Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 11th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 11th July 2016

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:12 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Camilla and Fernanda still running from being caught by their teacher and Rosario sees them and helps them to hide in their room and after asks them to be part of their friendship and they accept. After, she gives them clothes to change their wet clothes.
Hernan tells Mariana that he is now willing to be friends with Luis Montero since that can actually be of great benefit to him and he compels Mariana also to be friends with Merissa because that will help and also organize a dinner for . Right there he asks how old Carlos can be and Mariana replies may be 25/26 Hernan suggest should invite Carlos too so he can meet his daughter Camilla since he can be an excellent catch for her.
The students engage in a water completion and it turns out that the best ones who came out were Carolina and Fernanda and therefore needs to go another round to know the winner and Carolina still having some resentment against Fernanda she connives with her friends and they destroy her kayak as coffin to prevent her from competing again but to their surprise Camilla offers her kayak to her and she came out as the overall winner. In that same vein Carlos stood there watching the competition and he takes her out to have fun as far as they want to express their love for each other.
Pedro gives a helping hand to Amelia at the Casadia’s stand but as he does that he overhears her customers calling her Mrs. Casadia and he pleads with them not to say that because that isn’t her name but Amelia thinks he is scaring her and asks her to leave, after Mariana arrives and she thanks her star that life has placed Amelia at her place and have gotten what she deserves. Amelia shouts Amelia and Mariana and she goes closer to her but the customers wants to be served and they call her Mrs. Casar and Mariana wonders why they call her that and Amelia corrects them that her name is not Mrs. Casar but Amelia Altamirano but they still prefer to call her Casar and starts to tease her making her worried.
Carlos still with Fernanda sharing the great moments together and Carlos tells her she is the openly one he loves and not Camilla because he is transparent, loving and the perfect woman for him and will love her to the end.
Amelia takes Mariana home and she says in spite of all Amelia’s misfortune she still looks happy. To cause more pain to injury, she tell Amelia how awful she ,looks, wrinkle skin and Amelia tells her it’s because she feels more like a slave after marriage. Amelia shows her Fernanda’s picture and she asks her if she has realized Fernanda resembles their father, and quickly Amelia asks her if their dad has forgiven her.
Don Fernando goes to Luis to ask him help him look for Amelia and his granddaughter whom he adored fervently but to his disappointment she got pregnant with a nonentity man and Luis panics. Then he questions Luis if he has a daughter and “NO”. He then tells him to imagine how a father can endure the pain of his beloved daughter getting pregnant for a man who doesn’t have a cent and that is why he kicked her out and since then hasn’t set eyes on her again. After searching for her, he would like to modify his WILL because his fortune will be given to his granddaughter for all the harm he caused that innocent child, for her to become a millionaire and suddenly many things goes on in Luis’ mind and questions him not to do that because he has many children but Fernando thinks they don’t need any of his fortunes. After Don Fernando left, Luis sat down quietly talking to himself that Amelia didn’t have an abortion and Mariana lied to him that means he has a daughter.
In that same vein, Amelia was with Mariana telling her how Luis even couldn’t recognize her when she wanted to speak with her, and quickly Luis also stood in his office thinking that Mariana might know the where about of Amelia, he calls Mariana to come over to his office and let them talk about something after he wonders why Mariana should lie to him that Amelia had an abortion when it wasn’t so.

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