Passion And Power episode 04 what to expect on UTV on Monday 27th June 2016

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Passion And Power episode 04 what to expect on UTV on Monday 27th June 2016

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Hello great and wonderful people, we back again and usual continuing our update on PASSION & POWER and in today's episode,

Eladio and Montserrat end up making love.

Clara, Maribel, her husband, daughter and Dona Gisela have diner. The old refuses to eat, she prefers to sell her food tomorrow at the stand. Dona Gisela prefers to save, her daughter stop sending her money every month. Clara reminds her she gets a pension check every month. She tells them it her late husband pension who works with the Gomez Luna. Maribel and her husband remind her she told them it was her own pension.
Regina visits Joshua in jail. His shoes has been taken from him, he tells her is his worst night. Regina tells her he may stay in jail for at least 48 hours while they investigate.

At breakfast, Eladio shows the newspaper to Julia. He and Arturo are on the front page, Eladio feels he is winning the war despite her previous statement. Julia changes the subject and request to visit her son in hospital. Eladio denies her request and asks her to stop calling David her son, he is now a man. Eladio tells her all David has to do is to dress up and uses his (Eladio) money to pay for his hospital bill. He also tells her he had received her father retirement home bill. He wants her to go and visits her father, so can she realized he is playing his part by taken good care of her father. He wants her to tell her father he will continue to pay his bill if she remains a good girl. Julia starts crying, Eladio asks her why she is crying. She tells him nothing and eats.
David has been discharged but prefers to go to the police station first. David wants to make a statement; Regina is around and sees him. The reporters are also around and record his statement. David denies his father’s accusation against Arturo. No one tried to kill him it was an accident.

Nina misinterprets Regina kindness towards Joshua. She feels her daughter still loves Joshua if not she won’t ask Arturo to help him out of jail. Regina gives the good news to Joshua. He also misinterprets her kindness. Regina however makes it clear to him she has no intention to marry him.
Eladio instructs his bodyguard to keep eye on Julia when she goes visit her father. Franco comes in and shows him the report about David. Eladio is pissed off, just at that moment, Julia descends the staircase, David and Gabriella also arrived. Eladio asks Gabriella and Franco to leave, David request to speak with his father. Eladio slaps him and asks him to keep quiet, Julia witnesses and defend her son. Eladio reproaches David for making look like a liar; David tells him he only said the truth. Eladio can’t believe his own son betrayed him and tries to beat him. Julia comes to her son defense; Eladio grabs David by his shirt and asks him to leave his house. David comes for his mother and asks her to come with him. Eladio orders him to get out and they both stare at each other with rage. Joshua begs Regina one more time to forgive him. Regina has made up her mind, the wedding is cancelled. Julia comes between her son and husband. She tells him he can’t do this to their son, Eladio asks her not to defend him. David assures Eladio he can defend himself but he doesn’t out of respect for his mother. He reminds Eladio the house equally belongs to his mother; Eladio tells him it is his house. Julia begs her son to stop and asks him if he is ok, David tells her he is fine. He tells him father, he know how to work, Eladio repeats his son sentence and laugh. David decides to give up on his father and begs him mother to get out of this house. Julia hesitates; Eladio interrupts them and asks David to give up.
He knows him very well, he will soon come running to him when he needs money. He tells David to forget about the house and any help from him. He tells David he never existed and he is dead. He orders his son to take his bag and leave his house. David runs out and Julia tries to go after him but he stops her. Julia tells him not to ever say David is dead. Eladio tells her to him he is dead and she starts crying. Eric informs his father and the rest about David statement. Augustin tells them everything is solving now.
Arturo no longer needs to worry about Eladio. Arturo feels that David going against his dad is the worst punishment for Eladio. Nina tells them not even Julia backed him up. Augustin says because she knows Arturo is a good man. Arturo becomes nervous and tries to change the subject. Nina asks Augustin what he meant; Augustin tells her everybody knows her husband is an honest man. Nina is glad everything has been solved; now they can continue with the wedding preparation. Julia and Eladio continue their argument in the bedroom. Eladio threatens to throw her father in the street if she keeps defending David. Julia wonders why he treat her this way, Eladio asks her not to blame him. He gave her everything since they got married but she never loved him. He wants her to be at least thankful. Julia will never forget what he did for her father because he had made her pay him back severely. Eladio asks her if she think it was easy for him to stay around and receive zero attention from her. He had to get use to her pretending in front of others because he hopes she will one day love him. He becomes violent again and warns her not to leave him, If not he will make life impossible for her son.
Arturo tells Augustin he runs into Julia in the hospital. He had wanted to hug her and tells her how he … Augustin ends his sentence and says how much he loves her. Eladio feels he makes a mistake by kicking David out of the house. Franco doubt David will be able to convince Julia to leave him. Eladio knows Julia never love him, she only stay with him all these years because of David. Franco wonders why he hates Arturo so much, Eladio tells him because Julia has always been in love with Arturo. Arturo tells Augustin Julia is the love of his wife. Seeing her again had awakened some feelings in him. He wonders why she never forgave him, Augustin tells him because he got another woman pregnant. Arturo tells him he wanted to form a family for Miguel sake. Augustin knows but unfortunately Susana Miguel’s mother died. Arturo is grateful to Nina; he was so lonely and doesn’t know what will have happen to him. Arturo feels Nina is a good and beautiful woman, but after seeing Julia he doesn’t know what he feels for Nina anymore. Consuelo asks Erick to come home early today because she is in her fertile moment.
Erick can’t believe it, with all that is happening to the family, she is only interested in having sex. If she couldn’t get pregnant in the past 2 years why does she think she will now? Consuelo tells him he had refused to come with her to see the doctor. Erick tells her she is the one with the problem not him and leaves.
Francisco convinces David to come with him in Cancun. Julia visits her father; she tells him she can’t take it anymore. The old man tells him he can imagine, he heard about the stupid things her son is doing. Julia defends her son, it was an accident. Humberto tells her she and David should have supported Eladio because he is her husband and the man of the house. Julia is tired and wants a divorce, her father is only thinks about himself. Julia tells him it has become very difficult, he had no idea how Eladio treats her and David. She tells him Eladio doubts David is his son. Humberto tells her he has the same doubt; after all they both know she was meeting
Arturo before the wedding. Julia can’t believe it, he knows her very well. Humberto agrees, he knows her so well that he knows she is still in love with Arturo. He tells her she is the only one responsible for her fail marriage. There is no divorce in their family and she is aware. He asks her to make her husband happy even If he wants to throw her son out. Joshua is finally released; the press show up again and interrogate Arturo. They ask Arturo if he intends to press charges, Arturo says no. he is not like Eladio he only wanted his name cleared. Augustin takes Arturo aside and wonder if he is really not going to press charges against Eladio. He feels it is the best opportunity, Arturo tells him in front of the press yes. Arturo has decided to go after Julia.
Humberto reproaches his daughter and remind she live like a queen. She agrees, she lives in a cage full of gold, her father tells her it is better than in a shelter. Julia reminds him that he gambles all the money they had, Humberto gets angry and tries to leave. She goes after him and apologizes; he grabs her and reminds her he is still her father. He won’t let her disrespect him he asks her to stop complaining and fix her marriage.

Speaking of fixing marriage, Eladio and Montserrat make love passionately. Montserrat wants more; Eladio reminds her he makes the rules. She agrees and decides to get a drink, he grabs her violently. He warns her not to start with her nonsense, if not he will find someone else and take the apartment from her. Nina interrupts Regina and Miguel conversation. She comes in with the wedding gown, Regina refuses to see it. Nina asks Miguel to leave the room and tries to convince her daughter. Regina has made up her mind, there will be no wedding.
David begs Gabriella to help him see his mother, Gabriella is scared of uncle. Arturo wants Regina to explain to him what really happen with Joshua. Regina tells him she saw her sister kissing Joshua. David and Julia see each other with the help of Gabriella.
Daniella denies, Regina asks her not to lie she saw them. Nina intervenes, Regina hasn’t changed her mind. Regina and Daniella keep arguing until Joshua joins them. He takes Daniella’s side; he goes on his knee and apologizes. Julia reminds her son he doesn’t have a permanent job. David asks her not to worry about him but about her and the way his father treats her. He assures her he will be fine, he will be with Francisco.
Arturo asks his daughter not to let anything or anyone pressure her to take a decision. David isn’t having much fun on the yacht in Cancum.
Consuelo welcomes her husband warmly when he returns home. They start kissing and cuddling, she spoils the mood she brings up pregnancy. He picks up his jacket and leaves the room.
Daniella and David happen to be on the yacht, she avail herself to make him forget about his problem with his father. Someone takes pictures of them dancing. Daniella tells David he dad will kill her if he sees the pictures. David takes the camera away and almost ends up in a fight. Daniella takes advantage and flirt with David. Francisco reminds him she is a Montenegro. David doesn’t care about the war between his father and Arturo.

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