Simply Maria what happened on UTV on Saturday 16th July 2016

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Simply Maria what happened on UTV on Saturday 16th July 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA,
Marco tries to convince Alejandro that it would be a great mistake to get married to María, because may be the baby might not be his. Alejandro gets angry and tells him that Maria is a decent woman and he is the only man in her life.
Cristóbal gets worried because maria fainted and so he goes over to see Pina and he tells her that his mother thinks Maria is pregnant and Pina tells him she is and that her boyfriend abandoned her.
Luis tells maria that she will keep working there only until her baby is born and Maria grows so happy and thanked him.
Cristóbal tells his mother that he is worried because maria is pregnant and Feli tells him he should not build hopes with maria because it will take her a long time to recover from that blow.
Alejandro tells Maria that his father already knows she is pregnant for him and she tells him she is disappointed in him. Alejandro tells her he won’t get married to her but will take charge of his son and gives her money. Maria doesn’t accept the money and tells him not to look for her again.
Pina tells Maria that she should have accepted the money and Maria answers she will work for herself and her baby.
Adolfo tells Alejandro that he is naive to believe that Maria’s son is his, that he should be like his sister vanessa who is sure that the baby isn’t his and maria is only a social climber. Alejandro tells him that maria didn’t accept the money he gave her and that she expects that he marries her. adolfo answers that he will never accept that he gets married with maria, that he should forget her and devote himself to study.
Marco tells Alejandro that he should forget maria because she didn’t accept his help.
Karina tries to seduce Alejandro but he rejects her and she goes mad.
Cristóbal looks for maria to enquire why she refuses to come to clases again and Maria becomes speechless.
Karina tells Alejandro she deserves that she slaps him for what he told her and Alejandro answers that he prefers to be honest than lie to him.
Maria tells Cristobal that she wants to learn to read and write but that she is pregnant and Cristobal tells her that she must be strong and be an example for her son but Maria tells him that she keeps thinking that people are going to point at her son and that her father would have wanted that she got married but Cristobal encouraged her that she must show her son and herself that she can get through life on her own without having to depend on a man.
Vanessa tells Karina that she is going to help her conquer Alejandro and she accepts to give her the benefit of the doubt about Vanessa’s statement.
Alejandro tells Vanessa that he can’t forget that Maria is going to have his son and she tells him she doesn’t think that child is his and that he must forget her.
Pina tells Cristóbal that Maria hasn’t gone to the doctor because she is saving her money for the baby. Cristóbal tells Pina that she has to go to the lab to have the necessary tests done.
Karina tells Vanessa that it is evident that Alejandro is not interested in her therefore there is no need to waste her time on such a person. Vanessa cannot believe that her brother cannot forget Maria.
Alejandro dreams and he discovers that Maria is actually suffering to fend for both her and the baby and has even gotten to the point of being a beggar on the street and he awake with great fright and nervousness.

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