Golden Rule

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Golden Rule

Post by 0b3Y b0y on Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:09 am

Akpos, a pharmacist was working in the late afternoon when a young man walked in and asked to buy a condom.

When Akpos dispensed the condom, he asked whether the customer knew how to use it. He said no. After Akpos had patiently explained to the young man how to use the condom, he shook hands and said “Good luck, young man!”.

The young man replied, “Thank you Sir, I am sure I will need it.”.

A few hours later, Akpos went home. His daughter then obtained permission from him to go on a date. His daughter got dressed and was waiting.

Akpos heard his door-bell ring. When he went to open the door, the man standing there was the young man he had sold the condom to that afternoon!

Needless to add, the meeting was, shall we say awkward, and Akpos was very angry to see the young man.

The question is, if the young man deserved luck with other peoples’ daughters, why did he not deserve luck with the pharmacist’s daughter?

The golden rule says, don’t do to others the things you don’t want them to do to you .

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