The UNFORGIVABLE episode 119 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 14th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 119 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 14th June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Veronica makes her grand entrance at the presentation of her jewelry collection and leaves the entire Prado Castelo clan and Claudia stunned. Virginia wonders if Veronica has recovered her memory.

Rebecca announces Veronica and asks her to come up onto the runway. Veronica gets onto the runway and walks over towards Martin. The two stare at each other and Veronica gives him a small smile before she enters character and pretends to reject him. When Martin goes to embrace her, Veronica gets into her character and backs off, rejecting him in front of everyone.
She then goes and embraces Virginia who she asks to protect her from Marty. This further stuns the Prado Castelo clan as well as Claudia who has the best stunned facial expression in the scene.

Manuel kneels down besides what appears to be father Juan’s corpse. He is sure that he has now gone up to heaven and is with God. He picks up a handful of dust and slowly drops it onto father Juan's body as he recites a well known line from the bible which says dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return. Using his gun, he gives father Juan a final blessing, and then gloats at what he has just done.

Manuel gets one last laugh in before abandoning the scene of the crime. As soon as he's out of sight, father opens his eyes, and says a little prayer and then closes his eyes. And now it looks like he has really died but Nanciyaga finds father Juan and realizes that he's shot.

Veronica and Virginia arrive at the Prado Castelo mansion. When Veronica asks Virginia why she has brought her there, Virginia replies that she has brought her there to protect her. The cousins are about to head upstairs to Virginia's room when Jorge comes out of the study and wants to talk to Veronica and clear everything up but Veronica staying in character pretends to not know who he is. The two cousins go upstairs to talk leaving Jorge bewildered and not understanding a thing. At that moment, Martin, Magda, and Botel arrive and have to explain it all to Jorge about their plan.

Rebecca must be in charge of keeping the others away so they won't find out what is going on, because we see her talking to Salma in the study, and telling Salma (who wants to know what is going on) that right now it's not convenient for Veronica to see everyone together. In fact, Rebecca has told both Emi and Claudia (off-screen) to not be present. Rebecca explains to Salma that they don't really know what is going on with Veronica except that she has lost her memory and can only remember vague things from her past life.

Veronica tells Virginia that she doesn't believe that Magda is her mother and that she thinks that Magda betrayed her by taking her to Martin. Veronica tells Virginia that she thinks that Martin hates her and that she sees that he has a thirst for revenge against her. Virginia is more than happy to hear all this and tells Veronica that she will take care of her.
Virginia tells Veronica that she needs to continue being injected with the medication so she can recover. Veronica tells her that she doesn't know where to find Dr. Jimenez. Virginia tells her that she will find him. Virginia asks if anyone else knows that she was being treated by that doctor, and Veronica replies that no on else knows, because she really can't trust anyone. Virginia asks Veronica to stay there, that she was will take care of everything, and explain to the others what is going on. Veronica agrees to do what Virginia asks and then embraces Virginia thanking her for protecting her.

Martin, Magda, and Botel fill Jorge in on what is happening. They tell Jorge that the woman who was found burned in the accident was someone who had tried to kidnap Veronica, that Veronica has amnesia due to the accident which Virginia is the one behind the accident, and that Virginia and Daniel found out that Veronica had lost her memory and made her believe that she was someone else while passing her off as dead in front of everyone else. Jorge is shocked with what he hears and thinks that Virginia needs to pay for what she has done. Martin says that she will pay, he promises. For now, they want Jorge to go along with the plan they and Veronica have made to trap Virginia but Jorge rightfully believes they are putting Veronica at risk, but Martin explains that right now there is the need for Veronica to be close to Virginia, to convince her that she still hasn't gotten her memory back. Martin explains that they have figured out a way to protect Veronica. Jorge is a fundamental part to that. But it's very important that he must not tell anyone, not even Emi. Jorge is all ears.

Father Juan has been taken to Crescencio’s place where they cry and squeeze their hands and applying compressions, but that's it. Nanciyaga hasn't even brought out the leaves yet. Anyway, father then shocks Crescencio’s family when he reveals that it was Manuel who shot him, and really I can't believe they are shocked, they should know by now how evil Manuel is.

Aaron catches Chelas' with his hand in the cookie jar, or in this case, with his hands on his money. Now Aaron knows for sure that Chelas' robbed him though Chelas denies it. He strikes Chelas' hard across the face and using his cane he goes to suffocate him. But then all of a sudden, and for no reason, he stops and lets Chelas' breathe another day. Aaron then picks up his money and puts in back into the envelope.

Martin gets a phone call from Joaquin, who informs him that Manuel has tried to kill Padre Juan, but was not successful thank goodness. Martin can't believe it. He tells Joaquin he'll be coming to Mina Escondida and after he hangs up, he tells the others what has happened.

A lynch mob has formed against Manuel. The mob carries torches and weapons to use against the bastard. They find Manuel who points their gun at them determined to shoot them dead right then and there. But Manuel's gun jams. Ha! Now Manuel is forced to flee with the lynch mob hot on his trail. The lynch mob has caught up to Manuel and appears to have trapped him. But he is able to get away and he dives into the river.

Virginia explains to Jorge and Magda that Veronica is confused, and that she doesn't know why Veronica thinks that she's her protector, she doesn't know if she should tell her the truth. Jorge fools Virginia and tells her not to tell Veronica the truth because it could be counterproductive. Then he and Magda ask Virginia to help Veronica get her memory back. Virginia agrees to help.
Right after that, Virginia speaks with Daniel on the phone and puts him up to date on what is happening there at the mansion. Virginia truly believes that Veronica hasn't recovered her memory and that Veronica thinks that she is her protector. Daniel wants to meet with Virginia so he can give her the medication so Virginia can continue injecting Veronica with it. Virginia hangs up and leaves.
Immediately, Veronica phones Martin and tells him that Virginia has been fooled. Martin thinks that's great news. But then tells her the bad news about Manuel wounding father Juan. He tells her about going over there to see him and Veronica asks him to keep her informed. He hangs up.

Lucia asks Pablo if he's sure of what he is about to do. Pablo says that of course he is sure because Mariana went too far and humiliated Ana Perla and he will never forgive her for that. Pablo wants to make Mariana feel what Ana Perla felt and understand that she can't go around harming others. Lucia hopes that what Pablo is about to do will be worth it. Pablo is sure that it will be worth it.
Jorge goes to see veronica and she tells her that Virginia went out thinking that no one had seen her but Veronica tells him that she is sure that Virginia went to get her medication. Jorge accepts that he was fooled by Virginia and that he should have never doubted Veronica, so He apologizes and Veronica forgives him.

Virginia walks alone in the streets, when she runs into Aaron who is still wearing that awful disguise. He calls her out on not doing her part of the deal. Virginia tells him that she has a proposal for him.

Magda speaks with veronica and thinks that she is running a risk and thinks they should put a stop to the plan. Veronica says no, she wants justice for Matilde, Demetrio and herself. Magda says fine, and hands her a medication that Botel asked her to give to her, it's a medication that will counter effect the other medication that was injected into her.

Botel and the others arrive and Botel gets to work and realized that they'll have to extract the bullet and cover up the wound on father Juan and luckily he is able to extract the bullet and hopes father’s heart resists since but things aren't looking so good.

Martin gets desperate so he picks up father Juan in his muscular arms and takes him to church where the other villagers have gathered. Martin kneels down and puts father at the altar and prays for him. Then a light shines on father’ss face and thanks be to God he is healed and he opens his eyes. It's a miracle! Father lives and he thanked Martin and gives him the absolution that Martin refused to accept before.

Remember When Martin Told Jorge Not To Tell Emi? Well, Jorge Has Done Exactly What He Wasn't Supposed To Do, And Has Blabbed To Emi. Emi is really pissed at what Virginia has done. He can't believe her cynicism and her shameless way of lying to them and passing over them and treating them as if they were two perfect imbeciles.

Emi assumes that now Jorge will take Virginia out of the will. Jorge isn't sure, because after all he is still her adoptive father. What the... Not only that, but knowing what Virginia is capable of, Jorge is a little afraid of her reaction.

Pablo has reunited with Ana Perla and Blanquita. He feels bad for not having been able to attend Julio's burial and not being there to help with Padre Juan. Blanquita says that they have lived some painful moments and she hopes that it's all over. Not with Manny still on the loose, sweetie. Then Pablo tells Ana Perla that he's getting married to Mariana today and will do what he promised.

Virginia tells Veronica that she'll be taking her to see Dr. Dante (Daniel) but no one must find out. After she left the room, Veronica tells Martin over the phone that Virginia is taking her to see Daniel and Martin decides to talk with Jorge. He tells Veronica that soon this will all be over and Veronica says that finally Virginia will pay.
Jorge stops Virginia from taking Veronica to see Daniel by telling Veronica that he wants to take her to another specialist. Virginia is forced to come along despite not wanting to.

So we finally find out what Pablo's big plan was to get back at Mariana. Pablo and Mariana are about to get married in a civil ceremony. There are a few people there but not really enough to be a total humiliation. Oh well. Anyway, Mariana signs the document, but when it's Pablo's turn to sign, he doesn't. And at that moment Ana Perla walks into the room in UK. Pablo walks over towards Ana Perla and stands besides her. He tells Mariana that he's not going to get married because he only loves Ana Perla. Mariana realizes that Pablo has lied to her and he accepts that he has. He puts an end to the wedding. Mariana slaps Pablo hard across the face. Ana Perla doesn't defend her man. In the end, Pablo tells Mariana to not get near them again. Got it? He and Ana Perla then leave and Mariana continues to fume over what Pablo has done to her. She swears to get back at him and Ana Perla. So yeah Pablo's plan has definitely made things worse..

Ana Perla and Pablo return to his place. Ana Perla thinks that he went too far with Mariana. But Pablo explains that he had to do it. He had to put Mariana in her place. Besides, he wanted to show her that Mariana doesn't matter to him. He tells her that he loves her and She also tells him that she loves him. She tells him that they will finally be together and form a family. She wants to grow old with him. Then they talk about a life together.

Virginia calls Daniel and tells him about the other specialist and the new medication that was given to Veronica. She asks him to come and get Veronica while she distracts Jorge.
Daniel sneaks up from behind and injects her. Veronica passes out and Daniel carries her out of the room in his arms. Virginia gets ready for her biggest performance to date. She starts to throw things in her room as she screams "Nooooo" and Veronica's name. It's clear that she is staging a kidnapping scene. The screams get Jorge to come into the room. Virginia tells him that someone named Dante came and took Veronica with him.

Crescencio’s family has gathered and listens closely as the will of Crescencio is read to them.
Manuel forces them inside and then orders them to sign a document where they give up their inheritance and pass it all over to him. Ana Perla and Pablo sign the document at gunpoint. Manuel says that all of Crescencio’s money rightfully belongs to him. Then he whines that Crescencio never loved him and only loved Ana Perla. Pablo tells him that it wasn't the case and that Manny himself lost Crescencio’s affection and Manuel tells him to shut it. Ana Perla tells Manuel that Crescencio isn't to blame. Manuel whines that Crescencio hated him since he was a kid. Then he confesses to having murdered him by poisoning him.

Daniel has brought Veronica to his place. Veronica wakes up, but is still weak from what Daniel injected her with and Veronica thanks him for rescuing her again. Veronica asks about Virginia and Daniel tells her that she will come later. Veronica makes a smart move and tells Daniel that Virginia had told her to watch out for him. The wheels move in Daniel's mind and he realizes that Virginia wants to double cross him.

Virginia speaks with Aaron on the phone. She tells him that all went according to plan and that they once again have Veronica in their power. Virginia tells Aaron where he can find Veronica.

Daniel wants to know what else Virginia said about him but Veronica says that she does not remember. All she remembers is that she heard Virginia talking on the phone and saying something about getting rid of him when everything had ended. Veronica asks why Virginia would say such a thing. Daniel tells Veronica that she can't trust her. He mentions having left the USB in one of Martin's drawers at his home. Veronica now pretends to freak at finding out that Daniel visits Martin. Daniel wants to calm her down by giving her a tranquilizer but he's out. So he leaves the room to go and get a tranquilizer. Once he's out of the room, Veronica gets up, removes her shoes, and begins to search for something.

Veronica spills a slippery liquid at the entrance of the door. Then she awaits for Daniel to come in, armed with a wooden box. Daniel comes in and slips. Veronica then whacks him on the head with the wooden box. She whacks him on the head not once by twice. Daniel falls to the floor unconscious. Veronica quickly moves over to the table and gets some bandages. She checks to see that Daniel is passed out and then prepares to tie him up.

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