The UNFORGIVABLE episode 115 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 7th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 115 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 7th June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin comes to see Virginia and she trembles down at the sight of him. He asks her what she has to do with Veronica's death. Virginia denies having anything to do with that. He tells her that the night Veronica died she had a meeting with someone that was going to tell her that Virginia was Matilde's murderer. Virginia tells him that Veronica was nuts. Her cell phone rings. Aaron is calling. Virginia doesn't answer telling Martin it's not important. But Marty notices that Virginia is nervous. He orders her to answer the phone. But then decides to answer the phone himself and picks up the phone. He sees that it's Aaron. He asks if it's the same Aaron who is Veronica's dad.
Arturo accidentally runs over Veronica with his bike as she is wandering in a daze through the city streets. But after the accident, Arturo feels responsible for this Damsel in Distress. He tries to persuade her to come with him so he can take care of her. Though Veronica is very frightened, she decides to take a chance and she puts herself at the mercy of this sympathetic young man.
Aaron, wearing tortoise shell horn rims and blue surgical scrubs, makes his limping way down the stairs of the vecindad. He looks down at his phone and mutters angrily. That stupid woman thinks she can ignore his call referring to Magdalena!
In Pueblo Nuevo, Virginia plays innocent, her voice cracking, her marvelously eyebrows tracing her sorrow and exasperation at the false accusations of the bully. Martin swears that if her caller is in fact Veronica’s father, she will shed tears of blood. She tries to push him out the door but He won't leave without an answer. Enough, says Virginia. Enough! She really isn't feeling well. Suddenly she collapses, Martín catching her before she hits the floor. Virginia still unconscious and Martin checks for a pulse.
Joaquin, Raymunda and Polo have come to visit their daughter the nurse. After the happy greetings, Ana Perla admits that she fled from Mina Escondida because Manuel tried to kill her. She begged Blanquita to keep her whereabouts a secret for fear of her brother would come after her.
He has found a copy of the WILL, and now he is feeding it into the flames. "Pure ashes," he says. Then he douses the flames with his coffee. Suddenly, Nanciyaga has entered soundlessly; and now she turns round and round, holding her censer in the air and dispersing the smoke of her powerful, burning herbs. "The good winds that sweep away the cold, rotting, fallen leaves are coming for the man who is rotten to the core. Manuel then scoffs. Did she come to babble stupidities? No. She came to warn him that his end is near. He need not spin any more intrigues to weave cobwebs because the good winds will take them apart. "Nothing will be left of you." Manuel uses the green stick to knock the censer out of Nanciyaga's hands, smashing it to smithereens, and he screams.
No one is going to put a curse on me, crazy woman! Or literally, to throw salt at me, meaning to bring someone bad luck.
Then he lunges at her and grabs her throat. "I'm going to shut that bad-luck mouth of yours forever." He pushes her down on the couch, his hands tight around her neck. "Die!" he says again and again. Suddenly he releases her. His right hand flies to the scar on his left arm, which, unaccountably, feels as if it is on fire. "What did you throw at me that burns?" he asks, bewildered.
Nanciyaga is on her feet, machete in hand. "It's the good that works as poison against evil" As Manuel recoils and holds his boo boo, Nanciyaga promises he will face something more terrible than he can imagine.
Chelas reminds Aaron that it's polite to share. Aaron grabs Chelas and warns him that bad things happen to people who cross him.
Jorge and Rebecca hear Martin as he tries to revive Virginia, and they rush in from the hallway. It's clear that Virginia, is in urgent need of a doctor and they will have to get her back to Mexico. While Jorge is trying to phone Emiliano, Martin tells Rebecca that he was on the verge of unmasking Virginia when she fainted. Though it is none of Rebecca’s worry, he explains his suspicions that Virginia was involved not only in Vero's death, but also in Matilde's.
While Aaron’s back is turned, Arturo leads Veronica into a room in the vecindad. Chelas notices. He watches from an upstairs landing and happily concludes that Arturo is cheating on Blanquita. Although Aaron glances at Arturo and Vero, he fails to recognize his daughter, who is dressed like a street urchin and whose face is turned away from him.
The Goat family has gathered around the table in Blanquita's room to chat when a knock sounds at the door. It is Chelas, who announces nastily that Arturo is entertaining a girl in his room. Indeed, Arturo has helped Veronica into his bed and when Blanca appears at the door, he is leaning over her, settling her in. Blanca's first impulse is to turn away. Oh no! Is this going to be the Little Dummy? No! Wait this is spunky Blanquita we're talking about, the one with a spine and a brain. "Who is that woman, Arturo?" she asks decisively. When Arturo turns around to answer her, Blanquita can see for herself. "Veronica!" she whispers. Then she runs out of the room.
Martin orders Aaron’s photo posted all around the city, with a reward to be offered for information leading to his capture.
But we're back in Jorge's study and he's asking Martin about what he said to Rebecca back in the hotel. Martin says he's been thinking and he's starting to put things together: Matilde's sudden accident that later led to her death; the email sent to Cepeda from Vero's computer; death and the gold robbery. Vero had a feeling that Virginia was behind Matilde's death; and besides, Matilde had told Vero that Virginia tried to kill her earlier. On the night she died, Vero was supposed to receive information about the murderer. At the same time, Martin learned that Manuel was involved in the gold robbery.
"And then someone stole a cheque from my office," says Jorge pensively. "A little later, someone tried to kill us in Mina Perdida and Virginia made up an excuse not to go with us. And then I found out that she went out after Emiliano and I did."
Martin is sure all these facts are related. He wasn't thinking clearly before because of the shock of Vero's death, but now he has a plan. He and Jorge need to act as if they know nothing while they are busy collecting all the evidence they need. Jorge agrees. And from now on, caution is the watchword. Which means, no more blurted accusations, guys!
Blanquita returns to her family and announces that there is a woman in Arturo's room. And believe it or not, it's Veronica Santelmo! And quickly they go there to see the truth and surprisingly the family stares at Veronica and she stares back. Vero repeats all the lies Daniel taught her – the fake name, the drug habit, her isolation and utter worthlessness. They contradict her by mentioning her great virtues to her. She says she remembers nothing. "Not even Martin Santelmo?" pipes up Polo. The question puts her in a panic and she begs them not to tell that man where she is.
The doctor has checked on Virginia and now reports to Jorge and Salma that she is stable but if she doesn't take care of herself, she'll be in big trouble and may need emergency surgery. When the doctor leaves, Jorge tells Salma that it's time for them to talk: what did Salma mean when she told him to be careful of Virginia? Salma says she'll tell him everything...
At the hospital, Botel continues to reject all Magdalena's efforts to help him. He is bitter and depressed. He says he doesn't have the strength to face what lies ahead of him.
"Desperation led me to make some very serious mistakes. You never lived in meanness. You didn't watch your mother dying a slow death without being able to help her... And my little baby was almost condemned to die in that misery because I couldn't support her, and I couldn't leave my mother" "So you sold her," says Jorge. Salma nods tearfully. She used the money in a futile attempt to save her mother. "I was wrong," she says softly. She never told him before because she was too ashamed.
After her mother died, she recreated herself as a woman of the world, all in hopes of recovering her daughter. That was how she met Jorge. It was the opportunity she was looking for... "Deceiving me," Jorge says. "Because I loved you," Salma says. "I have always loved you." Jorge tells Salma that Virginia has committed criminal acts. Salma Then admits that Virginia talked to her about Matilde's accident. "Did she have something to do with that?" he asks pointedly. Salma's lip trembles. "Yes," she murmurs almost inaudibly.
Pablo tell Mariana that he has a surprise for her and that surprise is going to make her very happy and that I'm going to prove to you that I am the man who deserves the woman he loves.
Veronica is calmer now and the family has told her all about herself, her life and her supposed death and burial. But when they start to talk about Martín, Vero goes into a panic again. Ana Perla says someone must have fed those lies to Vero. "Someone who wanted to hurt her," adds Raymunda.
Virginia curses into the phone and told Daniel to kill Vero that first night because if she recovers her memory, they'll be screwed! Daniel says that will take a while, given the severe head trauma she suffered. Virginia says through gritted teeth: "We have to find her and kill her."
Joaquin doesn't like the idea of withholding the truth from Martin. The women, however, feel they should give Vero a few days.
Arturo would like to chat with Blanquita's parents, but it will have to be on another occasion because right now Joaquin and Raymunda have an appointment with Martin and they don't want to keep him waiting.
Botel greets Martin with hostility and despair. When Magdalena appears with a wheelchair, Botel explodes in anger: "Get that damn chair out of here! Out of my sight! Both of you should get out!"
Salma is upset that Virginia is not following the doctor's orders. She's really worried about her. Virginia tells her not to bother. "YOU SOLD ME TO YOUR COUSIN! You abandoned me! And then you left with Nicholas and abandoned me again!" Salma takes it all on the chin. But when Virginia calls her a vulgar whore, Salma gives her the slap she deserves. Virginia murmurs, I refuse to be your daughter. Salma retorts that she may have made a lot of mistakes, but the worst one was raising her up to talk to her like that. Whatever Virginia may say, Salma is going to do anything she can to help her to turn up to be a good person. Virginia shouts at her to get out of her room and out of her life but Salma says she won't stand by and allow Virginia to destroy herself.
Instead of giving Botel a little time and space to grieve and adjust to what he has lost, Martin and Magdalena bring in some poor kid in a wheelchair to demonstrate the correct way to deal with paraplegia. He reacts, once again, with rage.
Chelas searches through Aaron’s stash and finds the envelope of cash he has squirreled away. He takes the money and hides it in a crack in the wall.
In the office of the notary, Martín reads the provisions of the will to Raymunda and Joaquín and discovers that Crescencio gave Half of the estate goes to Ana Perla and her husband. Also, Joaquin and Raymunda do, in fact, own their house and then his (Crescencio) house is in Ana Perla's name.
Manuel comes to Jorge’s house calling on Virginia. He greets her with a big kiss real one of course, which Jorge has the misfortune to witness. Virginia makes the introductions. Jorge then remembers what Martin said about Manuel being involved in the gold theft. Remarkably, he does not cry out an accusation and thus put Manuel on red alert. He does express mild surprise that Virginia and Manuel are personally involved with one another.
Blanquita, Polo and Ana Perla are taking Vero to the nursing school in the hopes of finding a doctor who can help her. When the cousins mention Mina Escondida, Vero rubs her arm but can't say why.
Martin walks on the street and only God knows what he was looking for and now if Martin hadn't been looking down at his phone, he would have seen Vero right away. As it happens, that Vero discovers him first due to the picture Daniel showed him, sees him first and Vero quickly hides behind a big tree.
Aaron visit Botel at his hospital ward and says he came to enjoy his own work and see Botel's suffering. "What does it feel like to be half a man?" after asking that, he tells Botel not to worry about Maggie because he is going to get rid of her! Botel then yells, "I won't allow it!"
But Aaron still stress "There's nothing you can do about it. I just wanted you to know." With those words, Aaron covers his mouth with a surgical mask and leaves the room.
Botel thinking about Magdalena and not wanting Aaron to hurt her again, he Finally, reason to fight and Cursing Aaron, he struggles to move from the bed into the wheelchair and that was perfect.
When Aaron leaves the hospital, he spots his photograph on a huge billboard. He knows it's Martín's work and vows to make him pay.
Rebecca has phoned Martin to talk about moving up the date of the jewelry show. Suddenly Veronica walks right past martin. "I think I just saw Veronica," he says to Rebecca, stunned and uncomprehending. Rebecca tells him that's impossible because she's dead.
Aaron spots Martin walking toward him. "I've got you now, you bastard," he thought-bubbles. He pulls out his gun and begins to pursue him.
Wisely, Martin ends the call to go after veronica and she determines that martin is following her and she starts to run. Vero seems to have eluded Martin and now has slowed her pace.
Blanquita, Ana Perla and Polo continue searching for Vero since they lost her. Blanquita, Ana Perla and Polo finally catch up with Veronica. Although they assure her that Martin would never hurt her, they hide her behind a van when they see Marty approaching. They watch him pass by; then they see the ungainly lope of his pursuer. Do they see his gun?
Oh no! Aaron has captured his prey. He sticks the gun in Martin's back and tells him not to open his mouth. It was Marty who put a price on his head, wasn't it? Aaron forces him to walk.
Rebecca is still droning on about Martin's obsession with his dead wife. She loves a challenge. She's going to help Martín and he is going to be so happy.
Aaron pushes Martin against a wall and holds the gun to the back of his neck. "Don't think I've forgotten that you're the one who put me in prison!"

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