Passion and Power Summary of Episode 02 on UTV

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Passion and Power Summary of Episode 02 on UTV

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:48 pm

Hello great people, we are continuing with PASION Y PODER (PASSION AND POWER) Episode 02, and in this episode,

Regina and Daniela check to see if David is still alive after colliding with Joshua on the motorcycle. Once they realize he is alive Daniela and Joshua (Joshua says the accident is his fault) want to leave but Regina refuses to leave David alone on the street. She tells Daniela to call an ambulance.
Julia tells Simona that she didn’t leave with David because she thinks Eladio is capable of taking away his inheritance. David is just starting off his career as an engineer and Julia doesn’t want David to have to take care of her, and then there is also her father. (Does Eladio take care of Julia’s father’s expenses?) Julia says all the years she has had to suffer with Eladio are worth it for her son. Simona says that Eladio is cheap and controls Julia’s expenses and cellphone. She does not care about those things, but it is getting harder to justify Eladio’s actions to David. Simona comments that Franco might end up the beneficiary because he is Eladio’s favorite.
Franco (Eladio’s Godson) comes into Eladio’s office/library and they talk business. Franco finds out that David is back and is upset and wonders why David didn’t stay in Monterrey. He doesn’t understand why David came back if he doesn’t get along with his father. Eladio is about to say that David is not his son, but stops himself and says that it makes him happy that Franco supports him. Franco admires and respects Eladio. He is his right hand man and the only person Eladio trusts. He tells Franco to always remember that.
Arturo and Erick talk about the business to buy that property from Santos. Erick thinks with enough money the property is theirs, but Arturo is not like Eladio. He doesn’t think that money solves everything. Arturo tells Erick to get the proposal and head to Santos’ office. It is important that he get there before Eladio. Arturo leaves the office and Erick makes a phone call to what seems to be a mystery woman, asking what she will be doing later.
The ambulance comes for David. Regina goes in the ambulance.
Back in the office Erick makes a date with the mystery woman for later. Consuelo, his wife, walks in and asks who was on the phone. He acts a bit nervous and asks why she didn’t knock. She says the door was open and the secretary said he was alone. She asks him to lunch to talk about her not being able to get pregnant. He thinks she is bothering him at work and he can’t go because he has an important engagement. He tells her to go to the doctor alone. It’s not his fault she can’t have children. (Jerk!)
At the hospital, Arturo shows up and asks what’s going on. He comforts Regina who is worried about David. He shows the patio a disapproving eye at seeing Daniela’s choice of fashion.
Franco thinks that Eladio is offering too much money for the coveted property. Eladio is going to personally present the check. He would like it if Arturo were present so that he could see his face, knowing he can not offer more than him. Eladio gets a phone call that David is in the hospital and leaves.
Erick arrives at the mystery woman’s apartment. She receives him in a black nighty and they go at it as soon as he walks in the door. I guess she’s not a mystery to Erick.
At the hospital Regina is about to tell her father that they looked at David’s license and know who he is, but she is interrupted by Daniela and Joshua who has just been dismissed. Joshua is discribing the accident when Regina just comes out and says that the other guy was David Gomez Luna. Eladio comes down the hallway and blames Joshua for the accident. Eladio accuses Arturo, saying that he set up the accident so that Eladio would lose out on the property deal with Santos. Eladio tells Arturo that he will pay for this.
Julia is worried because David doesn’t answer his cell. Simona tells her to call David’s friend Francisco.
Eladio and Arturo argue about the accident. Eladio accusing Arturo of planning the whole thing. Joshua asks how much is the bill, he will take care of it. Eladio is offended, saying it’s not a matter of money. Eladio warns that if David dies, Arturo will pay with his life.
Erick looks at his watch and says he needs to leave. He has an important proposal to deliver. The mystery woman convinces him to stay a while longer.
The doctor comes and tells the gang that David suffered a skull fracture. They need to keep him in observation. There could be consequences due to the hit to the head. When Eladio asks what consequences the doctor says dizziness, trouble speaking, or even death. Eladio wants to see him but the doctor says he needs to wait til they finish doing some tests. Arturo gets after Joshua and tells him to call his parents who are out of town.
Nina is talking with a designer about Regina’s wedding. Nina wants to see what choices Regina has made. She gets a phone call from Daniela telling her about the accident.
Franco is now at the hospital with Eladio. He wants to make sure Julia does not know about the accident. Franco comments that it’s the first time he sees his padrino worried about David. Eladio is just worried that if David dies Julia will leave him and he can not allow that.
Julia wants to go look for David. She tells Simona to stay by the phone. She tells the driver that they are leaving. The driver wants to call Eladio first. Julia says that’s fine, maybe he will answer the drivers call because he hasn’t answered her calls. Francisco calls back saying he has not been able to locate David. Julia is so desperate she is about to leave the house to look for him. (Is David somehow related to El Nino Emi from Lo Imperdonable?) Francisco tells her to stay put; he is headed to her house. Francisco has a little chat with Clara, the cleaning chick. She offers him a coffee, but he can’t because he’s on his way out. She seems smitten with him.
Regina gets after Joshua about the way he was riding his motorcycle, which caused the accident. Regina doesn’t think Daniela and Joshua realize the severity of David’s injuries. Eladio tells Franco that he doesn’t want any of the Montenegro’s seeing or speaking with David. The doctor tells Eladio that David is in a room. He is under observation because of the hit to the head, but can leave tomorrow. Franco comments that David’s injuries are not that severe, but Eladio does not want anyone to know David’s condition. Especially Arturo.
Regina has David’s belongings and hears his phone ring. She answers and it’s Julia. Regina tells her about David’s accident. Julia is headed to the hospital. Simona tries to stop her, telling her that she needs Eladio’s permission. Julia does not care, her son needs her.
Consuelo meets with a friend. The friend has brought some magazines where Consuelo was on the cover. Turns out Consuelo used to be a model and she misses being one. When she got married Erick asked her to stop modeling. We also learn that Consuelo grew up poor and was an orphan. The friend says that Consuelo’s life is different now and she lives like a queen. She tells her friend that Erick has changed and she doesn’t know what’s going on with him.
Eladio goes to give his proposal to Santos. He tells Santos that he would have been there sooner but he was at the hospital. He explains that Arturo will stop at nothing and caused David to have an accident, and he is severely injured in the hospital.
Consuelo tells her friend that Erick works all day and gets home late and exhausted. And he’s not in the mood for anything. The friend can’t believe it. they were so in love. Consuelo doesn’t understand either. Erick fought for their love and for Nina to accept her. The friend worries that Erick has found out about her past. Other than being an orphan Consuelo says that the police took her to the orphanage after they raided a whore house and found her there. Consuelo has wanted to tell Erick but she can’t bring herself to do it. She thinks that she can solve all her problems by getting pregnant.
Eladio lays it on think for Santos. Saying that despite being worried about his son in the hospital, he showed up because he is a man of his word. Santos reads the proposal.
At the hospital Regina is worried about Eladio’s threats towards her father. He comforts her and congratulates her for winning the contest. Regina goes to talk to the doctor. Arturo calls Erick, who is in bed with his lover. Erick tells his dad he is on his way to deliver the proposal to Santos. Arturo is upset because he had asked Erick to do that alot earlier. He needs to get there before Eladio. Erick gets out of bed, gets dressed and takes off.
Daniela and Joshua (sitting in a somewhat compromising position) are in the hospital cafe. He is hurt by what Regina told him. Daniela just tells him to blow her off. He thinks he gets along better with Daniela. She thinks the same and they start making out. Regina walks in and sees them.
Eladio goes to see the mystery woman. She answers the door thinking it’s Erick. Eladio wants to know who she was with.
Regina bangs a cup on the table to get Daniela and Joshua’s attention. He begs to explain to her, and says that they were just talking. Regina slaps him and Daniela and calls her a “golfa”. She tells him that they are not getting married. Then she takes off her ring, drops it on the floor and tells Joshua never to look for her again.
Our mystery woman is named Montserrat. She makes an excuse saying that the plumber was there earlier and she thought he might have forgotten a tool, and that’s who she thought was at the door. Eladio isn’t buying her story. He takes her in a choke-hold and tells her that he doesn’t like sharing what he pays for. She better not betray him or else. She tells him she loves him and and would marry him if he wasn’t already married. He dis-robes her and tells her he needs to make love to her.
A crying Regina tells her father that she broke up with Joshua and will not be marrying him. While he comforts her Daniela walks in and Regina tells her father to ask Daniela what happened. Daniela tells her father that Regina got mad at Joshua for the accident and she (Daniela) was just consoling Joshua and Regina took it the wrong way. Regina says she is lying and takes off. She bumps into Julia in the hallway. Julia asks if she is ok. Julia then continues down the hallway and runs into a doctor. Julia and Arturo are feet away but don’t see each other. Julia goes to ask for her son. Franco sees Julia and makes a phone call.
Julia goes into David’s room. He is ok but sore. He tells his mother what happened and remembers a girl being with him in the ambulance. She asks him to never leave the house so upset again. She asks him to stop fighting with his father. She says she knows he is sometimes difficult. David argues that his father is ALWAYS difficult. David feels Eladio’s hate. Julia says Eladio’s loves him in his own way. David says he loves his dad too but he’s not going to let him mistreat his mother. David asks her to find out about the other motorcyclist and asks how she found out about the accident. She tells him a girl answered his phone. She thinks the girl is a relative of the other cyclist.
Arturo runs into Joshua. Arturo wants to know what happened. Joshua says that Regina is over-reacting. Arturo hopes that Joshua didn’t hurt Regina in any way.
Franco calls Eladio and tells him that someone told Julia about the accident. He gets out of bed and gets dressed. Montse wants to know what Arturo Montenegro did this time.
Daniela goes to her mother Nina with the chisme that Regina hit her and is accusing her of kissing Joshua. Daniela again uses the excuse that she was only consoling Joshua after Regina had scolded him for the accident. Nina says that Regina always over exagerates. Daniela says that Joshua should be the offended one because Regina seemed to be more concerned over David, the other accident victim, who ended up being her father’s worst enemies son. Nina is impactada.
At the hospital Arturo wants answers from Joshua but is interrupted by Joshua’s lawyer who wants him to sign some papers. Julia is about to go into the waiting room where Arturo is but is stopped by Franco. She wants to know why they didn’t tell her about the accident.
Regina is at home crying. Miguel comforts her. Regina expects the worse from Daniela, but is hurt by what Joshua did. Miguel wants to know if Regina really loves Joshua, or if she is just trying to escape the house full of crazies. Joshua introduced her to a new world. A world her mother always wanted for her. Did she really enjoy it, or was she once again seeking her mother’s approval? Nina comes in and wants to know what they are talking about. She warns Miguel not to fill Regina’s head with stupidities, and reminds him that she is his half-sister. Nina tells Regina that she has to offer an apology to Daniela and Joshua. Regina does not want to. Nina will not permit Regina to cancel the wedding.
Franco plays innocent and tells Julia that he did not know that Eladio had not told Julia about the accident. He is sure Eladio didn’t tell her so that she would not worry. Eladio walks in and argues with Julia. He claims that she is only there to see Arturo Montenegro. She tells him that he’s crazy. Her son had an accident. She doesn’t have time to think of anything else. He tells her that she never stops thinking of Arturo. She denies and asks what Arturo has to do to with the accident. Eladio tells her that Arturo is there because his son-in-law was the one that hit David. Cara de impactade de Julia.
Regina refuses to marry Joshua. Nina blames Miguel for putting ideas in her head. Nina doesn’t think Regina should cancel her wedding over a misunderstanding. Regina tells her mother that she saw them kissing with her own eyes. Nina says she always exagerates. Miguel supports Regina. She says she is not marrying Joshua. Nina tells Miguel to stay out of their business. Regina tells her mother that she should support her, after all she is her mother. Regina announces that once she finds out how David is she is leaving to Queretaro. Nina wants to know why.
Eladio wants Julia to leave the hospital. He starts blaming Arturo for the accident. Julia says he’s crazy because Arturo is not that way. And she thinks it absurd that he wants to argue about Arturo when he should be worried about their son. She doesn’t understand why he is there when he doesn’t even care about David and then concludes that he did it to make her suffer. They are interrupted by Franco and a business phone call. Julia excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Eladio motions to Franco to follow her. Julia tells him she can go alone.
Nina tells Regina not to worry about remodeling houses. Once she gets married she won’t have to work anymore. Regina says she wasn’t getting married to be maintained, and she is going to work in a field that she likes. Nina blames Miguel. He tells her that she should be proud of her daughter. Regina says the problem is her mother has never cared about what she does. Nina says that is not true because she has spent the past several months worried about her wedding. She tells Regina to forget about Queretaro and her tantrums. She is going to marry Joshua. Regina tells her no and that her father will support her. Nina says over her dead body.
Arturo gets a call from Nina. She wants to talk about Regina. He tells her they will talk when he gets home. As he puts his phone away he looks up and sees Julia. He calls out her name. She turns to see him and their eyes meet.

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