10 computer tricks You should know about

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10 computer tricks You should know about

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:18 pm

  1. In Photoshop, when using the marquee tool, hold down the space bar to drag the marquee without losing the ability to size it.

  2. When watching a movie on vlc player if the audio isn’t lined up simply press “k” to back up the audio accordingly.

  3. Always choose custom installation to avoid programs to install annoying toolbars/adwares.

  4. When typing an address into your browsers, pressing CTRL + Enter will wrap whatever you typed with the http://www before it and .com after it.

  5. Windows button + L locks your screen.

  6. Windows button + P lets you quickly set up projectors or second monitors.

  7. You can hit CTRL + L or F6 as a shortcut to the address bar in your browser.

  8. CTRL + Shift + Esc will open task manager.

  9. Pressing Tab while filling a form will move to the next input box, pressing Shift + Tab will back up to the previous box.

  10. The Caps Lock key works at a hardware level. You can discern whether a computer is actually frozen (as opposed to merely running slow, graphics errors, etc.) by pressing the Caps Lock key and checking if the keyboard light turns on.

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