Passion And Power episode 06 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 29h June 2016

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Passion And Power episode 06 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 29h June 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
The maid brings a phone call to Julia and it was from Arturo and whiles answering, Eladio comes from behind to ask who was on the phone and Julia grows very nervous but she gathers the courage to lie perfectly to Eladio that it is someone who wants to make a donation. Julia then says to Arturo that they can talk about it when they meet at the foundation and she thanked him for his generosity and Eladio would have loved to say thank the person too but Julia was smart enough to hang up before he stretched his hand.
Julia changed the topic and asks Eladio to let then call David and as they did, he tries to convince him to come home because he’s sorry for being inconsiderate with him to kick him out but David thinks his father can never change and that he is only up to something but David becomes convinced a bit after he spoke with his mum.
Arturo tells Augustin about being able to speak with Julia but their conversation was interrupted by Eladio so she has to hang to ask him to meet her at the foundation. Augustin then advises him to stop creating problem for himself since that will only cause his family to fall apart as now he is married so as Julia but Arturo shuns him and tells him that he is only destroying the conversation.
Regina calls Daniela whiles she is with David to inform her about Joshua’s confirmation surrounding their kissing and she asks Regina why Joshua have to even tell her about it but all the same she shouldn’t get worried because Joshua still loves her and warn her to make sure she should tell their dad about it but Regina tells her she is a tramp and that she is ashamed of having her as her sister.
Julia involves in a conversation with their maid Simona to tell her that hearing Arturo’s voice has actually brought back lots of memories but Simona (maid) tries to advise her not to start again thinking about Arturo because that will only stirs up her husband’s anger again and things will actually get worse since he is her husband’s great competitor.
Joshua continues to show his romantic gestures to Regina so she forgives her but she still insists that he stops doing that because she can’t forgive him. She then asks Joshua if he would be able to forgive her should he have caught her in that situation and he replies NO and would kill the culprit who kissed her and Regina concludes to him that, that is the same in her case because there is no way she can pretend nothing happened. So she gives him back the entire wedding invitation and says to him that she is going to return her wedding gown too because there is no second chance.
Clara and Gisela arrive at the Gomez Luna Association and after Franco saw them, she yells at her to get inside to work and then after that he asks Gisela to leave the office and Gisela pleads with him to allow her speak with Eladio but Franco insists that she leaves because Eladio does not stoop low to speak to low class people of her kind. The secretary arrives with some document that needs to be signed by Franco so after she calls out his name to sign those documents, Gisela grows so nervous as if she knew him and asks him again if his name is Franco and he responds YES but immediately kicks the woman out.
Nina continues to insists that Regina forgives Joshua and move on with their wedding because she is only hurting him with her attitude and it wonders Regina that he mum doesn’t consider her feelings too so if she actually love her as her daughter then she should cancel all the preparations. Regina takes the wedding gown out and suddenly Nina calls Joshua to meet her right away.
Miguel takes Consuelo to watch modeling videos and she grows so happy since that is her field of career but her husband Erick made her stopped after they got married. Miguel encouraged her to watch and get into it very much ones again to remember how lovely she is, so she will understand that nobody has the right to mistreat her.
Gabriela expresses her excitement to her auntie Julia that Eladio has actually changed for the best and Julia tells her that even the fact that he is willing to love David makes her happy. Quickly, the maid enters to let her know that someone is after her and it is the same one who called to make the donation. Hahahahahaha guess what Julia was thinking!!!!! She grows so nervous and asked Gabriela to go get it from him and behold waaooooo it was Augustin rather ooooo and not Arturo and upon seeing Gabriela it seems he grows interested in her and after giving her the envelope, he gives her his complementary card and asks her to call him for any need. She thanked her and left.
She arrives and gives the envelope to Julia and after she discloses to her that it was rather Augustin and not Arturo, Julia opens the envelope and lol, it wasn’t any donation but a letter from Arturo telling her that, he is sorry that he couldn’t come by himself to see her since Augustin made him realized it will be better not to get her into trouble, but he really needs to speak with her…… the letter ends. Though Gabriela doesn’t know much about what is going on but she knows that her auntie ones had a relationship with Arturo after Julia told her. So, she advises her not let her uncle Eladio know about it and Julia agrees and added up that she should also be secretive about this visit and Gabriela gives her word.
Nina meets with Joshua and she encourages him to fight for the love of Regina and to be able to do that she is going to help him on how to go about it since they still have few days to the wedding so they can get married but she warns him not to let what happened with Daniela to happen again because she perfectly knows how cunning her Daniela is but the worst thing is that he fell for her game. But if he dares hurt her daughter again he will have her to contend with. Aaahhhh can you imagine that? Waaaoooo what sort of a mother is Nina?
Consuelo goes to speak with Montserrat to give her the entire videos of her modeling because she wants to put them together and make a book out of it. After she left, a friend of her asks if Consuelo isn’t the wife of Erick her boyfriend and Montserrat replies that, she only knows her for stealing her job but not her husband.
Gisela goes quickly to speak with Eladio about seeing Franco her grandson and tells him she never thought he would bring him to work there but Eladio tells her that that is none of her business and that she should concentrate on cashing out her cheque every month and that’s it. Gisela then shows him a letter wrote to her by her daughter caridad from prison telling her that she would be released soon and that means she would be wanting to have her son back. Eladio then questions her as to why caridad would want her son back but Gisela explains that, because he is her mother and she doesn’t know that she gave him to Eladio ever since he was two years old. She pleads with Eladio to help her daughter out but he tells him there is nothing he can do because caridad killed her husband and needs to pay. Gisela then asks Eladio what if Franco finds out the truth and Eladio asks her if she wants him to disclose to Franco that his mother is a murderer and not in the United States as he’s being made to believe all these 20years? And she says NO but if necessary she is going to tell her grandson everything. Immediately, Franco enters and Eladio ridiculously compels Gisela to tell Franco and this makes her so nervous. Eladio seeing that Gisela looks so nervous, he frames up a lie to tell Franco that Gisela is a good and a loyal person who was a wife to one of his workers but unfortunately he died and he’s chosen to help her financially every month so there is no point in kicking her out whenever she comes here and Franco agrees.
One of the warders goes to tell caridad that the hearing has been postponed to 2weeks and this comes as a big blow to her since she has been there for 20years and just when she is about to release another drama comes up but she wants to go out to meet her son.
Julia discloses in detailed her affair between Arturo to her and how she ended up Eladio after finding out that Arturo married a different lady thinking that gradually she will develop love for Eladio little did she know that it wasn’t so and that love is natural.
Joshua still exhibiting his romantic gestures and this time around he sends big toddy to Regina but she still refuses accept and wish to return it. Arturo arrives home and right there he could tell that toddy was from Joshua and Regina confirms and she tells her father her words still stands because she isn’t going to marry Joshua and her father thinks that is a best decision and he is going to support her. oohhhh what a relief! Great father of course, who understands her children happiness.
Eladio goes to inform Montserrat that things with his wife are better now and therefore he doesn’t want to spoil things again so they would have to stop seeing each other and Montserrat is hurt but it seems he doesn’t care.
Father Arturo tries to make up to his son Miguel and as they hug, Nina arrives and wonders if it is the fool Miguel’s (so she calls him) birthday and quickly, Arturo turns to warn her that is going to be the last time he would call his son fowl names and that she would also have to respect him and he wouldn’t have to repeat himself on that again. Nina thinks everyone is getting crazy. hahahahahahahaha like seriously?
Upon arriving home, Eladio speaks with Gabriela to give him some gist on wooing a woman since she knows her auntie Julia better because he wants to make Julia look special and Gabriela thinks loving a person with your whole heart, taking her to place and sharing special moment and showering her with gifts and Eladio thinks it’s a great idea.
The next morning, Eladio prepares breakfast in bed for Julia and he adds a rose flower to it and this indeed is actually are repented romantic Eladio oooooo and he is even the one who commends himself to her wife that she could now see that he is changed. Hahahahahah let me ask oooo guys, do you do something to commend yourself or someone is supposed to? hmmmm That is Eladio for you. He then tells Julia to get prepared so they go get a motor cycle for David and Julia grows so surprised and can’t believe her husband has changed.

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