Cheongdamdong Alice (2012)

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Cheongdamdong Alice (2012)

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Cheongdamdong Alice (2012)
Title: 청담동 앨리스 / Cheongdamdong Aelliseu
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-01 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Han Se-Gyung (Moon Geun-Young) is a young woman with a very positive character. Her motto is “effort will take me as far as I want to go”. She wins many designing contests and finally joins a clothing company. But, at work, Han Se-Gyung does errands and chores rather than design. Meanwhile, the wife of an upper management employment at the clothing company humiliates Han Se-Gyung. The wife is actually a former high school classmate of Han Se-Gyung who didn’t do better than her in school. This makes Han Se-Gyung look back on her life.


Cheongdamdong Alice (2012).rar – 337 KB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_01_Hanrel.mp4 – 245.5 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_02_Hanrel.mp4 – 249.6 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_03_Kor.mp4 – 253.8 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_04_Hanrel.mp4 – 249.4 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_05_Hanrel.mp4 – 248.8 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_06_Hanrel.mp4 – 258.5 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_07_Hanrel.mp4 – 243.9 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_08_Hanrel.mkv – 263.4 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_09_Hanrel.mp4 – 256.6 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_10_Hanrel.mp4 – 260.5 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_11_Hanrel.mp4 – 248.2 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_12_Hanrel.mp4 – 252.6 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_13_Hanrel.mp4 – 246.4 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_14_Hanrel.mp4 – 250.8 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_15_Hanrel.mp4 – 244.7 MB

Cheongdamdong_Alice_16.End_Hanrel.mp4 – 256.0 MB

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