Veronica’s collection project.
Jorge thanks Lucia for going with him to the hospital. He enjoys her company. He tells her to stop calling him Sir, to call him Jorge. She finally agrees and goes back to work. The other assistant comes in and tells Jorge that he has a phone call. It’s from Mr. Rodriguez, the man he bought the mine from. He tells Jorge that his cheque did not clear due to lack of funds! And Jorge becomes shocked.

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