Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 10th July 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 10th July 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA,
So many months pass by and Maria and Pina pay Cristobal a visit and as they discuss about her studies and why she fails to come, she collapses and Feli arrives to help them carry her to the room and together they all help to revive her and Cristobal took her home.
Marco still wonders why Alejandro has practically fallen in love with that maid when he is only use to dating ladies one month and then dumps them but it seems Alejandro is actually much in love indeed and it’s not a joke.
Fabian approaches Yolanda to focus on him and stop giving her attention to someone like Cristobal who doesn’t pay any attention to her but she thinks that Cristobal will love her in no time.
Marco takes a book to Alejandro and he bumps into Vanessa having a chat with Alejandro and she tries teasing them both asking Marco if he has also added a maid to his list of conquests and Alejandro tells her not to speak about Maria in such manner because Maria a decent girl and a priceless lady unlike those so called high class ladies he’s seen.
Insecurity sets in again as Estela grows so anxious that Vanessa and might end up in something else as Marco goes to deliver a book to Alejandro but Karina advises her to calm down and put a stop to that jealous attitude of her since the only person Marco loves is her and no one else if not Marco will have no choice than to break up with her due to her jealousy.
Karina wants Vanessa to swallow her own words by making her brother Alejandro fall for her in deep love.
Pina takes Maria to the hospital for checkup and the doctor diagnosed that she is pregnant. Pina then grows so scared and disappointed but Maria becomes so happy and thanked her stars and God for giving her a baby and she tells Pina not to get worried because after she tells Alejandro about it, he will be very happy and even hurry to marry her. Upon reaching home she calls Alejandro she wishes to meet him to disclose something to him and they agree to meet at the restaurant.
Madam Marcela arrives to ask Maria about how her checkup went and she tells her about the pregnancy in full happiness but unfortunately, her boss Luis enters to ask his wife about it and after she told her, he commands his wife to kick Maria out of the house and this comes as a big blow to Marcela since she truly love Maria as her own child.
Inocencio tries everything possible to lure the public with his words to buy some of his medicine but it looks like no one is interested in any of them and he becomes so worried.
Fabian tells Feli how he is so much interested in Yolanda but she has no eyes for him but only gave him one of her aerobic classes brochure asking him to join but he doesn’t fancy those things since they meant for ladies but Feli advises him that if truly he wishes to conquer Yolanda then he should try and register the aerobics class but Fabian still thinks those things are meant for women. In that same vein Fabian’s brother Fausto was also with Tavo outside and he also expressed his feeling for Yolanda and Tavo advises him in the same manner to register For the aerobics class there he will get to be closer to Yolanda always and he thinks it’s a best idea.
Vanessa reveals to her father that Alejandro failed some of his subjects and since he does not frequently go for lectures but he is not to tell Alejandro she was the one who told her. Immediately, Alejandro enters and Adolfo angrily asks Vanessa to leave and allow him speak with his son. He then interrogates him on why he failed his subjects when the family has a great hope on him as he will become the heir to the empire and Alejandro tells him that, he failed because he has already complained that the faculty of medicine is a difficult subject which he has never being interested but he pressured him to do it when all he actually is better in is horse riding which has won him more awards. His father thinks he is speaking nonsense because he is only a pessimist who is only afraid to try something but whether he likes it or not he is going to study and should make sure he comes out with honors because that is the only way he is going to forgive him for disappointing him or he going to lose all the privileges he has in the house starting with that horse he loves so much by selling it and nothing will change his mind.
After, Alejandro blames Vanessa for destroying his life and she pretends not to know anything about what their father said so, their father interrupts to ask Alejandro to stop blaming Vanessa and accept his responsibility. Georgina tries to defend her son but her Husband tells her the defense is enough because it is hard time they straighten their son and that is what he is going to see to.
Maria and Alejandro finally meet at the restaurant and she discloses to him about the pregnancy and therefore needs to go see her father and marry her for good but he thinks it’s under inconvenience because it’s not possible as he has no job, no money and the most biggest thing is that he can’t tell his parents that he wants to get married to her because he had a serious argument with his father and he promised him that he is going focus on his studies and even they also won’t accept her as his wife therefore she should get rid of the baby. Maria gets furious and disappointed in Alejandro and she tells him not to worry about her because if she doesn’t want to marry her it’s nothing but she isn’t going to abort the child and warn him not to ever look for her again.

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