Passion And Power episode 13 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 13th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 13 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 13th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Arturo tells Augustin that he was able to speak with Julia and that made him so happy and Augustin still thinks that she is getting himself in trouble since he overheard Arturo’s secretary speaking with Nina and it seems she actually wanted to know where exactly the business launch was going on and quickly he grows nervous. Agustin then tells him that thank God Nina asked him about his where about and he has to lie to her that the launch is over and Arturo has gone to a another business meeting. Arturo thanks him but still says to Agustin that Julia still loves him that he can bet and will do everything to speak to her again.
Julia still insists on going to stay with David in Queretaro but Eladio plaeds with her to stay because he truly loves her. Julia says one never cheats on someone he truly love and Eladio asks her what he needs to do so she can forgive him and Julia says he should give her some space and not to come sleep beside her again from now onwards and Eladio agrees but to him he says to himself that he is never going to allow Montserrat to ruin his plan Julia because he loves her.
Arturo discovers that they have hijacked his hotel on the internet and he calls Erick to assist but it seems he has no idea so he decides to inform his son Miguel about the situation and how to resolve it and he is really sure that Miguel will be able to help him but Erick thinks Miguel is useless.
Clara presents the gift Francisco gave to her to Maribel’s daughter and she looks so happy. Clara then asks Maribel she refuses to tell her husband about her sickness but she thinks it’s for the best.
Erick goes over to see Montserrat and as usual to have fun and unfortunately for her Eladio arrives to catch her red handed and this leads into a great fight as Erick gets pissed off with Montserrat for mingling with a Gomez Luna and she pleads with Erick to leave and immediately she left, Eladio questions her if she is going to convince him that indeed he is the father of her child and she says yes he is and quickly, he slaps her for that great lie and he tries to even strangle her but someone knocks at the door and he pulls back and warn her to vacate the apartment and should make sure she does that and not make a fool out of him.
Miguel goes over to help with the situation and really he is able to do it through some interactions with the internet expects and Arturo looks so pleased with his son’s effort and Miguel says to his dad that, he is willing to help him in everything.
Regina arrives home to inform Consuelo that Daniela arrived to ruin her relationship with David and together with Miguel they advise her not give in to the whims of Daniela since she only wants to see her sad always but if she thinks David isn’t as good as he seems, then she should forget him.
Eladio goes plead with Julia to allow him come sleep with her but she questions him if it has ever crossed his mind that he can pass some disease to her upon sleeping with plenty women but he shouts at her to stop nagging and that it is enough of her nagging that he can’t even sleep in his own room.
Daniela takes an alcoholic drink to David’s hotel and after several knocks on the door, there was no answer and so she decides to sit in front of his hotel to wait for his return and she drinks to the must and slept off and a lady passes by to take a snap or a shot of her with her phone stating that it is actually going to be the scandal of the year since Daniel is a Montenegro.
David goes over to Arturo’s house and luckily he bumps into Miguel in front of the house and after telling him his mission to look for Regina to settle their differences, but Miguel tells him that Regina is very hurt and doesn’t want to see him but David explains things in detail to Miguel and he promised to speak to Regina on his behalf.
Daniel is able to do everything possible and now Arturo can access the internet without being hijacked and his father pleads with him to take charge of the online business page of the company.
Montserrat receives a message from the lawyer of Eladio that, he has cancelled all of her modeling contracts and also all doors to other countries to has been closed and she grows so depressed.
Erick arrives home drunk and he spills the truth about fighting with Eladio to his father Arturo and he grows mad with his son for involving in a girlfriend of Eladio.
Miguel tells Regina to give David a second chance and listen to him about his version of the story because he sounded sincere after he spoke with him (Miguel) and Regina gives it a second thought.
Montserrat goes to the foundation to kneel before Julia pleading with her to forgive her because her life is in danger if she doesn’t help her.

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