The UNFORGIVABLE episode 114 what to expect on UTV on Monday 6th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 114 what to expect on UTV on Monday 6th June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Daniel tells Veronica that her name is Victoria Castaneda and she asks for her family but he tells her that all her family died in an accident. She is all alone and that emptiness she felt at losing her family drove her to drugs. The only person she has is a Good Samaritan named Virginia that visits her every once in a while. Virginia found her in the streets in a drugged-induced state. He shows her a picture of Virginia. Vero can’t believe everything the doctor has said and she is embarrassed and wishes to speak with Virginia. He tells her he will start to give her injections so that she can recover her memory. He gives her an injection.
At the hospital, the authorities have come to see Botel so he can give them his statement about being shot.
Martin agrees to assist Raymunda and Joaquin so they can take a look at Crescencio's last WILL and TESTAMENT and they thank him very much.
At the market, Julio is hard at work and suddenly he flashes back (or daydreams) about shopping for baby clothes with Ana Perla. Wait a minute, the two are about to kiss, so this has to be a daydream, riiight? Back in reality, well not really reality, actually it is more like Julio's own little world, anyway back in Julio's own little world, he tells himself that he is sure that he will win Ana Perla's love and vows to make her the happiest girl ever.
Meanwhile, Ana Perla is already the happiest girl ever, because she visits Pablo and greets him with a sweet kiss on the lips. She explains to Pablo that Julio is not living with her and that she only accepted Julio as a Bro-Friend (boyfriend/friend). She wanted to explain so Pablo does not think the worst of her. She accepts that she tried to test Pablo because she was sick and tired of nutty Mariana wanting to separate them. Pablo assures her that he will teach Mariana a lesson. He tells her that he has to leave for New York for the opening of an exhibition and Yes, he is going with Mariana. When he returns he will be the man that Ana Perla wants. He asks Ana Perla to trust him and Perla tells him that she will trust him. Smoochies. Lucia walks in on them and is all smiles.
Jorge and Virginia have arrived at Pierre Dussage’s hotel. Pierre is his usual friendly self as he welcomes them to his hotel. Jorge is off to meet with Martin and Emiliano at the hotel restaurant. Virginia gives an excuse to Jorge that she'd like to lay down since she’s feeling a tad dizzy after the trip.
Daniel continues to take advantage of Veronica's amnesic state and feeds her more lies. This time he makes her believe that Martin was the one who induced her to drugs. And that Martin doesn't want to see her rehabilitated and is willing to do anything to keep her from reporting him to the police. He tells her to watch out for Martin and shows her a photo of him. He goes on to feed her more lies telling her that Martin pretends to be a prestigious engineer but that in reality he's an addict who induces pretty people like her into drugs to control them and have them in his hands. He then tells Veronica that Virginia is the one who saved her from Martin and makes Veronica feels like she owes Virginia a lot and therefore has to pay her back in good coin.
Martin and Rebecca have breakfast at the hotel restaurant and she tells him that she feels that they are now starting a beautiful friendship and will get closer and closer. He tells her that it is thanks to her for having supported him through these tough times. They change the subject and she tells him her idea about continuing Veronica's jewelry style and seeking the help from local artisans who can start to design their next collection. Since Rebecca doesn't know any artisans, she will ask father Juan for help.
Veronica doesn't remember who Martin is. The best part is that she doesn't seem at all convinced with the story that Daniel has told her about her life. Haha waaaooooo and that is great!
Manuel and Virginia kiss and flirt with him as usual. The two eventually leave to put their evil plan into action as Manuel has prepared it all.
Back at the hospital, Botel cries and tells Magdalena that he is no longer the man that she needs. He doesn't want to condemn her to having to take care of him. He tells her to leave him and go find her happiness by another man's side. Magdalena tells him that she's not interested in finding someone else because He is her life but Botel tells her that their life together is over. He wants to let himself die so he won't tie her down to him. Magdalena goes to get a doctor. Botel says that he wants to die and asks Magdalena to get away from him. In the hallway, instead of getting the doctor, Magdalena decides to make a phone call to martin.
Martin, Jorge, Emiliano, and Joaquin explore Mina Perdida. Martin leaves to make a phone call with Magdalena.
Outside the mine, Virginia and Manuel are about to put their evil plan into action. Manuel will finally make Martin eat dust! A lot of dust! Virginia says goodbye to all their problems and they kiss. Manuel is about to push down the handle of the TNT plunger. But Virginia wants to do the honors. She bids farewell to her uncle then pushes the handle down and the mine just collapse due to the huge explosion inside the mine and this time Martin survives but . He talks with Magdalena on the phone and he tells martin that Botel doesn't want to live but he encourages her to stop Botel and she asks how. Martin tells her that he can't talk right, there was an explosion at the mine, and Jorge, Emiliano, and Joaquin are trapped inside.
Further inside the mine, we see that Emiliano and Joaquin have survived the explosion though locked inside. The explosion has knocked Jorge down like Humpty Dumpty. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Emiliano tries to help him up. Jorge isn't feeling well. Martin walks through the mine. Meanwhile, Joaquin tells Emiliano and Jorge that Martin for sure is coming to save them. Jorge isn't feeling well at all.
Outside the mine, Manuel and Virginia relish over what they have just done thinking that they have achieved their goal of eliminating their targets.
At the nursing school, Blanquita is feeling sympathy pains thinking about her dad immediately after the explosion.
Rebecca and Claudia meet with Padre Juan. Padre Juan will help Rebecca with the local artisans.
Joaquin tells Emi that it will be hard for them to be found. Emi says that Jorge needs medical attention. But wait a minute, there is no doctor in town. Joaquin tells them that their only hope is outside and that he's sure that Martin won't abandon them. Meanwhile, Martin has gathered up all the miners to help with the rescue.
Virginia and Manuel return to Manuel’s office and Virginia hopes Emiliano, Jorge, and Martin died. She tells Manuel that Veronica survived her accident. Manuel needs Martin dead so he can have his revenge and Virginia needs Emiliano and Jorge dead so she can get her revenge.
Back at the mine, Emiliano is telling Jorge to resist. Jorge doesn't think that he will make it out alive so he tells Emiliano that he is proud of him. And that he should think about his feelings and decide to start a family. Jorge would have liked to have met his grandkids. Emiliano assures Jorge that he will meet them. Jorge hopes that Emiliano will have the blessing of forming a united and loving family, unlike his that fell apart. The love between him and Salma has ended and now that he has seen her again all he felt was a big pain in the neck.
Raymunda and Polo are inside the mine and suddenly Martin and the other miners arrive. But they don't have a map of the mine. As luck would have it, a man who used to work at the mine and knows it well, shows up and is willing to help out. The women want to help out with the rescue but the miners won't hear of it because of the old "a woman in the mine brings bad luck" superstition. Raymunda shuts them up, tells them that they can't keep them from helping just because of some silly old superstition; this is an emergency after all. They all agree with her. Now that, that has been settled, they all finally start to get to work.
Anyway, Manuel is telling Virginia that he wants her as his girlfriend. Virginia asks if he is proposing, shucks, but Virginia was "falling in love with him" and already had hopes to be with him. And, no, she isn't about to be his lover, they either get married or they won't see each other again.
Back at the mine, the rescue is on. Ramon has resurfaced from out of Pierre's hotel kitchen and has arrived to help out. Romeo has come to help to. Pierre is nowhere to be seen. Must be busy being overly friendly with another hotel guest I guess. Anyway, Rebecca shows up too, and asks Martin what she can do, Martin tells her to pray. So that's what she does.
Jorge is really not feeling well. Emiliano is asking him to resist. Joaquin says that they should try to remove the rocks, walk, and try to find a way out but Emiliano says that Jorge isn't in any condition to walk. Jorge tells them to go ahead. Emiliano won't hear of it. Besides they wouldn't make it that far without keeling over from dehydration and Joaquin agrees. Jorge feels like his time has come and says that he lived and can leave in peace knowing that Emiliano is on the right path. Jorge tells Emiliano that he is proud of him then he keels over.
The rescue continues. More rocks are removed making the hole big enough for Martin to go through. Martin is able to make it to where Emiliano, Jorge, Joaquin, and Polo are and leads them all to safety and Rebecca hugs Martin. Everyone is happy with the successful rescue. Martin thanks everyone and promises them a gratification and all Applause. They all leave except for Ramon and he introduces himself to Martin and Martin gives Ramon his job back at the mine.
Virginia and Manuel find out that Martin saved Jorge, Emiliano, and Joaquin and Virginia fumes. Then realizes she has to go back to the hotel so Jorge doesn't find out that she's not there and quickly She leaves.
Ramon serves a purpose for the first time ever when he tells Jorge that Virginia left the hotel almost immediately after Jorge and Emiliano left. The wheels seem to be turning in Jorge's brain. Has the explosion made him see the light that Virginia might have something to do with it?
Raymunda has prepared Joaquin and Polo a yummy dinner made with lots of loaves. She is so proud of Polo for his bravery and says that, thanks to Polo and Martin she feels like the happiest woman in all of Pueblo Nuevo.
The wheels on Jorge's brain have gone round and round and he questions Virginia about her whereabouts during the day. He tells her that she was seen leaving the hotel. And he's all roughed up because someone tried to kill them. Virginia acts surprised with the news. She lets out the crocodile tears, tells him that he talks to her as if she were behind something so horrible, does he really think she would be capable of such a thing? That's what Jorge wants to know. Was she behind it all? Did she try to kill them? Virginia cries and denies. Jorge finds her disappearance in midst of the explosion suspicious when everyone in town knew about the explosion. He tells her that he will find out where she was. He will get to the bottom of this. He leaves.
Veronica dreams of walking through a foggy forest. Martin is there but he runs before she can get close to him. They meet again and she's about to hold his hand when she wakes up.
Rebecca comes to see Martin with wine in hand and she tells Martin a little about herself. There was a time when her dad had financial problems and she had to leave school so she can work to help him out. It was an experience that marked her. They had to start all over again and that is when she understood that you get nowhere crying and getting depressed. No, you had to move on, so she and her parents united as a family and working they were able to move forward. When they recovered financially she decided to combine work with helping those in need. That is how she discovered the magic of love. Not only loving your partner but loving others and contributing to the world. When you do well it always comes back to you. They toast. Marty says that behind a face you never know what surprise you will find.
Pablo packs for New York. He tells Lucia he'll only be gone a few days. Mariana says no one goes to New York for a few days; there is so much to do, well unless you have to return to be with that little villager Ana Perla? Pablo tells Mariana that she and Ana Perla have broken up forever (he said this because he has agreed with Perla to pay Mariana back in her own). Mariana is all smiles and says that finally Pablo opened his eyes. Then Mariana suggest that the baby Ana Perla is going to have could be Julio's. Lucia tells her off for making such a comment. Mariana continues with the insults against villagers and claims to have honor. Pablo shuts her up by telling her they should leave and they leave. Lucia hopes Pablo will take care of himself from that snake that accompanies him.
Meanwhile, Ana Perla thinks about Pablo as she looks at the photo she and the others took in and recalls her recent smooches with him. She says that she and Pablo will finally be happy. And that she promised that she'd trust him. She wonders what he'll do to Mariana.
Virginia fumes. Things aren't going her way. She says that she has to be more astute than Jorge. She calls up Daniel and orders him to kill Veronica because she doesn't want to risk herself since Jorge is determined to investigate her. Daniel wants to continue with his plan on controlling Veronica. Virginia mentions Aaron and says that they are exposing themselves. She'll see how to stop Jorge. But he'll have to kill Veronica. Daniel says fine, don't worry, and trust me. He gets out an injection and heads to Veronica's room determined to kill her, but when he makes it to the room, he realizes that Veronica is not there. He tells Virginia that Veronica is not in the room and Virginia looks like she's about to keel over right then and there.
We see that Veronica has escaped and is running through the streets. She tells herself that she has to get away from that man (Daniel). Virginia tells Daniel to go and look for Veronica. Daniel goes to look everywhere but she is not found. Daniel calls Virginia and tells her Veronica has escaped. Virginia says that now they are in trouble and orders him to go and look for Veronica who must not be far.
Father Juan visits Manuel and practically reserves his spot on the body count by telling Manuel that he knows that he was behind the explosion at the mine. He threatens to expose Manuel as a murderer. Manny threatens with making him the next person on the body count. But father Juan is not afraid. If he has to die to stop evil, then so be it. A priest has to do what a priest has to do I guess.
The next morning, Joaquin, Raymunda, and Polo come to visit Ana Perla and Blanquita.
Martin comes to see Virginia and she trembles down at the sight of him. He asks her what she has to do with Veronica's death. Virginia denies having anything to do with that. He tells her that the night Veronica died she had a meeting with someone that was going to tell her that Virginia was Matilde's murderer. Virginia tells him that Veronica was nuts. Her cellphone rings. Aaron is calling. Virginia doesn't answer telling Marty it's not important. But Marty notices that Virginia is nervous. He orders her to answer the phone. But then decides to answer the phone himself and picks up the phone. He sees that it's Aaron. He asks if it's the same Aaron who is Veronica's dad.
Arturo accidentally runs over Veronica with his bike.

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