Kumkum Bagya What to expect on Adom TV on Friday 15th July 2016

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Kumkum Bagya What to expect on Adom TV on Friday 15th July 2016

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The episode starts with Sarla insisting to meeting Bulbul. Biji stops her and says once nurse changes Bulbul’s dressing, she can meet her. Sarla enters after dressing change and nurse asks her not to worry as Bulbul is not feeling any pain at all.

Abhi objects Pragya’s modelling in advertisement. Director says she is perfect for this ad and if he wants, he will change model. Purab asks Abhi why is he interrupting shooting when he does not care about Pragya. Abhi says he does not care. Purab thinks he is getting jealous now and smiles.

Tanu comes to shooting venue and asks where is Abhi. Aaliya sees her and thinks she will create problem now. Tanu says Abhi made Pragya model of his ad instead of her, how can he do that. Aaliya thinks she knows everything and to shoo her off acts as getting surprised and asks her to go home while she stops Pragya. Tanu says she will not and starts shouting Abhi’s name. Aaliya says Abhi is a rockstar and not common man that she is shouting his name and asks her to stay here. Abhi on the other side walks jealously. Purab asks him why is he feeling jealous. Aaliya comes and tells Purab that Tanu has come and wants to met Abhi. Pragya is seen getting nervous and thinking Purab dragged her into modelling unnecessarily and does not know if he is really helping or not. She gets into vanity van.

Tanu knocks Abhi’s vanity van door and shouts his name. Purab tries to stop her and says it was producer’s plan to make Pragya a model and not Abhi’s and says Abhi is resting and she cannot disturb him. Pragya and Abhi come out just then and Abhi says he does not want his wife to wait outside, so he let her in. He takes her out while Tanu continues yelling.

Abhi gets intoanother vanity van. Pragya gets in, looks at mirror and thinks Purab spoilt her hair and made it look like a bird nest. Abhi holding towel on his face thinks Purab has come and tells he was right Pragya was looking beautiful. Pragya is surprised hearing her praise and hides in changing room. He opens changing room and thinks he is seeing Pragya everywhere. He opens door again, but Pragya holds it. He forcefully opens it and realizes Pragya is really in. He drags her out and asks what is she doing in. She says he asked to get into bus and since all buses were looking same, she got in it. He thinks not to scold her. He holds her tightly and says she does not know what people will tell looking her in this dress. She asks what. He continues staring at her and says nothing important. He asks if she heard what she said. She says yes. Tanu comes again and starts shouting his name. He asks Pragya to go from backdoor while he makes Tanu busy.

Abhi goes to shooting spot. Director explains him shot and asks how was it. Abhi asks him if he is director or not. He says yes he is. Abhi asks him to finish shooting soon as he is getting bore. Director takes model for rehearsal.

Pragyya shows dialogues to Purab and says these are romantic dialogues and she cannot tell it to anyone except Abhi. Purab says she has to just act and has to do it to make Abhi’s album hit. Producer comes and praises him that his idea was fantastic, only Abhi’s wife can do justice to this ad and all music companies are waiting for this album. Purab says Pragya that once abhi’s album becomes hit, Abhi will thank her.

Aaliya asks Purab if their plan will work. He says it will and Abhi will propose Pragya for sure. She says Tanu has come here and will create problem. He says he wants Tanu to create problem as she will get into Abhi’s bad books and he will start hating her and love Pragya. Tanu comes and asks Aaliya that she heard Purab’s plan and will ruin it with her masterplan, after which Pragya will never come out of house. Aaliya asks her not to do anyting as Abhi’s album will flop and he will blame her, so she should go home. Tanu says even she wants Abhi’s album to hit, but cannot let Pragya get all the credit.

The episode starts with Pragya’s ad shooting starting. Director says action. Hero tells he really loves her and she was right. Pragya does not speak in nervousness. Director asks Purab to go and asks Pragya to tell her dialogues. He goes and asks why did not she tell her dialogues. She says she is feeling embarrassed when hero is telling romantic dialogues. He says she should think only she and Abhi are around and she is doing it for Abhi. Tanu smirks and thinks it is good Pragya is not speaking. Shooting starts again and hero tells his dialogues. Pragya again gets nervous.

Abhi asks director to say cut and shouts this is not the way shooting is done. Tanu thinks he will scold Pragya, but he scolds hero instead. Director says problem is with Pragya. He says he will show how to act. He holds Pragya’s face and perfectly delivers dialogues and says he loves her. She gets emotional and with tear filled eyes tells her dialogues perfectly and hugs him. Producer says it is a brilliant acting and this is one take shot. He continues praising Abhi and tells there is no need for more shots and this shot will break new history, Abhi is a real rockstar. Purab says he is telling right and tells Abhi he did not get this idea and tells him not to take this feeling out of his heart and says if promotion is so good, album will be more good. Abhi gets shy and leaves. Aaliya gives high fi to Purab happily.

Pragya while walking back to her vanity van reminisces Abhi’s emotional dialogues and thinks if Bulbul had been with her, she should have expressed her feelings in front of her. Abhi in his van thinks why did he do that and what happened to him so suddenly. Purab comes and smiles. Abhi asks why is he smiling. Purab says he was jealous seeing Pragya with another man. He says he just was making Pragya comfortable. Purab says exactly, he loves Pragya so he did it and expressed his true feelings. Abhi says now he realized why he was doing it and asks if he did all this drama purposefully. Purab asks why will he do it. Abhi asks why did he purposefully send male model with Pragya. Purab agrees and says he wanted to get his confusion away. Abhi says it was all fake and he did not express his heart, he instead of helping him complicated his life and asks him to leave him alone. Pragya hears all his words standing at the door and feels embarrassed.

Daadi and daasi look at the shooting clip and happily discuss that Abhi and Pragya are looking like sohni mahiwal. Abhi comes in. They ask where is Pragya. He says she went to Sarla’s house. They both say they will watch the video whole night and let the whole Mumbai watch it, whole mumbai will see they love Abhi. Abhi feels embarrassed.

Pragya reaches Sarla’s house and says she came to meet Bulbul and asks Sarla how is Bulbul. Biji says she always thinks bad and will say she is not well when nurse herself told she is getting well. Pragya looks at Sarla’s face and asks if she is still tensed reminiscing Purvi’s words and says she told it in anger as they alleged her. Sarla starts crying and asks if she also thinks she only loves her and not Purvi and Bulbul, she wants to asks Bulbul if she thinks same when she wakes up. Pragya tries to console her.

Pragya reaches home back and while walking reminisces Abhi proposing her. Abhi on the other side gets restless reminiscing same.

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