Passion And Power episode 03 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 23rd June 2016

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Passion And Power episode 03 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 23rd June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with PASION Y PODER (PASSION AND POWER) Episode 03, and in this episode,

In the hospital hallway, Julia and Arturo come face to face. They stare.
Francisco sits at David’s bedside and fills him in. The guy who caused the crash wasn’t hurt at all. David’s mother was very worried about him because of how he left on his bike in such a fury. It was because of his dad, David explains. He can’t take it anymore – he doesn’t understand why he treats his mother that way, and why he doesn’t love his own son.
Francisco agrees that Eladio should support David more… the way he does Franco. David says ever since Franco came to the house as a child, he and Eladio have been very close. They’re the ones who seem like father and son.
David would give anything to have a loving father like Francisco’s. He thought that moving away might improve things with his dad, but that didn’t happen. Now he isn’t going anywhere – he needs to be around for his mother. He wants to find out what is really going on with his parents.
Still staring
Arturo breaks the silence. “Julia! It’s been so long!” She responds with a tentative, “Yes, it’s been many years.” He struggles to find the right tone. “Imagine – we live in the same city and I haven’t been lucky enough to see you… I mean we haven’t crossed paths. All I know about you is what I read in the papers.”
Julia looks away. “I always accompany my husband to his events.”
“I’m very sorry about your son,” he tells her. “Whatever Eladio may have told you, it was an accident.”
Now Arturo moves a little closer and almost whispers: he was so worried when he found out the other boy was her son:
Yo hubiese dado lo que fuera para evitarte esta angustia .
(I would have given anything to spare you this anguish.)
“Thank you,” she says simply. Now Arturo’s words come tumbling out – She looks so good, maybe they can get together and talk, there are so many things he didn’t get a chance to explain when they stopped seeing each other.
Julia sighs. If only things were different! But given the rivalry between Arturo and Eladio, she thinks seeing each other would be very hard. Arturo says it’s not business that makes them rivals. Then, almost involuntarily, he says softly: ¡Estás hermosa! (You look so beautiful!)
Suddenly she hears her name spoken like a harsh command – ¡Julia! She turns to see Eladio staring at them, his face a tight mask.
Eladio marks his territory .
He holds Julia’s delicate neck and forces a kiss on her. He tells her not to bother reproaching Arturo for the injury to their son because he’s already done so. “Arturo was telling me it was an accident,” says Julia. Eladio ignores her words and pulls her away.
I met a girl…
David confides to Francisco that he met a girl he really liked, but the timing was wrong: she was wearing a wedding gown! “I don’t believe in these things, but I could swear to you it was love at first sight.”
I met a boy…
Regina tells Consuelo and Miguel about her own embarrassing crash, wedding gown and all. The guy was so kind – and very handsome. He had light eyes, curly black hair and a beautiful smile. And he was the same guy who was involved in the motorcycle crash – David Gomez Luna. Whoa. They all agree not to hold his father against him. After all, Regina is nothing like Nina.
I own you!
Eladio is convinced he was right. Julia came to the hospital to see Arturo. He’s the one who called her. She repeats that a young woman answered David’s cellphone and told her about the accident. As for Arturo, the last time she saw him was before she married Eladio. (And he should know – he’s her jailer.)
“Let’s go!” he barks. She resists. She says she wants to stay with David. “Your duty as a wife is to be with me because you are mine – mine until you die.”
A study in contrasts
“You’re as beautiful as ever,” murmurs Arturo, now back home, as he gazes at Julia’s photo in his cellphone. “And you’re still hurting me more than I imagined.”
Vulgar Nina marches in – still wearing the tight leopard-skin print dress and burgundy lipstick – and tells Arturo he has to do something about Regina. She can’t cancel her wedding just like that! She saw Daniela hugging Joshua and blew it out of proportion.
Arturo isn’t so sure. Joshua is very immature. If it’s a question of his daughter’s happiness, he’d just as soon cancel the wedding.
Julia is back under house arrest
She is angry and humiliated at the way Eladio treated her in the hospital and sad that she couldn’t stay with David. He is still ranting about seeing her with Arturo. He’s going to show her that SHE IS HIS WIFE! He grabs her neck, kisses her violently and pins her down on the bed.
“Are you going to rape me again?”
A multi-pronged approach
Nina won’t take no for an answer. She worked so hard to make sure all the right people would come – senators, ambassadors, captains of industry… Arturo says Regina has made her decision. Besides, after the accident, Joshua behaved irresponsibly. That boy thinks money fixes everything. “Well that’s the truth and you know it!” protests Nina. She accuses him of siding with Regina because she’s his favorite (he denies it); and then goes all sugary and seductive: “Just talk to her…okay?”
A very long time to be miserable
Eladio actually seems surprised by Julia’s words. “What do you mean? You’re my wife!”
Julia stands her ground: When one person forces another, it’s rape. “Are you going to do what you did on our honeymoon?”
“Your problem is that you haven’t been able to forget the past! Yes, our wedding night was difficult, but that was years ago and I’ve changed.”
“But too late. Every time I feel you breathing next to me, I relive it as if it were yesterday.”
“Do you think I don’t notice how you reject me every time I come near you? Of course I notice. But you should be grateful it worked that night because it justified your pregnancy.”
“David is your son!” Julia shouts. “I wasn’t unfaithful to you! I went into premature labor. The doctor told you that David was born at 7 months.”
“I know you met with Arturo several times before our wedding. AND YOU DIDN’T SLEEP TOGETHER????”
Eladio’s shouts fall on Julia like blows. “Do the DNA test,” she pleads, “and do away with your damned doubts once and for all!”
Your mother is worried about you…
Arturo, yielding to Nina’s wheedling, goes to talk to Regina about her decision. Regina holds her ground. Arturo tells her he won’t let her run away. It’s her future that’s at stake.
Not gonna do it!
Eladio has told Julia many times: he won’t do the test because it will make him look like a fool. If David finds out his mother was sleeping with someone else before the wedding, he’ll lose his respect for Eladio. Besides, Eladio knows the real reason she wants to do the test: to prove that Arturo is David’s father! And when that happens, David will go running to Arturo.
Julia tries again. “If you don’t do it, you’ll continue to live in this hell and the hatred you feel for your own son will never end!”
“No,” says Eladio, “I won’t give you that pleasure.” He clenches and unclenches his fist. “I know that David is Arturo’s son.”
He finally leaves the room. Alone, Julia sobs.
New Character Alert!
David’s cousin Gabriela, a cheerful, flirty young woman, has been assigned to stay with him in the hospital. David confides to her that he’s worried about his mother – she’s getting more and more nervous and depressed.
The cause of Julia’s problems walks in just then. Grim-faced Eladio, shadowed by the ubiquitous guy with the earpiece, dismisses Gabriela.
David immediately begins to blather: “It wasn’t my fault…” Eladio, however, has his own agenda. He is worried about what happened because it
wasn’t an accident – it was done to hurt Eladio himself . It was the work of Arturo Montenegro.
David groans. Eladio is undeterred. He wants David to file a complaint accusing Arturo’s son-in-law Joshua of attempted murder.
David stares dumbly at his apparently paranoid parent.
This is too much!
Regina complains to Miguel that she feels uncomfortable in her own house. She doesn’t understand why her father didn’t let her leave the night before. Miguel thinks Arturo did the right thing – she shouldn’t just run away.
Joshua keeps calling her, but she doesn’t answer .
And I had such high hopes
David flatly refuses to do what Eladio is asking. He’s not going to accuse an innocent man!
Como siempre – ¡defraudándome!
hisses Crazy Eladio. (As always, disappointing me!)
Young Love
Franco surprises Gabriela, hugging her from behind and then spinning her around for a kiss. He tells her not to worry about Eladio – he is with David. Besides, Franco wants the whole world to know he loves her.
They are nearly in full make-out mode, but break apart just before Eladio and Shadow Man appear on the scene. Eladio orders Gabi back into David’s room.
“Is everything ready for the 5pm press conference?” Franco assures Eladio that it is. “Call my lawyer!” Franco pulls out his phone and then falls into line behind Eladio and Shadow Man.
Say it with Flowers
Joshua ambushes Regina at home. He has been bombarding her with flowers and vows he won’t stop until she forgives him. All she wants is to be left alone. She can’t trust him anymore. If it were up to her, she’d be in Querétero now, far from him and Daniela.
Nina and Daniela have come downstairs. They stand behind Regina and take in the show.
“You hurt me!” Regina is saying.
Nina suddenly notices that Petra has joined them. “What are you doing here?” she asks, irritated at the intrusion.
Regina turns and enjoys watching Nina and Petra bicker…. until Petra finally spits out that the police have come for Joshua.
Montenegro Offices
Arturo and Agustín greet Mariano Santos. Has the board decided who gets to buy the land in Huatulco?
If a sense of entitlement were a crime…
The police have a warrant for Joshua’s arrest. They seem unimpressed by the threats of Daniela and Nina to go over their heads. Joshua is led away.
“Dad, you have to see this!”
Erick rushes into the office and switches on the tv. There is Eladio holding a press conference to announce his firm’s new tourist complex in Huatulco.
Arturo turns to Santos: “You sold the land to Eladio, right?” He did. He wanted to tell Arturo in person.
On the tv screen, a reporter asks Eladio about his son’s accident. He replies that it was no accident –
Arturo Montenegro was responsible for provoking the accident that sent Eladio’s beloved son to the hospital .
“How dare he tell a lie like that?” says Arturo, both enraged and incredulous. “I took care of his son when that bastard abandoned him!”
“You mean what he told me isn’t true?” asks Santos. “Of course not,” Arturo tells him. “He’s lying! You sold the terrain to him! You know what he was planning!”
At home, Julia stands on her balcony with Simona and looks down at the press conference unfolding below her. “I can’t believe it,” she says. “What is Eladio trying to do?”
Arturo accuses Santos of using him to get a better price from Eladio. He warns him that he’s doing business with a scorpion and one day he’ll turn on him. Santos tries to tell him it wasn’t like that, but nobody believes him. They tell him to leave.
Julia is for Justice
Julia has come down from her balcony – is she trying to get to her car? – and is immediately surrounded by reporters. Does she think Montenegro had anything to do with what happened to her son?
“There are various versions,” she begins. “It could have been an accident…” She glances at Eladio’s face and continues: “… or not. We don’t know.”
“So you don’t agree with your husband?”
“Of course I support my husband. I also want justice done. If the boy who caused this is guilty, he will have to pay; but if he’s innocent, we’ll have to apologize.”
“So you would be capable of offering an apology to Mr. Montenegro?”
Before Julia can answer, Eladio steers her away and back inside the prison of her house.
Dropping the mask
As soon as the door closes behind them, Eladio grabs Julia by her hair and twists her arm. She shrieks in pain.
“Your son could have died and you’re still defending that imbecile!”
“That’s not true! David himself knows it was an accident! I don’t know why you’re doing this.”
“For your son – I’m doing it for him.” He pushes her neck against the bannister, nearly choking her. Then he picks up a framed photo and smashes it to the floor. Julia, sobbing, kneels down and picks it up.
The Montenegro family is under siege
Arturo vows he is going to clear his name.
Nina calls to tell him about Joshua’s arrest. Meanwhile, much to Daniela’s horror, Miguel and Regina head down to the police station to offer Joshua their support.
Jail cell: Obligatory ‘Hell is other people’ scene .
A tough guy eyes Joshua’s shoes. A transvestite eyes Joshua. Everyone eyes Regina when she stands at the bars of the cell and offers encouragement, telling him that Agustín is on his way.
Daniel surveys the social media for Nina and reports that Joshua and Regina are the scandal of the moment. [So Daniela does have some skills.]
Erick leaves Consuelo’s side to take a call from Montserrat. She heard what happened and invites him over for a little sympathy. He declines, saying he has to take care of his dad. “Who was that, love?” Consuelo asks. “A client.” Consuelo frowns.
Montserrat then calls Eladio and makes the same offer.
Arturo and Agustín arrive at the police station. Arturo persuades Regina to go home because it’s going to be a long haul. Miguel accompanies her. On the way out, Regina says there’s one more thing she wants to do before they go home…
New Character Alert – Maribel, her husband and her daughter
A van drops off Clara (the cleaning lady in Gomez Luna and Consuelo’s old friend) and a guy we haven’t met before. He talks about the new Gomez Luna construction project in Huatulco. He’s going to work there for four or five days, right by the sea.
A little girl named Luisita runs up to him. ¡Papá! she cries, jumping happily into his arms. Then they greet his wife Maribel, who has a corn stand. He asks her if her headache is any better. “A little,” she says, obviously trying to minimize the problem.
Arturo tells Agustín they need to get the insurance report. The experts must have determined that it was an accident and how it happened. Agustín says that may make things worse because Joshua tried to bribe the police who detained him. “That boy…” begins Arturo, exasperated.
“When did you stop beating your wife?” and other loaded questions
Before he can complete his thought, he is sandbagged by a group of reporters asking for his reaction to Eladio’s statement. “Everything will be clarified. Right now I’m taking care of another matter.”
The reporters are far from satisfied. “Sir, in order to beat out Mr. Gomez Luna, was it worth sacrificing his son’s happiness?”
Agustín tries to handle the problem, but Arturo needs to be heard: “Joshua and I are innocent. Mr. Gomez Luna wants to destroy my reputation, but I am not going to allow him to do so.”
The cousins have a late night chat in the hospital
David has never understood why his father hates Arturo Montenegro so much. In fact, they say he learned a lot from Arturo’s father. He started working for him as an assistant and then a manager… David’s phone is out of power so he asks Gabi to call his mom from her cell…
… when Regina drops in!
“You and I have to talk,” she says. “Aren’t you the girl in the wedding gown?” asks David. She is, she says. And he is the one who sent her fiancé to jail.
David looks at her blankly. She says David accused her fiancé of trying to kill him.
“Listen, I didn’t do that.”
“I understand that our fathers hate each other, but Joshua is innocent.”
“You’re wrong! I didn’t do anything!”
Regina tells him about Eladio’s press conference and shows him the headlines on her phone.
David repeats that he didn’t make any accusation. Regina repeats that he did and the proof is that Joshua is in jail . He has to retract .
Arturo is still meeting the press
Eladio Gomez Luna, he says, betrayed him and his father many years ago.
Is Arturo saying that because Gomez Luna beat him out on the Huatulco project?
Arturo says he supports honest people who get ahead in the world by working hard. What’s unacceptable is getting ahead at the expense of others, people without civility, who, through malfeasance ( malos manejos )…
The reporters try to pin him down.
What malfeasance? But Arturo is done giving statements for the night.
All over but the shoutin’
David finally loses his temper. “You have no right to come here and tell me anything. I’m in the hospital because of your boyfriend’s stupidity!” [And you’re there under observation for a head injury – this yelling and aggravation surely can’t be good for you.]
“I realize that,” counters Regina, “but it was an accident! And you can change everything by making that clear!”
David repeats that he had nothing to do with any accusations. Regina now accuses him of colluding with his father. She wags a finger in his face: “It’s on your conscience that an innocent man is in jail!”
Finally, she leaves. Whew.
At the Gomez Luna home, Julia is busy hiding away David’s photos. She tells Simona that she doesn’t want David to notice that his photos have been removed. He’d confront Eladio about it and they’d just end up fighting again. Simona can’t understand why Julia doesn’t put an end to it and just leave. Julia says sometimes she is so afraid…
David calls home looking for Eladio. He tells Julia he’s upset about Eladio’s accusations – what happened was clearly an accident.
In the hospital, Regina comes out of David’s room wearing her “I need some Pepto-Bismol” expression. She tells Miguel that David denies making the accusation, but she knows he’s in cahoots with his father. Miguel wants to try something, but Regina tells him not to bother: David is an imbecile who doesn’t listen to reason.
Montserrat entertains
Wearing a blouse that seems to remove itself, Montsy welcomes Eladio to her apartment. She is more than ready to help him celebrate. Is he feeling like partying because his son is going to be okay? Nah, that’s not it. He’s celebrating because “I stuck it to Arturo Montenegro.”
Why does he hate Arturo so much? Eladio tells her not to be so nosy. Then the two get down to business… Montserrat’s business.

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