Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Saturday 9th July 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Saturday 9th July 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA,
Alejandro takes Maria to his horse stables and after chatting and playing for a while, they end up in love making.
Insecurity sets in after Estela bumps into Vanessa at her boyfriend Marcos apartment and since she still feels that the possibility for Marco to fall back into the hands Vanessa is very high as she was his ex-girlfriend but Marco asks her to calm down because he only have eyes for her.
Pina pays a visit to Feli and Cristobal and he seizes the opportunity to ask her why Maria hasn’t been coming to his classes any longer since she seemed very enthusiastic to study. So Pina discloses to him that Maria is now occupied with her new job and also her new found love she discovered on the street which she Pina does not even agree to that relationship. Cristobal then grows tensed to Pina he never knew Maria had a boyfriend and one could tell the look on Cristobal’s face that he actually is interested in Maria.
Fausto and Fabian gets so discouraged since they discovered that they were just swindled by some guys who never even exited but they gave into them since they convinced them they were producers who can help them in their music to grow famous but Feli encourages them not to give up in life but press on because fate will surely locate them upon seeing their perseverance.
Cristobal takes Maria home after they made love and she thinks she will forever remember this day. Alejandro then thinks that upon all the women he’s met, Maria is exclusive and she has made him one of the happiest men in the world.
Yolanda pays a visit to Cristóbal and it appears that the two brothers Fausto and Fabian coincidentally thinks the lady is the one they wish to have and therefore will go the extra mile to get her even I she only have eyes for Cristobal.
Marco wonders why Alejandro could fall in love with a village girl but Alejandro says it seems so difficult for him to stay away from Maria because he has come to love her seriously but Marco pleads with him that he stays off.
Maria feels so happy and upon reaching home she picks up her mother’s picture and says that today she gave herself to Alejandro and that is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to her and she can say that very soon Alejandro will ask for her hand in marriage because he proved that he truly loves her.
Vanessa feels pissed off with the idea that her mother has decided to forgo her sickness to come back to manage her company and but her father Adolfo advises her to find something else doing with her certificate and stop the resentment she has towards her mother coming back to manage her own business and also get serious about boys and find herself a husband. She gets angry and within a minute Alejandro arrives and he’s questioned why he failed to have breakfast on a Sunday morning with his family but he answers that he has been studying like a mad man due to the exams ahead of him but Vanessa questions him to spill the truth about what he does behind his father’s back and he grows so nervous but she releases tension to tell her father she was only joking.
After their father left, Vanessa reveals to him about seeing him with a maid and asks him when he plans on introducing her to the family (teasingly). She then questions Alejandro to stay away from that maid if not she will tell their parents but he tells his sister that there is no way he can forget about Maria.
Maris tells Pina about giving herself to Alejandro and she grows so disappointed in her because to her Alejandro is only but a player like everyman but Maria still has her hope up that Alejandro is different and Pina says she prays that her instincts does not fail her.
Yolanda tries everything possible to win Cristobal’s love but nothing moves him because he thinks that he can’t love any woman because he has many responsibilities in his family and therefore have no time for a woman but Yolanda lets him know that she will still be waiting until Cristobal makes up his mind.
Alejandro’s mother Georgina determines quickly that her son looks so happy but as to where the happiness is coming from is unknown but still she wishes her son goodnight with lots of good dreams.
The principal of Cristobal’s school confronts him on why he has to let unregistered students to register in his class which is something that goes against the schools rules but he tells the principal that he can’t deny any student from his class just for the fact that they are not registered in his subjects and this gets the principal annoy so much that he asks Cristobal to resign.
Vanessa goes to Alejandro’s medical college and upon investigation with some students, she learns that Alejandro has failed 3/4 subjects since he’s not be coming to class frequently. Upon reaching home she attacks her brother about what she discovered from his colleges but she proposes to Alejandro that if he forgets about that maid, she is also not going to disclose to their parents about the failing of the subjects and he agrees to her deal.
Cristobal arrives home to tell his mum about that he’s being fired and as he was telling her that Nayeli and Tavo eavesdrops through the backdoor and this actually brings great sadness to the family. Nayeli and Tavo quickly run back to school to tell the bad news to some of the students and they agree to help.
Maria’s madam Marcela advises Maria not to aspire too high with Alejandro and break up with that boy for her own sake but she thinks Alejandro is extra different from the other men. Marcela husband arrive to hear that Maria has a boyfriend and he thinks that is the naiveness of love since at the end every woman accepts the first man that comes into her life.
Vanessa tells her mum to take her back into the foundation so she could also have her hands on something doing as she used to do all these whiles her mum was sick since that is the only way to make her happy and her mum accepts but under her supervision.
All the students gathers themselves and straight away to go to demonstrate to face the principal to take Cristobal back to the school if not they are all going to stop schooling and in the midst of the commotion, Cristobal arrives to take his cheque from the Principal for that month’s pay and the principal thinks he connive with the children but they explain things that he has no idea so the principal accepts to take back Cristobal into the institution only that he teaches students who are registered in his class but the student disagreed rather that he teaches everyone who attends hi class and the principal had no choice than to accept and in great happiness Cristobal moved with children to class and thanked them for their love and after, they disclosed to him how they got to know the situation. Cristobal arrives home to tell the good news to his mum and how he owe everything to his brother and sister Nayeli and Tavo since they were the ones who told the students about it and this brings great happiness to the family ones again.
Adolfo surprises his family with cellular phones which will help locate them wherever they may be and Alejandro looks so happy and the first he decides calling to give the number is Maria so she can call him at any time even if he is not able to come over to see her due to his exams and Maria looks so happy and through the help of Pina she writes the number down.
So many months pass by and Maria and Pina pay Cristobal a visit and as they discuss about her studies and why she fails to come, she collapses.

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