Passion And Power episode 05 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 28th June 2016

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Passion And Power episode 05 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 28th June 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Daniela and David continue having fun and seeing how lovely David is, Daniela rewards him with a passionate kiss for making her day and tells him that she is not so sure if they can take their friendship to a next level because anything is bound to come since their families are at war with each other.
Consuelo still insists to Erick that that she is going to go for the pregnancy test so they can have more babies as they want but still her ungrateful husband tells her to occupy herself with that and leave him alone then immediately he leaves to meet with Montserrat without saying goodbye to his wife and Consuelo grows so sad with her husband’s attitude.
Eladio begs Julia to forgive him for mistreating her and he does that by presenting a rose flower to her and this comes as shock to Julia because for the first time in her life Eladio has begged her. He tells her that he’s realized he’s been a fool all this while and therefore is willing to change. Therefore his first step is to apologize to David for reacting so inconsiderate towards him but Julia finds it difficult to believe her husband truly wants to change but yes he says he’s willing to do that to keep his family in good condition so to see his wife happy and pleads with Julia to give him another chance to win her love.
Miguel advises Consuelo to always look cheerful and shouldn’t let anyone mistreat her because she is a good person and also he thinks that Consuelo spends time locked up not doing anything and only thinking about getting pregnant for her husband which he even doesn’t value that and if she keeps obsession over pregnancy, she could go mad. Consuelo thinks Miguel’s words sounds very true and therefore she has to get herself on doing something to distract herself. Consuelo bids Miguel goodnight sealing it with a kiss on his cheek and waaooo it seems Miguel feels something for her as he touches the place sooo passionately.
Julia tells Eladio that it’s been lots of years and doesn’t think if that is going to work but he thinks everything will be done bit by bit to win her love. Julia again wants him to treat David with respect and stop insinuating that he isn’t his son who has led him to prefer Franco over David and that one too repented Eladio says he’s willing to change and have David closer to him. Hahahahaaaaa waaaooo like seriously? Alright let’s see if he is really a changed person indeed. To prove that to Julia that his change is on the way, he tries calling David to apologize to him so he could come back home but unfortunately, the call couldn’t go through but he leaves a massage for him to call him back.
Eladio starts his romantic change attitude by asking Julia if she wishes to go to her favorite restaurant which is the Italian and Julia again becomes shocked but agrees to go with him and as she entered her room to get prepared, she looks very happy wondering if she is dreaming while inhaling the perfume in the flower.
The couple goes out for their date and surprisingly, Eladio allows Julia to choose their food and it again amazes her and she never seizes to thank him for been considerate with her. And that is not all, he pledges that Julia can ask whatever need or anything she wants and that is going to be fulfilled.
Franco arrives home to meet Gabriela at the living room and asking of his godfather, she tells him that, believe it or not he’s gone out with his wife and that actually comes as a surprise to him but without wasting much time he prefers to have fun with her but Gabriela thinks she can’t be anybody’s friends with benefits and therefore if indeed Franco is so serious with her then he should inform Eladio about their relationship.
It seems Regina is beginning to fall for David looking at the conversation she is having with Consuelo giving him all the appellations in this world for taking a bold step to go counter his father’s statement at the police station to release Joshua. She even prefers that Joshua would have gotten David’s attitude of maturity and Consuelo thinks Regina is having an eye for David but still it is it late for she and Joshua to settle their differences but again she still can look through her heart so not to make any mistake for her future.
As usual, Erick goes to have fun with Montserrat at any given time he chooses and she asks her what his father (Arturo) is going to do with the message Eladio is circulating around and Erick says it’s off no use to his father because Eladio owes everything he has to the Montenegro’s because he used to working for his grandfather as a bellboy in his hotel and as he was promoted into the managerial position, he began stealing and one day Arturo caught him and that was how their enmity started. But he promises to convince his father to let them destroy him because he is a no body.
Nina tries to get her husband into making love with her but it seems gradually, his affection for her continues to diminish and this started after Arturo again set eyes on Julia. He excuses Nina to let him work because he doesn’t want Eladio to get ahead of her in the hotel and construction business. Hmmmm that is a cunning excuse indeed.
As Eladio and Julia comes out of the restaurant, they are met by the media to give his answer about Arturo’s statement of not coming to his level since he (Arturo) isn’t like him (Eladio). Hmmm, splendidly, our remorseful Eladio answers them in a nice way that he also has nothing to say but he thanks his stars that those incident has rather brought a great reconciliation to his family and immediately he kisses Julia in front of the media. As they reach home, Julia still can’t imagine how his husband dealt with the media and he says that is the change he promised her.
Miguel suggests to his father Arturo that they have to do everything possible so that their hotel can be the first to be seen on the internet each time a person gets access, so to make a name on the internet everywhere in the world and Arturo thinks it’s good. As they talk Nina enters to ask Miguel to go play with his toys because she knows nothing when it comes to business but for the first time in Miguel’s life, Arturo defends his son before his wife asking her to leave them because Miguel’s suggestion is rather going to help him and Nina feels very hurt. After she leaves, Miguel questions his father about that day being the first time he’s defended him because all this while he allows her to call him Miguel the fool but his father never asked her to stop ad also leaving him with a nanny to take care of him making it as if he never cared about him at all and casting his mind back on these happenings, his heart grows filled with sorrow and left his father.
Arturo advises his son Erick to try solving his marriage problem with his wife instead of trying to look elsewhere for satisfaction but he tells him that his problem with Consuelo is that she is not giving birth and day in and out pressuring him on making babies which actually bores him. Arturo tells him not to think Consuelo can be the only problem in child bearing because he can also be the factor.
David takes Daniela to her hotel room since she looked very tipsy so as David and upon arrival, Daniela lures him into lovemaking and Erick returns in good fate.
Joshua is trying to do everything possible to win back the love of Regina but it seems all falls on dry grounds even with the serenading yet Nina still insists on convincing her daughter Regina to give Joshua a second chance. Joshua gets inside and Regina tells him that she doesn’t love him because what annoys her more is denying that he and Daniela kissed. Joshua then confesses that it was Daniel who kissed him and not him but he did kissed her back since Regina always pushes him away. Joshua then wants her to forgive him and forgo the past to let them get married but she asks him to leave.
Arturo calls Augustin to help him with Miguel’s suggestion but he’s to also make sure that before that is done, Eladio’s blog will be blocked on the internet so that his hotel would be the one to be seen at any click. They then talk on other matters about he wanting to see Julia which Augustin thinks that, it is very uncalled for since they are both married now but Arturo thinks he has to tell Julia what has been on his mind all these years. Nina enters to ask who he is talking to at the time of the night and even though Arturo tells her it’s Augustin she actually never believed it so to get rid of any doubt she pulls the phone from him unexpectedly to talk to the person and ohhh that was really risky what if it had been a woman? But now Nina is calm now and only pleads with Augustin to allow Arturo to sleep
At the dinning Eladio doesn’t want anyone to watch her wife anymore since he wants her to feel free because love goes with trust and that is what he wants to do. So he tells Julia ooo. He also agrees that she can go where she pleases.
The next morning, David tries asking Daniela if she has t in mind that since they shared that intimacy she reads it as being lovers but she tells him that, she only interprets it as having fun and nothing else.
Clara feels something for Franco but Gisela thinks she should forget about that rich guy because they only underestimate the poor.
Julia is amazed because he only wants to change and Eladio says that is only the beginning of the whole show. He then calls his guard Ephraim that he going to obey his wife’s order from that day. In a second, Julia goes behind the living room to smile upon hearing that and quickly Eladio whispers to Ephraim that he is to watch her without being noticed by her.
The maid brings a phone call to Julia and it was from Arturo and whiles answering, Eladio comes from behind to ask who was on the phone and Julia grows very nervous.

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