Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Carlos picks a taxi to go get his car which through police were able to rescue it from the hands of the robbers and on the way he calls Fernanda on phone and they arrange to meet at their usual place but he pleads with Fernanda not to lie but tell the truth to her parents before coming over.
Hernan and Mariana meet Marissa and Luis at the restaurant and they invite them over for dinner in their house because their son is the personal doctor of Don Fernando and he has actually grown fond of him (this is their first step in trying to be friends with those family) and Marissa thinks they can’t reject the invite and will definitely have to honor.
Carlos goes to pick his car and upon arriving home, Marissa asks him to dress up so they can go to a dinner party at Don Fernando’s house but Carlos pleads with his mum to count him out because he has another engagement and in that same vein, Camilla also arrives at Fernanda’s house nicely dressed to inform her that she is going to the house to have dinner with the family Carlos and her family and with that, she will be introduced to Carlos’s family as his girlfriend. And this truly brings a whole lot of funny ideas running through Fernanda’s mind.
Counselor Aldonaiz offers a job to Amelia finally and she is going to work in the CEO’s office (no job description) and she grows so happy.
Amelia arrives home and she happily tells Fernanda about the job and she asks her mum if she can actually take up that responsibility because a work like that comes with great responsibility and quickly Amelia gets pissed off and says to Fernanda not to undermine her Because she competed high school and the reason why she wasn’t able to go to college was all because of her (Fernanda) since she shuttered her dream and Fernanda apologized to her.
Fernanda meets with Carlos and questions him to stop playing games with her and Camilla because she can’t be fooled. Carlos gets lots about the questioning and so Fernanda has to explain about Camilla telling her that she has a dinner with him and how their engagement will also be announced in front of his parents and Carlos tells her that he was actually invited to the dinner by his mum but he rejected it all because of her since the only one he truly love is her and not Camilla.
Blanca knowing who Luis is and how she wish to punish him for all the harm he caused Amelia, she decides to destroy the soup with more salt to make it look so disgusting to be tasted.
Luis and Marissa arrive at Don Fernando’s house and Mariana asks if Carlos never came with them and Marissa says no cos he had plans with his girlfriend and suddenly it fell on Camilla like cold water. Blanca serves them and as they sit to dine, and fortunately for Blanca and unfortunately for Luis, he was the first person to taste the soup and looking at how it tasted awful, he begins to give a severe cough and Mariana asks Blanca to get him some water and intentionally, she gets a strawberry drink and rush quickly to pour it on Luis and says she is sorry because she slipped and so, everything was actually a mess as she (wanted) it for Mariana that is to disgrace her and to make Luis pay for hurting Amelia. Luis looks so wet and angrily questions Blanca why she has to do that but Marissa thinks it’s just a mistake.
Mother Rosaura invites Amelia to her office and asks her if indeed he truly asked her brother Pedro for divorce and she let it out that, she did because Pedro is the cause of her misery but Rosaura reminds her not to be ungrateful Pedro but rather must be kissing the floor Pedro even walks on since she forsake his dignity to follow an ungrateful person like her because he accepted the fault of another man but Amelia thinks Pedro is in love with her and he step fort to come with her and it wasn’t like she forced him when he never asked him to make any sacrifice.
Her reason for the divorce is to help both she and Pedro to have a normal life and get rid of all the circumstance surrounding their marriage. She then asks Amelia if she is going to tell Fernanda that Pedro isn’t her father and that her father is Luis who turned his back on them but Amelia thinks it’s unnecessary but will only tell her that, she is just divorcing Pedro because of things beyond their control. Mother Rosaura then sees that Amelia’s mind is made up and no words can change that but she pleaded with her to hold on the divorce until Fernanda graduates so it doesn’t affect her studies.
Fernanda involves in a conversation with her father but she could actually read through the lines that her father looks very sad inwardly so tells him that she truly knows what she can do to make him happy. Quickly, she goes to get her violin and played it for him and truly, she got his father in a good mood.

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