Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 12th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 12th July 2016

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Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Carolina and her friends wishing that the Vice Principal of their school will catch Fernanda red handed doing something wrong and this they think and lead her to her suspension and wouldn’t be able to graduate with them and that could have severed her better for being a hypocite.
The Vice Principal calls Fernanda to tell her that though but her discipline act is her weakness especialy skipping school during class hours and she admitted it and so the Vice Principal said she would have to be suspended for that act which means she can’t write her final exams to graduate and Fernanda tries begging but the vice principal says that she should have thought about it before skipping classes to be with that man and even if she is going to forget the suspension, it will only be on one condition which is for Fernanda to stop seeing that man (Carlos) that her studies or that man and it comes as a big blow to Fernanda.
Marrisa feeling so sad and Pedro discusses with her how beautiful the flowers look at the place they sell them and she requests that he takes her to the place and Pedro agrees and he takes her to the flowering shop and Pedro introduces her to the sellers and Marrisa looks so happy and upon reaching home Pedro surprises her with some cute flowers and Marrisa appreciates Pedro for making her day.
Marrian meets with Luis and she still insists that Amelia had an abortion and though Luis thinks that it isn’t true but Marriana continues that it the truth and even she (Amelia) travelled and no one knows her where about.
Fernanda meets with Carlos and she asks him to promise her that no matter what he is still going to be there for her and Carlos does that and after Fernanda tells him that though they are not going to see themselves frequently but she will always remember they have something special.
Pedro and his co workers taking the flowers out of the and they begin teasing him that he actually had a nice time with Marisa which is why he never came to work yesterday but all the same he could be a nice catch for the madam. Pedro the realizes that they were saying all sort of words which Pedro thinks will means a different thing all together for Marisa since she will think he is even the one saying those things so he then warns them to stop yet they are still doing it and this gets him angry and quickly he yells at them to stop disrespecting Marrisa and stop trampling upon her integrity because upon everything she is the one who pays them and feeds them.
Dr. Masias brings the result of Don Fernando’s test which now proves that he is in danger because aside from the fatigue he gets from his physical efforts and hos strong emotions causing him stress he could collapse at anytime. Carlos then pleads with Dr. Masias to let him speak with Don Fernando when he comes over to get his results.
Marrisa calls Carlos out for dinner and Isabela wishes to speak with him so Merrisa asks her to meet them at the restaurant latter so Carlos never suspects it and she agrees.
Pedro presents nice flowers to Amelia but she takes them and drops them on the floor telling Pedro she is fed up with life. He tries to let her take a deep breath and tell him what is going on but she sees no point in it as she says no one can help her.
Merrisa meets Carlos at the restaurant and he discloses to her that he is in love with Fernada but his mum thinks Isabela is the right woman for him. Suddenly Isabela arrives pretending to make it as a coincidence to have bumped into them but Carlos easy detects it that all was the plan of his mum and Marrisa admits it she only did that so he and Isabela can solve their problem, but Carlos tells her that he doesn’t love her because they never agree on anything before.
Fernanda tries asking her mum to let it out to her the meaning of her bitterness d sadness and this was after she saw her crying so seriously and she discloses to her that she and Pedro are not her only family but a family she misses so much and that is her grand family.
Pedro takes the flowers rejected by Amelia to the garden and while planting he stops and decides to take them to Marisa to make her happy since Amelia rejected them.
After Mariana arrived home, Blanca asks her if she looked for Amelia but she lied to say that those living in the community told her that Amelia travelled saying she won’t return.
Fernanda planting sunflower seeds and she talks to them that grow nicely to make her mum happy again and that will make her a gardener like her father and promised to take care of them to grow and that will make her mum happy since she knows Carlos loves her as she also loves him.

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