Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 15th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 15th July 2016

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Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Fernanda shedding all the tears in the world on campus after reflecting on all those horrible things her mum said about her and Carlos and also the lies she told to do many things. Sister Sor Sonrisa approaches her to ask her reason for the tears and she tells her about lying so many times making her the worse person in the world but she is corrected by Sor Sonrisa that she is only a human being who only makes mistakes and that doesn’t make one a bad person since her point is not to hurt her best friend which comes with good intention.
Marissa leaves a message for Isabella that Carlos has confirmed his love for that school girl and is willing to breakup with her so she shouldn’t pick any calls from Carlos, shouldn’t confront him and just make up excuses of not being able to meet with him if not immediately she allows him to speak her the only word she is going to hear is breakup and upon receiving it she grows so depressed.
Don Fernanda tells Mariana that he went to see Luis to make some amends in her WILL and upon hearing it she looked so nervous.
Carlos goes over breakup with Isabella but knowing exactly why he came there she never gave him ears and just asked in in a nice way telling him to leave because she has a fashion show to attend. She walks away leaving Carlos alone and she says to herself that she wouldn’t allow him to throw her away like a filthy rag.
Fernanda and Camilla’s music project was found the best among the students and therefore mother Rosaura prefers that they share their experience with the students but there is this fear in their (Fernanda and Camilla) hearts that the students wouldn’t pay attention to them but still she wants them to do it. Fernanda will play the violin whiles Camilla will interpret the musical note.
Pedro apologizes to Amelia to forgive him but as usual she never allowed Pedro to end and just chip in that she saw Fernanda last night kissing and Pedro grows so shocked. But he still pleads with Amelia to forgive him but she thinks there is no point in that since what she needs is divorce and Pedro tries asking her to think of Fernanda how it is going to affect her upon hearing but Amelia says enough of the lies because after the divorce she would have to let Fernanda know the truth that he isn’t her father and then after look for Luis to disclose to him that Fernanda is his daughter because by now Luis might have forgiven her and her daughter.
Mariana goes to speak with Luis to know the changes her father has decided to make in his WILL and Luis tells her everything thus giving all her inheritance to his granddaughter and none to her and Amelia. Upon hearing this she becomes so furious questioning Luis why he failed to defend her before her father and he tells her that she is the cause since she lied to her father that he has no granddaughter when there was and now he wants to look for her to make amends and that is by WILLING everything to that grandchild of his.
Camilla and Fernanda start teaching the students about the violin and it’s the meaning the musical notes but Carolina and friends disrupt the class stating that it’s of no use since they can even learn it from the internet and though most of the class wills to learn but Carolina stands up to attack Camilla with question if she is dating Carlos or not and they also request that she also tells them where she knows Carlos and she spills the truth to them that Carlos is her sister’s boyfriend and the answer just fell on them like a cold water and it ends up in a great argument and luckily sister Sor Sonrisa arrives to stop them.
Felipe tells Carlos that Fernanda is deeply in love with him and that is why he’s bought a chain to give her but Carlos tells him straight to his face that he should cut the crab and stop all those fantasies because the only person Fernanda loves is him and as it is they now couples and therefore should stay away from her if he wants them to continue being good friends but Felipe thinks he will fight for Fernanda.
Mariana arrives home and still thinking about what luis told her about his father willing his entire fortune to his granddaughter so she decides that she has to do everything possible to get rid of Amelia’s daughter so he can have the fortune to herself.
Pedro scolds Fernanda for lying to him and making him a fool in front of Camilla’s father. After he asks her about the guy her mother saw kissing her and she discloses to him he is her boyfriend and they both love each other so much and Pedro looks so happy for his daughter. Immediately Carlos arrives and Fernanda introduces him to her father and after Pedro humbly asked Fernanda to leave them both to talk to Carlos.
Amelia tells her friend Lupe that last night after Pedro forced himself on her, she realized that no matter what she can’t be with him and therefore has decided to carry on in life to look for a man she will love with all her heart and Lupe asks her not to fool herself because she already met that man more than 19years ago and even gave him everything but it didn’t work out and that is Luis but Amelia thinks she is going to get him back no matter what. In that same vein Luis was also with in his car going to his office but before he furiously tells his driver to stop so he could go put Fernanda’s mother in her place. He gets down and walks towards Amelia whiles she washes the dishes and yells at her, Madam! And Amelia grows nervous since she recognized the voice but couldn’t turn her face.

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