Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 18th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 18th July 2016

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:09 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Amelia tells her friend Lupe that last night after Pedro forced himself on her, she realized that no matter what she can’t be with him and therefore has decided to carry on in life to look for a man she will love with all her heart and Lupe asks her not to fool herself because she already met that man more than 19years ago and even gave him everything but it didn’t work out and that is Luis but Amelia thinks she is going to get him back no matter what. In that same vein Luis was also with in his car going to his office but before he furiously tells his driver to stop so he could go put Fernanda’s mother in her place. He gets down and walks towards Amelia whiles she washes the dishes and yells at her, Madam! And Amelia grows nervous since she recognized the voice but couldn’t turn her face.
Marissa goes to have some surgery to get rid of the entire wrinkle she has on her face to look younger for her husband but the doctor sees no reason for her to do that since she looks so beautiful but recommended to her that she modifies her diet and do some exercise to keep her fit. He then asks him what if upon all that her husband leaves her and the doctor replies that, then her husband will be the most foolish person in the world to leave such a great and beautiful person like her.
Luis rain all the insults on Amelia that all destiny will actually bless her with is to sell Casedias because she and her daughter are swindlers and yet she is not able to turn to look into Luis’ face but only looking into the utensils shedding tears to reply him that she is a human being and therefore would not swindle a fellow human for anything so as her daughter but Luis continues to say they are trash but he is warning her that, there is no way he is going to allow them to cheat him because the next time they meet she is going to know the kind of person he is to have meddle with him. He then left and Amelia grows so furious and depressed and Lupe goes to enquire from Amelia who that man was and she discloses to her that is Luis and from how it seems, he actually hate her very much. Lupe then asks Amelia to carry on with her life and forget Luis but Amelia still says she can’t love anyone else.
Pedro requires that Carlos tells him his intentions going study with his daughter since he comes from a wealthy family and Carlos reveals to him how deeply he is in love with her and that his feelings has nothing to do with his social status. He then tells Carlos that, Fernanda is the only sweet things he has in the world and wouldn’t want anyone to hurt her feelings because looking at the various backgrounds, he doesn’t think Marissa will accept Fernanda as his girlfriend but he tells Pedro that his mother is not narrow minded. Carlos then pleads with Pedro to give them permission to go study so they may not have any means of hiding but Pedro tells him that he has no problem but with his wife, it will be impossible but he will try to convince her.
Fernanda then arrives to ask his father about how his conversation with Carlos and he tells her that he will never oppose anything good for her and Fernanda becomes so happy.
Mariana looking so angry and crying deeply to ask her father why he has to WILL 0all his property to Amelia’s daughter when all she did was to disappoint the family and Don Fernando tells her that she has now realized the pain he caused Amelia and that poor innocent child all due to anger when Amelia was actually the apple of his eyes and that is what he wants to amends. Mariana tells her dad that he forced her to get married and she did just that to please him but this is the case he never wish to WILL any of his property to her because since childhood the only person he loved was his sister and not her.
Blanca looking very happy with Don Fernando’s decision, she applauds him for coming back to his senses and he tells her that, he realized how wicked he’s been towards Amelia immediately after Blanca told him that Amelia called home and how she was crying it seems things were actually going wrong for her and then he saw that he has to do something as he doesn’t want to die with regrets in his heart.
Lupe takes Amelia to her office where she works as a secretary for Marissa and Amelia wishes to be working in an office like her. quickly, Marissa enters to wish Lupe congrats for her new job and as she entered her office, Amelia asks Lupe who that classic lady is and she tells her that she is the owner of the bank and Amelia says she would have been like her if luck never turned her back on her and Lupe asks her to forget the past and move on if not bitterness will always rule her life.
Blanca tells Mariana that she has no reason to be angry about her father’s decision to WILL his inheritance to Amelia and granddaughter because she actually knew from the scratch that she (Mariana) was the one who did everything to let their father throw Amelia out of the ranch because she actually hated her and Mariana thinks Blanca is talking nonsense and that the decision was made by their father but Blanca tells her that, life is gradually going to make her pay for all the harm she’s caused Amelia no matter how hard she tries to prove innocent.
Pedro discloses to mother Rosaura about Amelia‘s demand for divorce and not only that, she is said so many horrible things to him comparing Luis to him as the best thing that has ever happen to her and that hurt him so much that he got himself drunk and was about take advantage of her and Rosaura thinks it was bound to happen because she can’t starve him for that long.
Carlos goes over to the campus to see Fernanda and as they talk, Camilla arrives thinking that Carlos came over to see her and as he tries to clear things up with Camilla, Fernanda becomes jealous with the way Camilla was just forcing herself on him and asks them to go have fun and as they arrive at the restaurant, Felipe calls him that his car has been found by the police and so he leaves Camilla to get his car.
Lupe calls Amelia that she spoke to her boss and he agreed that she can come over for interview in their office and this makes Amelia looks so happy and for the first time in Fernanda’s life Amelia actually hugs her happily without demanding and she tells Fernanda the reason for her happiness and Fernanda looks so excited.
Amelia gets dressed for the interview and Fernanda asks her if her father is aware that she is looking for a job and she says that there comes a time when one gets tired of all the hardship and besides she owes Pedro no explanation since he will definitely find out himself when she gets the job. She then demands that Fernanda gives her a kiss and wish her luck before she leaves for the interview and she does that for her mum.

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