Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 5th June 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 5th June 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Aldonza has managed to get the upper hand on Severiano, while he's on his knees and she continues to taunt him, first by telling him that he is a pig that can only get a woman by assaulting her, then she tells him she got what she wanted most: to unmask him in front of the whole town and prove that he was not the honorable man he made himself out to be. Then she asks him what it feels like to know that in the end she got El-Santuario back and she twists the knife a little bit more by telling him that even his plan to keep her apart from Cristobal failed because Cristobal now hates him and they will be getting married in church.
Still pointing the gun at him, Severiano dares her to shoot him and she shoots on his ears and Severiano screams out in pain and Aldonza tells him that that shot was payback for the deaths of her father and aunt and that he will spend the rest of his miserable life in hell, because this is a novella Severiano manages to recover enough to knock Aldonza down and take her gun. He attempts to shoot her, unaware of the fact that there was only one bullet in the gun of Aldonza and Severiano both rush to get a hold of the gun that does have bullets.
For the first time in candela’s life after seeing how happy Cristobal always looks whenever he’s with Aldonza, after hearing that Aldonza has been kidnapped by Severiano, she prays for Aldonza that God protects her and also Cristobal so that he doesn’t soil his hand with his father’s blood.
Severiano gets ready to finish off Aldonza but he also does not watch got because he wastes time telling her how she's going to die, this buys Aldonza some much needed time because next thing we know Candela has crashed the party at what I call the barn of death. Severiano wants to know how she got there and she says that God guided her steps and she's there to kill him before Cristobal does it, “I’ll see you in hell" she says, then she does it, she pulls the trigger and kills Severiano, however, Severiano also gets off a shot- a second later Candela pulls her coat aside and realizes she's been shot, she slowly falls to the ground.
The gunshot has helped Cristobal locate the barn where Aldonza and his parents are, he rushes in and finds his mother crumpled on the ground, his father lies dead a few feet away. Cristobal rushes to his mom and cradles her in his arms; she's still alive and uses her last moments to beg forgiveness. She wants Cristobal and Aldonza to be happy and she does not want her death to get in the way of that, if in life she kept them apart maybe in death she can finally allow them to be together, she tells them that all the hate she carried with her turned her life into a living hell and when Cristobal tells her that she'll be okay she replies by saying that she's very tired and Candela’s last wish after Aldonza explained to Cristobal how it all happened was that, her unforgiving spirit is what has led her to that path but now she blesses them t be together and she then gave her last breath and it comes a big blow to Cristobal.
Daylight finally comes and the barn of death is illuminated by the sunlight, a new beginning is here.
Carmelo receives a great treatment and this comes as a great happiness and they begin to play around confessing to Carmelo all of the wrongs he (Emmanuel) and Cristóbal has done by setting up a bond fire in el-Santuario to make it seem real so that he could allow Cristóbal to see Aldonza.
Father Jeronimo’s bishop calls him to inform him that he received a letter having quite a number of signatures from the town of Santa Lucia requesting him (Jeronimo) to return to Santa Lucia and after investigating thoroughly he found out that the man (Severiano) who came to report him to them was actually the evil one who has killed so many people and even hurt his niece (Aldonza). So upon considering this, he has agreed to re-install him back as Santa Lucia Parish priest and immediately, father Jeronimo grows so happy about the news.
Thomas goes to the seminary to register so he could enter into roman fatherhood.
Emmanuel finally proposes marriage to Lola and he seals with a ring and it all becomes fun.
Cristobal and Aldonza go to el-Santuario water fall and they swim and enjoy their great moments together and they both begin imagining how they met each other and also the challenges they have been through but against all odds they fought to come together.
El-Santuario farms generate more bountiful harvest and the cattle continue breeding more and this comes with great happiness to them all.
Valeria finally gives birth to a bouncy baby boy and she refuses to even take a look at him and commands the nurse to take him away.
Joaquin and Aldonza coincide at el-Santuario and it seems they all have one motive of going there which is to remember Adelina.

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