The UNFORGIVABLE episode 118 what to expect on UTV on Monday 13th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 118 what to expect on UTV on Monday 13th June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Manuel is drag Perla and Blanquita through a market aisle and he plops them in front of a statue of the Virgencita. The girls tell Manuel that he can have all of the inheritance. He brings out his gun and tells them to pray one last time. When Manuel glances up at the little glass shrine to the Virgin, Blanquita bops him with the flower bucket. He grabs Blanca's ankle, but Ana Perla conks him on the head with what may be a pineapple. She doesn't hit him hard enough though, because he is still alive and writhing on the ground as the girls run away.
Martin has brought Rebecca's assistant to the riding club and now introduces her to his horse Sansón.
Salma has decided to give Virginia another chance. Jorge makes it clear that if he finds evidence that Ginny has committed a crime, he will not hesitate to turn her in to the police.
Virginia sneaks into a bedroom, opens a bureau drawer, and removes a small velour ring box. She slips it in her pocket and sneaks out again.
Jorge admits that he is still very hurt with Salma’s attitude. "If only you could imagine what my life was like before you... “Says Salma wistfully. But she has come very far since then. If he accepts her as she is, that's fine. But she shouldn't have to give up being herself. Salma tells Jorge that she is learning that being a mother is more than indulging a child: it means understanding who that child really is, however painful that may be (It's as if I were talking with another woman), reflects Jorge. "Get used to it," she tells him – "that is the real Salma, the one I want you to love." If he can't love her as she is now, she will give him his freedom.
Chucho has been sitting at the kitchen table, his jacket hanging on the back of his chair. He calls out to the maid, Chole, and then leaves the room to look for her. Virginia tiptoes in, takes out the ring and pockets it, and puts its velvet case in Chucho's jacket packet and looking Very pleased with herself, she sneaks away soundlessly.
Oh no! Manuel still handing on to the girls and grinning fiendishly, he aims his gun at them but before he can pull the trigger, Arturo jumps him from behind. They scuffle briefly before Manuel once more gains the upper hand. Now he is aiming straight at Perla. Blanquita kneels sobbing by the wounded Arturo and pleads with Manuel to let her cousin go. And then out of the blue, a figure in a plaid shirt darts in front of Perla and takes a bullet for her.
Other people are now on the scene and they start to shout, Stop him! Call the police! Call an ambulance! Manuel looks dazed for a moment. Then he recovers quickly and makes a run for it. Arturo seems to be okay, but Julio slips to the floor, his heart bleeding out Perla.
Vero walks hesitantly through the darkened stables. When she reaches Sansón (horse), she instinctively reaches out to him. "Remember?" says Martín softly, suddenly stepping out of the shadows behind her. "We met because of him." And Vero does remember – how Martin rushed in to save her when she lost control of Sansón, how she hurt her hand trying to rein him in, and how she and Martin looked at one another and they just knew... And just as she did then, she holds her hand out to him. He kisses it. "Take him out for a ride. That will help you remember." Veronica smiles.
We see Martín and Vero riding side by side, both in proper habits, she on the dark Sansón, he on a white horse and it indeed was a great fun.
Blanquita and Arturo try to comfort Julio by exhorting him to hold on – the ambulance is on its way. Perla cradles his head in her lap and sobs. Julio, through a mouth filling with blood, tells her that God is calling him on high. He can die with his mind at ease because he knows that Pablo will make her happy. He asks her to bless him and she does and His eyes go still and he gives his last breath.
Virginia, now wearing over-sized shades, waits at the counter of a pawnshop while the jeweler examines the ring. Fifty thousand, he tells Virginia. She's disappointed and irritated at the lowball estimate (This is a little more than $3,000 USD.) Since she has no papers for the ring, it is the best she can do. Virginia makes a quick call to Manuel and asks him if he got the gun. He did, he tells her, but he killed someone and the police are after him, so now he has to hotfoot it back to the pueblo. He adds that Vero still doesn't remember anything, not even Martín and Virginia smiles as she confides to the Patio (and really, who else can she talk to at this point?) that if Veronica doesn't remember her, it's a perfect opportunity to get rid of her.
Back in the stable, Martin shows Vero the Star Deed he once gave her. "Do you remember that there's a star named for you?" And she does as she flashes back to the gift and then flashes her dimples. They walk slowly down the central aisle of the stables which is now lit with hundreds of red votive candles burning perilously, albeit romantically. They reach a little pen where a table is set for dinner for two. Does she remember their romantic dinner in the hotel and yes she does. Now they walk on a carpet of rose petals that leads to Pablo's painting. "Remember when we made love for the first time by that waterfall?" and ones again she does. He strokes her face and whispers in her ear: "Do you remember that I love you?"
"I remember that you possess me completely – I'm yours, and I'll never be anyone else's." Okay then. They fall into one another's arms, their lips meet, the music swells and affection becomes the order of the day.
Aaron and Virginia have reconnoitered at a café, she still in her shades and he still in his weird pirate get-up. He threatens to send the confession video to Martin if she doesn't pay up. She chuckles and takes off her shades so she can pretend to look at him candidly. She thought he was smarter than that, she says. That would do her in, but it doesn't hurt them at all. It just helps them get rid of an enemy. And what does Virginia proposes, an alliance that will make it easier for Aaron to get to his beloved daughter Vero.
Vero struggles to make sense of her initial reaction to Martin. "Daniel told me you had done me a lot of harm and you wanted to take revenge on me... and I had all these images... I don't understand you were the only one I really recognized, but I was afraid." Martín then tells her that not all her memories will be beautiful because some of them will be painful: "It pains me to acknowledge it, but I did hurt you. You rejected me because those memories were present in your unconscious mind. Daniel knew what we had been through as a couple and used that information to hurt us. But this is the moment for us to get justice for my brother Demetrio and for Matilde." And immediately Vero completely remembers Martin. "I went to see Daniel because he said he had information about Matilde's death, and I used my cell phone to record Virginia's confession to her murder, then that's when they tried to kill me!"
Daniel shows up at the neighbourhood and asks the first person he sees, young Demetrio, if a girl named Victoria lives there. Demetrio tells him no. Daniel gnashes his teeth and assumes that Virginia is double-crossing him. "So maybe I'd better protect myself," he says.
Martin then plan with veronica that she should continue acting as if she is rejecting him and can’t still recognize him and that she still believes Virginia is protecting her and Vero likes the idea. After, Martin asks Vero to accompany him to a special event that evening. Vero smiles and says Magdalena also wants to take her someplace special tonight. Martin is surprised that she has seen Magdalena, but he's delighted when he hears that Vero remembers her mother. He suggests that she attend the event with Magdalena whiles he leaves alone so no one suspects anything fishy.
Aaron and Virginia shake on the deal. But what is she going to want in return? Oh, there's someone she'd like to get rid of, someone who's getting in her way...
Daniel enters the San Telmo apartment using the keys he took from Vero on the day of the accident. He leaves a flash drive under some clothes in Martin's bureau. When Botel and Magdalena arrive at the Santelmo apartment unexpectedly, Daniel does a rapid roach scuttle to the next room. He opens the door a crack and hears Botel say that Vero's recovery may be slow; and he hears Magdalena's reply that she'll do whatever it takes to make sure she gets her memory back. Daniel walks right behind Botel in his wheelchair and then out the door, leaving it wide open. Botel notices the open door, but assumes Magdalena was just a little forgetful. A moment later, Magdalena leaves for the event at the Prado Castelo estate. Botel plans to join her there later.
Even as Virginia is laying her head on Jorge's shoulder and promising to attend tonight's event with the family in honor of Vero, her thought-bubbles is cooking against veronica, "Damn you, Veronica, you'll always be my shadow until I get rid of you."
Nanciyaga has shocking news for Raymunda and Joaquin telling them that Crescencio kicked the bucket before his time. Someone got poisonous herbs from a medicine man and used them to kill him. Nanciyaga knows this because the medicine man told her. Raymunda sobs in disbelief and horror as she asks herself so many questions, so my father was murdered? Joaquin then demands the name of the murderer and Nanciyaga reveals, It was the bad man/the man with the evil insides and they know immediately to whose guts she is referring and that is Manuel!
Perla and Blanquita kneel at their makeshift altar, weeping for Julio and cursing Manuel. Martin assures them he will call the police in Pueblo Verde and give them the alert. He will have his company drive the girls back to Pueblo Nuevo with Julio's body. He also tells Ana Perla that there will have to be a reading of Crescencio’s WILL.
Manuel has only a moment to feel relief at being back home before he sees Raymunda bearing down on him. "What the devil are you doing in my house?" he says. "This is the house of my father, the same man you murdered, you bastard!" She slams him in the face.
Manuel grabs Raymunda and shouts that she is crazy. He loved his grandfather! Joaquin thunders at him to let her go, and he steps in front of her protectively. "Don't talk about affection because your heart is rotten!" Raymunda shouts. "Father Juan is right, your soul is condemned and you're going to hell! God will never forgive you!"
But it turns out that, the Pueblo Verde police arrive and tell him he is under arrest fo Crescensio’s death and before they can cuff him, Manuel slips out the back way.
Martin puts on his embroidered shirt and I mean the one Rebecca bought for him. He gets a belt out of his bureau drawer but fails to notice the flash drive.
Rebecca is looking spectacular tonight with her hair pulled back in a chignon and wearing a knee-length black cocktail dress. Martin tells her that Vero has recovered her memory and that she loves him. Rebecca says she's happy for him. (Because that's just the kind of girl she is.)
Rebecca welcomes Jorge, Emi and Claudia and shows them to their seats.
When Raymunda and Joaquin tell the girls about the how Crescencio died, Ana Perla remembers Manuel forcing her to drink tea too, and now she realizes he was probably trying to kill her or make her lose her baby. Then Ana Perla reveals that Manuel also murdered Julio.
Manuel's voice comes through the curtained window in the booth: "Say a prayer for your soul, father, because I came here to kill you." Father Juan moves the curtain aside and looks directly into the face of evil. The padre offers a path of redemption to the sinner, but he scoffs at the offer. "On your knees!" Manuel orders. The padre obeys. Manuel smirks as he pulls out the silencer and begins to attach it, turning the gun away from his intended victim. The padre takes advantage of the moment to escape. "I'm leaving to save you, not me!" Manuel ambles out the door and calls after his prey.
While the runway show is getting underway on the Prado Castelo grounds,
Manuel is holding his gun inches from Father Juan's face and accusing him of revealing his secret to his aunt and uncle. Father denies breaking the seal of the confession but Manuel's face lights up with a smile and he doesn't really care because father is a nuisance and he is going to get rid of him.
Everyone now is beautiful dressed at the veronica’s collection exhibition organized by Rebecca and they watch the shiny beautiful girls wearing the shiny beautiful jewelry as they exhibits their types and waooo the collection is making a big splash.
Manuel has caught up with father Juan. "No, Manuel, for God's sake..." It's no use. Manuel squeezes the trigger and the clutches at his bloody gut. The closing model won't be able to appear because the exhibiter couldn’t attend the show but Martín suggests to Rebecca that she should do it because that will even be better and Rebecca agrees.
The show has been a triumph and Rebecca introduces Martín to the audience. Then she talks about the woman who, unfortunately, is not with them tonight– Verónica Prado Castelo!
At that very moment, a familiar shadow appears in the distance and begins to approach. Rebecca stares at the ghost. Jorge, Emi, Salma and Claudia stand up and follow her gaze. They are stunned. What does this mean? Veronica is alive???!!!! Virginia remains seated. Her lips tighten slightly..

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