Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV Thursday 14th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV Thursday 14th July 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:40 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Pedro gets himself drunk to the fullest and he tells the barman that all these while, he’s tries to put up with Amelia’s bitterness trying to make them the happiest family but everything seems useless to Amelia all because of Luis but one day he promise to find him and he will pay for all the pains he’s caused Amelia.
Carlos tells Isabella that he wouldn’t be able to meet with her because he has to attend to don Fernando who has been admitted at the hospital but Isabella saw that Carlos was just lying and since felipe wants to prove her wrong, he takes her to the hospital to see carlos and to their surprise the doctor tells them that don Fernando wasn’t admitted and therefore carlos isn’t there and Isabella grows so furious telling Felipe that actually her inner instinct will never lie to her about carlos. In that same vein carlos was also going to drop Fernanda home after a long day chilling and unfortunately they get a flat tyre and a couple arrive to give them a fake helping hand not knowing they were actually a robbery gang and immediately they pull out a gun and carlos looking so nervous and knowing what they are after just tells them to take the car away.
Pedro arrives home drunk to the maximum and Amelia disgust him for being in that state but if he were to be luis she wouldn’t mind having him sleep beside her therefore Luis should go sleep in a different room. Luis holds her tight to tell her that all these 20 years he’s been her lab dog but one thing Amelia is forgetting is that they are legally married and therefore he is going to take all the satisfaction she has taking from him all those years and Pedro kissed her but he realizes it’s a rape and quickly he backed out and Amelia begins wiping the kiss off and with the look on her face she looks so annoyed with pedro.
Luis gets angry with Andrea for accepting his wife’s invitation when he’s told her not to even come over to their house again. But she tells him she accepted because Marissa is her boss and therefore has to obey her but the fact is it pains her very much to hear him talk about Marisa like that when he is with and also if he was supporting her in paying her bills and taking care of her, she wouldn’t be working but since that is not so, she has do it and Carlos then tells her that he is also pissed off looking for a good time but now you are only giving me problems.
Carlos arrives home with Fernanda and unfortunately Amelia meets them to question Fernanda what she is doing with that man and Carlos tries getting involve due to how Amelia mistreated her but Fernanda asks him to go because she will sort things out with her mother and quickly she slaps her for being a tramp and she pulls her inside the house to continue putting questions at her and telling her al that happen since she lied to Camilla and her father but the thing is that she is really happy that now everyone will know the kind of liar she is because someone like Camilla doesn’t deserve a tramp like her type. She then asks Fernanda who he is and she says Carlos is her boyfriend and she throws a question to her mum if she never lied to meet up with her boyfriend before but she forbids her from seeing him again but she says she isn’t going to stop seeing him again.
Pedro goes to his co-worker’s apartment to sleep there and he feels so remorseful for forcing Amelia to bed and his friend tells him not to regret one bit because it was bound to come since she has made him go hungry sexually for 20years but Pedro thinks that should actually not guarantee him to have done such a stupid thing to the woman she loves so much and therefore will apologize to her.
Fernanda dresses up for school and ask her mum to forgive her with all the lies told but Amelia states that there are things that can’t be forgiven and even that Carlos doesn’t love her but only wants to sleep with her but she tells her mum that she does believe in love and not even she can make her change her mind towards carlos. After she left, Amelia speaks to herself that Luis is the worse man in the world and she even is the worse woman since she can’t stop loving Luis upon all the humiliation he caused her.

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