The UNFORGIVABLE episode 117 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 9th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 117 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 9th June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin runs into Veronica when asking around at the neighborhood for Demetrio and looking so excited he hugs Veronica but Vero breaks away from Martin's loving embrace. She does not know him and wants to be left alone and she runs away whiles Martin goes after her.
Perla tells Pablo that the truth is out about her being the heir to half of OG's money and the only heir to the house where Manny is living. But the worst part for Manny is that Pablo gets some of the inheritance too because he is now AP's husband, and that is the only reason Manny went to visit AP.

Some of Pablo's brain cells start functioning as he realizes the reason Manny was after him and AP after Pablo had taken AP from her almost marriage to Julio. AP also confesses that Manny tried to kill her in front of OG's casket. Blanquita's screams interrupt the conversation. AP asks Pablo to help her cousin. Manny takes advantage and locks himself and AP in the room.

Marty catches up to Vero, but they also hear Blanquita's cry for help. She tells Marty to go help her friend. She will talk with him and trust him if he goes to help Blanquita. Marty runs to the rescue and Vero runs to the street.

Chelas has taken Blanquita to his room. Muscular Marty comes in and shoves Chelas to the ground. While he checks on Blanquita Pablo comes in and punches Chelas. While Marty and Pablo ask Blanquita if she's ok Chelas takes off. Marty worries about Vero and takes off after him. Pablo and Blanca hear AP's cries for help. Manny has AP tied to a chair and the door blocked.

Marty finds Vero in the street and she wants nothing to do with him. She tells him that her name is Victoria and that he (Marty) got her hooked on drugs. She tells him that Dr. Dante Jimenez told her that. She gets a flashback of a fire when she sees a flame thrower in the street. Marty realizes that she is thinking about the fire in Mina Escondida where he rescued her.

Manny decides to high tail it out of there when he hears sirens getting closer. He warns AP that he'll be back. He clears the door and hits Pablo on the head when he comes in. Manny makes a run for it.

Back in the street, there happen to be some swords across the street. Marty tries to jog Vero's memory with a fencing match telling her that was the way they used to settle their differences. Vero has a memory of that first match with Marty. You know, the one where it looked like he wanted to kill her. Vero faints; Marty catches her.

Rebeca has a talk with her assistant. She realizes that Marty still has Vero on the brain and it's better that she find love somewhere else. After all, she's not going to beg for it. Besides, she's very busy with work. This does not make up for wanting to go after Marty so soon.

Marty is carrying Vero and runs into Demetrio. Marty tells him to go see him tomorrow at the corporativo.

Ginny sees that Rita is back at work and tries to run her off. Jorge comes in and defends Rita. Jorge asks Ginny if she has any idea who stole the check.

Manny sees Marty carrying Vero back to the vecindad.

In Jorge's office Ginny pleads her case to Jorge. He thought bubbles that she is very cynical. He tells her she will have to testify that she did not steal the check. She reluctantly agrees.

Note: Lucia was a witness to the scene with Ginny and Rita and Ginny and Jorge in the office.
Aaron recognizes Vero when Marty carries her into the vecindad. Aaron is disguised as a burned-faced pirate. Some cops come in to "look" for Aaron because of the anonymous tip. They walk right past him. Aaron knows it was Chelas that gave him up. He will deal with him later. But first he needs to know why they thought Vero was dead. Ginny has some explaining to do, and she better have some cash too.

Manny visits Ginny at the office. He tells her that he saw Vero. And that Marty knows she's alive too. Ginny is not happy. Manny tells her that Vero is living with his sister and cousin and that Pablo was there too. Ginny comments that Mariana told her Pablo was going to marry her. Manny is not happy. WTH?

Marty is upset (and rightfully so) that AP and Blanquita didn't tell him that Vero is alive. While Vero is still passed out they explain that they took her to a doctor and wanted to avoid getting her upset, so they had to keep her away from Marty until she regained more of her memory back. Marty will go talk to the doctor. Pablo tells him that Manny was there trying to hurt AP.

Marty has a lengthy conversation with Vero's doctor. He explains that there is an illness, which was named in 1992, called False Memory Syndrome. Where a person believes false memories. Seems that not many people believe that this can happen, but it does and he mentions that it was named after a person was convinced by their psychologist that they had been sexually abused by a priest. Marty wants to know if Vero will regain her memories. The doctor says yes, but that Vero's case is very delicate. She has irreversible damage to the left side of her brain and the doctor that was attending her before was giving her a medicine that weakened her power of will (voluntad). With that he could have given her some false memories. Marty wants to know how to help her. The doctor says to slowly help her remember her past, but that something like the encounter they just had could provoke and strengthen those false memories. Marty didn't want that. But the doctor also says that a strong and hard event can cause Vero's unconsciousness to relive a memory that may force her to regain her memory. He says it will be a long process. Then he asks Marty if there was ever any pain or hard times in their marriage. If Vero conserves painful memories, it will strengthen her rejection of him. Marty confirms that the beginning of their marriage was very complicated. He made a lot of mistakes and made her suffer. The doctor recommends that Marty be very cautious with Vero. He needs to get close to her very slowly to regain her trust. Apparently the doctor doesn't know that we only have 3 episodes left for Vero to trust Marty again.

Vero is having a nightmare. She dreams that she and Marty are sparing and that he tells her that since he met her he had dreamed about the moment he would kill her and complete his vengeance. Then she sees Dr. Dan showing her a pic of Marty. She wakes up screaming that he wants to kill her. Blanquita tries to calm her down. Vero wants to know why Marty says he loves her when she feels the opposite. Blanca tells her because they made her think that.

Pablo tells Vero that Marty loves her more than life. He cried with desperation at her funeral. Blanca, AP and Pablo try to convince her. AP says that the doctor told her a bunch of lies and that she will know why when she gets her memory back. Vero tells them about her dream. Pablo says that she dreamt that because she is confused, but that they will all help her. He asks her to trust them.

Marty gets home with the doctor and tells Maggie and Botel that Vero is alive. Caras de impactados. Maggie wants to bring Vero home.

Vero tells the gang that she feels anxious and insecure around Marty. She also tells them that the doctor told her that Virginia was her guardian angel. They remember that Vero has a cousin named Virginia.

Ginny calls Dr. Dan. She knows where Vero is.

The doctor and Marty explain why Vero can't come home. They don't know what, if anything, was said about Maggie to Vero. It might make things worse if Vero sees Maggie. Usually these symptoms go away a few hours after a head injury, but Vero is different because of the medicine they gave her which enabled them to give her a new identity. Marty thinks that Ginny and Dr. Dan are behind it all.

Ginny and Aaron are threatening each other over the phone. Claudia overhears the convo and wants to know who is blackmailing Ginny.

Aaron sends the video of Ginny and Dr. Dan (that Vero recorded) to Salma, via Vero's phone. Salma gets the video message while she is receiving a massage. Salma wonders where she went wrong with Ginny.

Claudia wants to know who is blackmailing Ginny. Emi comes into the conversation and Ginny learns that Emi and Claudia are now novios. Emi asks Ginny who she was talking to on the phone and she says to butt out of her business. He says fine, but that the truth comes out sooner or later. Emi and Claudia leave to talk to Jorge.

At the only market in Mexico (thanks Mauricio) Pablo and AP have a romantic moment in front of Dona Prudencia. Pablo tells AP that soon they will have the home she always dreamed of. Julio walks up and sees them together. Julio is not happy.

Salma goes to confront Ginny about the video she received. How could she receive that video from Vero's phone if she is dead. Does Ginny have anything to do with Vero's death? Salma wants answers. Ginny denies any involvement in Vero's death. Salma now has evidence to turn Ginny into the authorities. Ginny calls her a hypocrite and a liar. Now she knows why she wants to put her in jail. Salma has never loved her, she has always hated Ginny.

Marty is getting ready for the Vero Jewelry Collection presentation for that evening. He wants everything perfect in case a special person is there. Rebeca is there and wants to know who that special person is. Marty tells her that it's Vero!

Vero is walking down a sidewalk, alone. Why would they leave her alone when Aaron and Ginny are on the loose? Anyway, thank goodness she is there because Maggie is also walking on that same sidewalk when she is attacked by Aaron. Vero comes to her rescue and Aaron runs away. Vero immediately recognizes Maggie as her mother. It's a miracle! Vero is still a bit confused by everything that has been told to her, and wants to know what happened to her and why she is where she is. Maggie is just happy that she is alive. Vero states that she clearly knows for sure that she IS Veronica and that Maggie is her mother.

Rebeca is confused. If Vero is alive, why isn't she there getting ready for the presentation? Marty explains that she lost her memory, and thinks that Marty wants to harm her.

Maggie tries to explain to Vero that Marty does not want to harm her. That he loves her. Vero can't remember and is stressing out over the memories she does have. Vero tells Maggie that the doctor told her that Virginia saved her from abusing drugs. Maggie tells her that those are all lies. That Virginia did not save her.

Ginny lays the guilt trip on Salma. She says she wanted to get rid of Mati because she was jealous that Vero had a mother figure. If Salma had really wanted and loved Ginny, she never would have sold her.

Jorge, Emi and Claudia talk about Ginny and wonder who and why she is being blackmailed.

Ginny and Salma are hugging and Ginny asks Salma not to turn her in. To give her a chance to show she has changed. Salma says ok, and that if she sees that Ginny has changed she will get rid of the video herself. Ginny calls Salma mama and says that she has her life in her hands and hopes that this time she doesn't betray her.

Emi and Claudia tell Jorge that they are engaged. They will get to know each other better and take it slow. Jorge is happy and congratulates them.

Julio has a talk with AP. He finally understands that he will always be like a brother for AP. Pablo is the love of her life and he will step aside so they can be happy. AP thanks him for always being there for her and for taking care of her.

Rebeca tells Marty that he deserves to be happy and that life is giving him a second chance. She tells him he is very lucky and he agrees. He also tells her that there is a reason for Vero's rejection and frightfullness. He sits her down and I guess we are to assume that he tells Rebeca his back story with Vero. Either the writers or Uni cut that part out.

Maggie and Vero go back to Blanca's room. Vero remembers an explosion. Maggie thinks it's a memory of the accident. Maggie says someone was with her when she had the accident because there was a burned body in the truck. They figure that the person that saved her must have put her belongings in the truck to make it look like she had died. Only a mean and twisted person would do that.

Salma and Ginny reconcile. Salma knows she was never a good example for Ginny. Ginny says she learned everything from Salma and that she created a monster. Salma will not turn her in to the authorities. Ginny says that she is a lost cause and walks away. Now alone, Ginny blames all of her recent misfortunes on Aaron. She turns to walk away and runs into a disguised Aaron in the hallway.

Manny buys a silencer for his gun.

Ginny finally recognizes Aaron and wants to know why he sent that video to Salma. Chucho happens to walk by (behind Ginny, so she does not see him) and hears Ginny call out Aaron's full name and Chucho recognizes it as Vero's father's name. He walks away wondering why Ginny is talking to him. This recapper is hoping that Chucho has the brain cells to tell Jorge about the encounter he just witnessed. Aaron threatens Ginny and tells her that she has til that night to come up with the money he wants or he will send the video to Marty.

Maggie vows that she and Marty will protect Vero against anyone. Vero is happy that she is not a drug addict. She wouldn't want to embarrass her mother. They talk about how they admire each other.

Emi and Claudia make love while we are forced to listen to her singing in the background. Where's Nanciyaga? She needs to come for her hombre!

Blanca and AP and talking about how bad they feel for Vero as they stupidly walk through the market when it's closed and dark and when they know Chelas and Manny are freely walking the streets of the city. Manny comes from behind and ggrabs both of them.

Maggie gives Vero her medication. Vero says she remembers some stuff, but not everything. She remembers a bad fight she had with Marty. She gets frustrated saying that everytime she remembers Marty it's full of bitterness and of him accusing her like he hates her. And no matter how much they tell her that Marty loves her, she doesn't remember that. Maggie tells her it will take time. Vero says she doesn't want to see him because she feels something strange when she sees him. Maggie says ok, but she asks if she can take Vero to a special place that evening. Vero asks where? Maggie says it's important for Vero. Maggie asks her to trust her. Vero agrees to go. Maggie asks her to accompany her without asking any questions. Vero agrees saying that she trusts Maggie.

Manny is dragging AP and Blanca through a market aisle. Where are Arturo and Julio? Anyways, he plops them in front of a statue of the Virgencita. The girls tell Manny that he can have all of the inheritance. He brings out his gun and tells them to pray one last time.

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