Passion And Power episode 11 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 7th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 11 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 7th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Eladio takes a plane ticket and some cash to Montserrat asking her to leave to Europe and not come back into his life again because now things are going on well and do not want her to be a stumbling block between him and his wife because if she tries making another scene, he is going to make sure that all the doors to her modeling scenes, will be closed. Whiles she leaves the room, Erick also arrives right at the corridor holding flowers in his hands for Montserrat and he sees Eladio coming out and he grows so hurt but he hid himself so not to be caught but Eladio felt someone was there and he makes some steps back to check on who it was but he changes his mind and left since he sees no importance in seeing the person was.
After Eladio left, Erick angrily destroys the flowers and press the bell and as Montserrat opens the door, he attacks her to explain what the hell Eladio was doing there but tells him that they broke up and therefore she has no explanation to give him so he kicks him out asking him to go to his beloved wife since he refuses to break up with her to be with her (Montserrat) instead.
Daniela still insists on telling David that she actually misses him and wants to be with him but David asks her to stay away from his life and not call him again. Just within a second right after David hang up, Regina arrives and she could see that he is in a bad mood but David tells her it’s not worth talking about because all he wants is to be with her all his life.
David then asks Regina if in case they fall deeply in love with each other, will she be able to confront her family over the fact that he is a Gomez Luna? Regina grows so nervous about the question but David tells her that it is hard time they take a risk to confront their parents if not they are going deprive themselves from what they feel for each other and Regina swears that she is truly going fight with everything she’s got to be with David.
Joshua goes to speak with Nina to ask if she will permit him to go see Regina at Queretaro but Daniela advises him that, if he is going to continue begging Regina always she is also going to reject him the more. Other matters, she questions him on why she has to tell Regina the truth about their kissing and he says he had no choice but she thinks he should have still hold on tight since she would have known what to tell her and helped him get back with Regina but now he can’t count on him. Arturo arrives immediately to kick Joshua out warning him not to make a step into his house again least to think of getting closer to his daughter after not being man enough to admit that he kissed Daniela.
Consuelo confronts Montserrat to question her to stay away from her husband since she actually know that they are dating which is seriously collapsing her marriage and Montserrat tries denying it but she slaps her to stop pretending because after smelling that perfume on her husband at the charity event, she knew something was between them. Montserrat questions her if she has any evidence and Consuelo says ‘NO’. she now gets the upper hand to attack her on why she has to come attacking her if she has no evidence against her because the fact is that Erick is not even her type as he only depends on his dad for money and so after saying this Consuelo now sees that she actually doesn’t have anything with her husband and she begged her to forgive her because she is now desperate because Erick isn’t the same anymore.
Erick tries convincing his father to let things be as it was and not cut down on his allowance because he needs lots of money to cater for many expenses but Arturo thinks it is hard time he stops treating him like a daddy’s son and make him a responsible person. Erick then again tells his father that he isn’t in love with Consuelo and it will better to break up with her since she doesn’t make him happy but Arturo warns him it was his (Erick) decision to marry Consuelo without any force from his parents and so he is never going to allow him to treat someone’s daughter like a trash but rather compel him to take up every responsibility since Consuelo is a good woman with great morals and it is hard time they settle their issues without any involvement from him (Arturo) or Nina and stop spending time on other woman and spend time with Consuelo instead.
Franco has arranged for the guy who agreed to take blame for the fake permit of Eladio’s hotel and Franco presents the documents to Eladio and with documents no one can blame him in any way for falsifying the license. So Eladio signs a cheque for Franco to go cash it for the guy so there will be no problems. Other matters, Franco raises the fact that Gisela came to his (Eladio) office without any permission and so he kicked her out as he always sees that the money Eladio gives him Gisela always spends them on alcohol. Eladio questions him angrily on why he has to kick her out without anyone’s authorization therefore he has to get use to the idea that he’s promised to help that Gisela woman and so she is free to come over anytime so that should be his last warning to kick her out without his permission. After Franco left, Aldo (Eladio’s secretary) enters with his coffee but he fires her for allowing Gisela to enter his office like that and she tries giving an explanation but Eladio asks her to save it to get herself packing out of his office.
Clara escorts Maribel to the hospital for checkup and unfortunately, the doctor after examining her discloses to her that she has a brain tumor which is located at a place that can’t be operated on and also there is no cure for that sickness which means no matter what she is going to die and this actually causes her much sorrow.
Franco’s ex-girlfriend (Marintia) meets her at the restaurant and in their conversation, he tells him that she is still in the secretary business but she wishes to stop working since her home is far away from her workplace but how she is going to get another job is her problem. So Franco tells her to count her stars blessed since there is a vacancy at Eladio’s place as the secretary got fired but it is going to be friends with benefits and quickly they start kissing and he tells her that, he is going to coach her on how she is going to go about things so that Eladio will hire her with no doubt and after that, she is going to be his eyes and ears and let him know exactly what goes on in the life of Eladio and Marintia accepts. Marintia then questions him what he thinks Eladio is doing that is making him not to trust him and he says, Eladio wishes to allow David to work in his company and that he is not going to allow that to happen since he can’t lose the opportunity to have everything Eladio has to secure his future.
Erick gets furious at Consuelo after Montserrat told him about her confrontation but Montserrat warns her not to try doing anything stupid as she was able to convince her there is nothing between them because if that should happen, Consuelo is going to suspect them.
Marintia goes for the interview at Eladio’s office and Eladio asks her what she is willing to do in other to have the job and quickly she go half naked by opening her suit buttons and walks towards him to lure Eladio telling him that she is an excellent secretary who is willing to do everything but he wasn’t moved by it but rather asks her to start buttoning her suit to be that excellent secretary she is and take her seat. She begs him for annoying him and as she tries to leave, Eladio tells her that of all the candidates she is the one with good credentials and if she tries behaving herself he can work here all her life. He then asks her to leave and expect a call from the human resource.
Right after that, Franco enters to ask Eladio how his interview went with Marintia and he tells him she is good but little daring and Franco thinks that if he should employ her and not to look at that weakness in her because any woman comes in contact with him knowing who he is will definitely will want to go the extra mile to have him by her side therefore he can speak with her but if he (Eladio) feels he isn’t interested in Marintia he can also allow other people to come for the interview. Eladio then says that they should try her for a month and see because he actually needs a secretary.
Coincidentally Nina and Julia meets at the pedicure center and Nina tries picking up a fight with Julia stating that no matter what Eladio does he can’t beat her husband Arturo because he actually loves her and will do everything possible to see her happy that is why he bought her the dress at the charity event and Eladio couldn’t even did that for her (Julia). Julia then tells Nina that if she wants to start a fight with her which is going to be a generational thing like that of their husbands, she should count her out because she isn’t going to fall for her game.
Nina continues to rain insult on Eladio and so Julia questions Nina about her opinion about her husband Arturo, a man who does things under the table by sending inspectors to Eladio’s hotel and they shut it down when Eladio has done nothing wrong but Nina thinks that Arturo will never do such a things because she (Julia) doesn’t know him and Julia says that Nina he doesn’t know him that well but as for her she actually know Arturo very well. Nervousness set in as Nina questions Julia how she knew Arturo if she only met him at the charity event but Julia left her to her doubt and left.
Nina then calls Arturo and he goes to confront him on what Julia said about him and how that woman spoke about him like she knows him very much but Arturo states that he doesn’t know Julia and advised his wife to stop following the game of that woman but she says to Arturo that she deeply hate Julia and therefore Arturo should do everything possible to destroy the Gomez Lunas.

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