Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV Wednesday 13th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV Wednesday 13th July 2016

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:59 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Ade continues to say she looks so fat all over and therefore thinks her graduation dress won’t fit her but Camilla tries speaking to her to make her see to reason and understand that she isn’t fat but hell no she still disagree. In a minute, Camilla’s father calls her to invite her out for dinner and Camilla looks so happy for that surprise.
Fernanda discloses to her father about her mother revealing to her about her family and how she misses them and this makes Pedro nervous not knowing what is bound to happen next and also he thought Amelia might have told the truth to Fernanda he isn’t her father. He then comes at ease after she asks permission to go out with Camilla to have dinner with her father after Pedro agrees and hugged her, Fernanda then pleads with God inwardly to forgive her for lying to her father.
Hernan picks his daughter from school so they could go for the dinner but before she pleads with her dad to take a birthday present to Pedro since Fernanda told her it was his birthday but upon reaching there to their surprise Pedro he has no birthday and he tells them Fernanda rather took permission to be with them rather for dinner and so Hernan asks her daughter that they leave for the couple to solve their problem. Amelia then says Pedro that Fernanda is a liar and that what she will be.
Luis comes home to meet a flower on the table and after enquiring from Merissa she tells him Pedro have it to her when she went out with him to get flowers for the garden. Luis begins raining insult on Pedro as a low life and therefore Merissa had no right to meddle with such people such p[people since he is his boss and Merissa thinks he is jealous but Luis sees no reason to be jealous of nonentity but all he wants from her is to keep her distance from Pedro and after he left, Merissa still thinks Luis is jealous.
Amelia tells Pedro that may be Fernanda lied to be with a man since she saw her once on campus with a man but Pedro shouts at her to stop stating all those things against their daughter because she won’t do that. In that same vein Fernanda was also with Carlos having all the fun in the world. And yet the fight still continues as Pedro tells Amelia Fernanda won’t be like her who offered herself for a useless and irresponsible man like Luis but Amelia tells him that of Luis may be irresponsible but he is the one she will forever love and can’t erase his thought off her mind unlike him who had no dignity who accepted to a lab dog to be with her for 19 years crawling for love which she will never give him and Pedro discloses to her that he swallowed all his dignity the first time Fernanda was born and realized he has a responsibility to take care of her. Amelia continues to insult Pedro as a common gardener who has nothing to offer her and this brings lot of sorrow to him and he left out of the room in tears
Luis with Merissa and all of a sudden Andrea calls him to make an excuse to see and he does exactly that and Luis goes to have fun with his girlfriend and after he tells her not to come to his house again because it difficult seeing his wife and girlfriend together but before Luis could even end his speech, Merissa calls her to come over to her house the next day to help her with the preparation of some breakfast and she agrees and Luis goes mad.
Hernan recommends to Carolina to try meeting Carlos at a dinner being organized by them since he can be a good partner .Immediately tells her dad that she already knows Carlos and he is even in love with her therefore she is going to come for the dinner and Hernan grows so happy stating that his daughter has a good taste.
Pedro gets himself drunk to the fullest and he tells the barman that all these while, he’s tries to put up with Amelia’s bitterness trying to make them the happiest family but everything seems useless to Amelia all because of Luis but one day he promise to find him and he will pay for all the pains he’s caused Amelia.

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